Monday, February 09, 2009

Rambling with Randy

As many longtime readers know, my husband, Randy, serves as a silent partner in this blog. We have conclusively established that he has no desire to write for MBS. Nor has he any interest in the day-to-day machinations of running a busy blog.

And yet, he has a story to tell and I happen to know that it’s a good one. I believe I’ve finally found a medium in which he is (reasonably) comfortable. We had a discussion before our regular spanking on Friday evening and, with his permission, I made an audio recording. He said I could ask whatever I wanted, but I had to include in the blog whatever he said. He later amended that last provision so that any edits had to be approved by him.

What follows is a transcription of our talk. We were lying on the bed, still clothed, but with spanking toys lying about in preparation for the fun yet to come.

- - - - -

B: OK, here’s your first question. What is it that you enjoy about spanking?

R: I think you’re beautiful. I enjoy exploring your body in every way. Even at age 51, you’ve got a sensational ass. It just begs to be spanked, and come to think of it, your mouth asks me to spank [your bottom] sometimes as well. Spanking is the perfect foreplay. It’s like a super aphrodisiac and it works on both of us.

B: What do you consider to be the purpose of spanking for us?

R: You mean besides making your ass hurt? (laughs) You said once that it’s like a connection between us and I believe it. After a spanking and sex, we are closer than at any other time. Besides that, it’s a great stress reliever for you.

B: How do you decide which implements you want to use and how hard you want to spank?

R: I try to change things up and not always do the same thing. Sometimes, I discover [a position or implement that] I have overlooked and it works really well. I try not to fall into a rut with the spankings, but I still do. [For example,] that curved handled brush works so well, I hate to put it down.

B: I must agree that the dogleg brush is very effective. Moving along, I have said that there is a kind of a magical moment that happens immediately before a spanking. Would you agree?

R: No doubt. For me, it’s when you’re over my lap and I grab the hem of your skirt – especially if it’s like a dark colored wool business suit – and slide it up to gradually unveil the treasure beneath. Then comes the slip and the pantyhose and the panties. By the time I touch that gorgeous skin for the first time, I’m completely turned on.

B: I enjoy that ritual too. What advice would you give to a couple who wants to explore spanking for the first time?

R: You’ve covered most of that stuff in your tutorials. But for me, the secret is communication. You have to talk about it so you’re both on the same page.

B: You have a special love of surprises, especially when they involve spanking. Why is that?

R: Well, it’s fun. I love to watch the look on your face when you realize you’re about to get spanked in a time or place you never expected. I have to say [that] you’re a good sport and usually play along pretty well.

B: How do you feel about the blog?

R: It’s a mixed bag, at least for me. I know you love it and you help a lot of people. I acknowledge that more happy spankos makes this a better world. It’s also by far the best venue for your writing you’ve ever had. I’m happy that you’ve found good friends and lots of success.

It also keeps us both thinking about spankings, and that's got to be a good thing!

But I also think the time you devote to the blog gets out of hand sometimes. I’ve seen you spend four hours straight just answering mail. That’s not even writing articles. Other times, you get so stressed out that it takes a hard paddling to set you right again.

B: I definitely appreciate your unique contribution. What’s your favorite part of My Bottom Smarts?

R: You mean other than the smarting bottom?

B: Right.

R: I’d say it’s the Keyword Chaos. That’s just some funny shit. I love helping write the punch lines.

B: When did you first become interested in the subject of spanking?

R: Heh, I’d love to say when I saw your ass for the first time. But that was only when I became totally obsessed. Really, it was when I was a kid. There were a lot of spankings in TV shows and movies in the sixties. I’d sit and watch and hope for one of those scenes to come up. They drove my fantasies for years.

B: Have you any desire to spank another woman?

R: Hoo boy. Desire? Yeah, I desire all kinds of things like going to the moon and sleeping with JLo, but they aren’t going to happen. You’re all I can handle, Bon.

B: …And even that’s in doubt occasionally.

R: Are you going to leave that recorder on while I spank you?

B: No.

R: Then turn it off.



Tiggs said...

Oh my gosh, I feel so incredibly honored to have this are and precious peek into not only your spanking life but especially into your beloved's mind at the precise moment!

WOW!!!! What a rush! I might not come down from this for the rest of the night, lol.

Way to go Randy, and also, way to go Bonnie for finding a way to do this that made Randy feel relatively comfortable!

Big hugs to you both,

Casey Morgan said...

This is just so incredibly sweet. Forget Hollywood's grim portrayal of marriage. This is the real deal.

Sara said...

Isn't spanking pillow talk the best? Thanks for sharing this. It was just very nice!

Paul said...

Bonnie, thank you both for sharing this.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Bonnie, that was lovely. It's wonderful how well you and Randy communicate, and that he's willing to open up like that to your readers, and to you as well.

It's an excellent example of how to talk about spanking.

Hugs to you both,

Radha said...

That was such a great interview! I love reading about your marriage!

K said...

Wonderful way to include Randy in the blog. Some good insights, too. Thanks for sharing this.

ronnie said...

Wonderful, great idea. You both communicate so well. I loved it.

Thanks for sharing this with us Bonnie and thanks to Randy as well.

Love to you both.

Sorry Bonnie, the deleted one was mine, internet a little slow this end.

OliviaManners said...

A lovely fun read Bonnie.
And thanks to Randy too.


Doc said...

My favourite part was the ending, and not in the old men from the muppets kind of way. I just thought that exchange was super cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bonnie and Randy....

mthc said...

That's great Bonnie..I loved hearing how you and Randy feel.

lil sam said...

You two have such a wonderful relationship. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us. You both are great

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful conversation and relationship.

All the best.


Measha said...

What a lovely conversation! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Daisychain said...

Brilliant, just brilliant. Love to you both. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Terpsichore said...

thank-you for sharing :-)

Marin said...

That was fun to read... will we get to hear more from Randy?


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