Sunday, January 25, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #158

When I was in college, I had a roommate for a time whose motto was "Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess." Needless to say, she was quite popular with the male members of the student body. But she always had a good time and found humor in almost everything.

I am reminded of dear Jen as I present our topic of the week.

Do you or your partner ever laugh during a spanking session? If so, what prompts it? Do you ever laugh together? Does laughter enhance your spanking experience? If so, in what ways?

To join our discussion, just leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't think I've ever had a spanking that didn't have some laughter at some point. For me, spanking is mainly about fun and feeling good and laughter goes hand-in-hand with that. For me, it makes the whole spanking experience more positive. I also walk away feeling good about me (even as I rub my bottom)


If you play with multiple partners in the F/m world, having a bit of a laugh is not only good but sometimes an essential tool.

A guy can often find himself playing with a woman who is younger/shorter/physically weaker than himself (or a combination of all three) who does not know him very well. In such situations a bit of jokey banter and a giggle is reassuring to the woman concerned that she is not playing with the type of guy who might turn nasty on her.

When playing with a less experienced lady, the odd mis hit is inevitable. The ability to point out that a mistake has been made, in a friendly funny type of way, is useful to prevent repeat mistakes, without leaving the female concerned feeling that she has been "put down" in any way.

Sometimes it is nice just to have a jokey friendly type of spanking and bratting is so much fun.


Anonymous said...

When I was still only dreaming about playing, it always felt very serious. I didn´t think it could ever be erotic, when there was fun or laughing involved. Now that I have been playing for quite some time, I still need the serious bit. I need this feeling that there is no escape. However, we do laugh a lot. The fun mixes into the hard playing, and does not destroy anything,

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It must be Sunday Morning!

We spank because it is sexually arousing for us, so yes, often there is laughter sometime during play. Usually it's when Becall decides to get sassy. Her one-liners are classics.

In role play, we have sometimes stopped, had a good laugh and then tried to get back in role.

It's all good.

Hermione said...

At this time of year, when Ron caresses my bare bottom his hands are always icy cold, and I laugh and tell him to do something to warm them up. He laughs too and pretty soon his hands and my bottom are very warm indeed.

After a spanking I usually say something appreciative and Ron will laugh and respond with something silly that has us both giggling.

During a spanking, however, I give my mind over to the pain and pleasure of the sensations and try to block out any other thoughts. Laughter from either of us would be an interruption that would break the spell.


Jflame said...

I did once laugh when D was trying to spank me, I don't think it did much for his ego.
The problem is i tend to laugh or grin when im scared, nervous, in pain, embarassed. Its really annoying and the phrase "so you think this is funny" is so boring.
Any way, D got angry and swatted me harder which was bad cos he was a rotten shot and he kept hitting my back.
Laughter may be they cure for all ill's but it's no good when mixed with a spanking.
Hugs, Jay

CurtisG said...

When you're into spanking for play, fun, sensuality and sometimes sexuality (always lurking underneath), you're likely to laugh often, sometimes because you're teasing or being teased, but often just because the conversation goes that way. I've even had semi-serious political conversations while spanking someone. Sometimes when you or she is getting very aroused, there's banter up to the point of high intensity when you give yourselves to the sexual moment.

BigBear said...

Hi Bon,

well i dont think we laugh during spanking, but we do have a good laugh after the hugs and kisses. but one interesting encounter we had, we were lying in bed with me (BigBear) lying ontop of Penfold, both fully clothed with the covers up, just having a lark about, as i lay there on top of her, i was making her laugh with my antics and she later told me that this was the best, biggest and longest laugh that she has ever had. Damm i love this woman! :D i really hope we can do that again soon as i really truly love seeing her that happy.

Best wishes

Bear n Penfold.

Thoughtful Spanker said...

I love to laugh. Very often as a matter of fact, laughter is my number two stress reducer (can you guess what rates number one?) so I try to do it often.

Laughter occurs before, during and after spankings. Sometimes it's caused by the Little Ones attempt at anguished pleading or a particularly cute wiggle or her description of the feel of a new implement.

Very few things in life should exclude laughter.


Anonymous said...

Just this morning my loving man decided to spank me while I was lying on the bed. Just a couple of swats for fun. He was happily swatting away with one of his favorite toys but ended up swatting more of the covers than me. I looked over my shoulder laughing and saying "Exactly what is that?" If you can't laugh and have fun in your life, then is it really worth it?

Loyal Lurker

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do laugh. It's usually triggered by some questions like:

"Are you laughing at me? Do you think this is a joke? Do I have to spank you harder?"

My answer, of course, is "Yes" and a few good laughs.

Matt said...

I am a n00b, but laughing has occurred twice for us. Both times were in "play" spankings not the punishment kind which are quite business like. The first I described here:

The second time though she was sitting on the bench at the end of our bed and had just pulled my jammies down. She was "scolding" me but also being very touchy-feely around the boy parts. The aforementioned boy parts were quite excited at the time and became very sensitive; it was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing.

