Sunday, January 11, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #156

Welcome back to our weekly gathering. Our topic this time is one that regular MBS readers might recognize. It was a reader question that I answered in a recent mailbag segment. It's such an interesting discussion topic that I wanted to bring it to brunch as well.

What kind of spanking have you always wanted but never had?

Please feel free to be as imaginative as you wish. To share your spanking desire, just leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a turn, I will post an edited summary.


Doc said...

I've been spanked in a lot of ways, but never, ever, in the over the knee fashion! Can you believe it?

I've been spanked in almost every other fashion. I would love to recieve and over the knee spanking. After all, it's part of the spanker/spankee's canon.

Anna said...

Mine would be a stress-relieving, cathartic spanking. I seem to crave it more and more as I take on more responsibility at work. To come home to a long, purifying spanking and then just being held for a long time after, maybe until I fell asleep. That would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie:
I am having trouble leaving comments today, so my apologies if you get this twice.
It is so early in our spanking life together that I really am not sure what that might be, but I could come up with a perfect spanking for now tho.
That would be OTK, (without being dizzy or uncomfortable or rolling off his lap) and he is using the belt, and each slap of the belt is perfectly placed with just the right amount of zing. So far The Belt is still my favorite spanking toy. And he is getting better and better with it each time we practice.I am also very curious to know about yours
Take Care,
Andrades Girl

Anonymous said...

I would like my man to initiate a spanking and take his time delivering it, otk, by hand, with a nice slow warm up and lots of play along the way. I want him to like it as much as I do.

pmduo said...

I really want a discipline spanking. I'm not sure how well I'd like it but I really crave the idea. I want it to be for something I've actually done that he's told me not to - not just the pretend you've been a naughty girl thing. I'd like it to be over the edge of the bed or arm of a couch. Definitely starting with his belt but then switching to something harder. I want him completely, no doubt in control, making me obey him. I've only cried once during a spanking but I want this to end with tears and NO sex. Discipline only. I kind of doubt I'll ever get it, but I'll keep wanting!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is out there, but I fantasize about getting a public spanking. They say that lots of people think about sex in public, I've had that at the beach. I want a full-on, bare bottomed spanking in public. I'd love to travel to some different city, where I feel totally anonymous, have my lover take me out to eat in a swanky restaurant, and tell me over dessert to lay across the white tablecloth, to pull my skirt up, and then demand that I pull my