Finally I can't take it any longer and neither could she and we both start laughing. My wife is still trying to get into play spankings. She looks at me, laughing, with an exasperated look on her face and says, "Would you stop laughing, I'm working my a-- off here!" Which of course resulted in a great deal more laughing.

Daisychain said...

Wow, Bonnie, what a coincidence!!! I just posted about a fun spanking where we were both giggling away, so no point explaining it again here; if anyone is interested, they can go read it on my blog!!!!
But, yes, I think humour is important in a relationship; there are certainly some spankings which are enhanced by laughing.
Discipline/punishment spankings excluded most definitely, however!!! But, considering the mindset you are in for those, it is not possible, let alone appropriate, to laugh!
Though, when he has tried to do the stern disciplinarian act, when he was being "mock-cross", I giggled so much that I was a sitting target, so to speak! I didnt have the strength to resist him at all, and he got me good!!!!!
Hugs, xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
I have to agree with Daisy. There are some spanks where laughter will only ensure the spanking to get harder. However there are many time when it is great fun and a good laugh helps the closeness between partners. Daisy has seen the prob with laughter or sarcasm at the wrong times.LOL
We have also laughed ourselves silly on more than 1 occassion

Zille Defeu said...

Hey Bonnie!

I can't think of any specific examples, but my Master and I will laugh as the situation calls for -- when one of us does something silly or clumsy during a scene, or one of those moments where you just realize that what you are up to is just utterly ridiculous and you have to stop and laugh at yourselves -- before going right back to it! When I'm feeling brave and naughty, I will tickle him, which leads to much laughter and generally to me getting spanked (so, a win-win situation!)

Have a good week! :)

Cowgirl said...

We laugh during playful spankings all the time! It's more fun that way :)

Sara said...

Perfect question for today Bonnie!
I answered on my own blog, Finding Sara. Thanks for your brunch, as always!

Dr. Ken said...

Oh my goodness, yes. It's usually the result of something I said, or something she said. Every now and then, the funny comments flow freely and there is laughter on both sides for a while. Occasionally a comment from her will directly result in a verbal response and a palm-to-bottom response.
I always say that "spanking should be fun--even when it's serious". So laughter is not uncommon, nor is it out of place.

Dr. Ken

luna said...

Laughing for me is a response to endorphin overload. I tend to start laughing when the pain turns to good pain.

While playing and spanking in particular is quite fun, Master takes a serious tone when we play so I don't think I'd ever see him laugh when spanking me. A grin though, evil or not is always on his face.

Although, Master does like to startle me and tickle me a bit when we play sometimes. I think he likes to keep me off balance.

Anonymous said...

I remember we were trying out a new flogger once, Will obviously misjudged the length, and grazed his lower shoulder while bringing his arm back. He laughed, and when I finally figured out what he'd done, I laughed with him. I don't even remember if it was a serious or play spanking, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

We are so comfortable with each other that basically anything goes around here.

Good question!

Indy said...

I love playful banter, so most of my spankings have been accompanied by laughter at some point or another. I also take delight in having been fooled by the spanker in some clever way, large or small, and I'm likely to show my appreciation through laughter.

I have played with a couple people for whom that is a headspace-killer and have enjoyed more serious scenes, too-- mostly roleplays.

I've heard some say that joking around is an impediment to closeness. I don't agree; I think that's a matter or personal style. While smart aleck responses can have a touch of defensiveness, a lot of folks, myself included, use shared laughter to build closeness, not to push it away.

Anonymous said...

We used to laugh a lot when we were together and laughter was a normal part of our spanking play. Most of our spankings were happy ones.

aspanker said...

The sessions I have enjoyed most have involved a healthy amount of laughter. The women I like to play with seem to love to be brats and I love to tease while I swat away. The way I see it, spanking is supposed to be fun.

Impish1 said...

We laugh every time. All our spankings are play and we laugh and tease through them. He's mock stern or just plain teasing, and, of course, I can't just take it without the tease back. I might like a bit more seriously stern play sometimes, but it's not in his nature and I'm happy for what I get.

K said...

While the spanking is in progress, I'm much more likely to purr than laugh, but sometimes we laugh. We laugh much more before or at the start of the spanking. It's part of the fun. :)

Michelle said...

We regularly laugh and giggle during our sessions.

Take this morning for example. We'd enjoyed a leisurely morning in bed as our kid had stayed over at her grandparents and we're finally getting moving when he caught me leaning over to get something out of one of my dresser drawers and popped my tush several times with a sock (the way guys pop each other with towels).

It stung nicely but it was a **sock**, so we couldn't help but giggle.

I think laughter is an important part of any relationship, even a spanking one. It helps you relate to each other better.

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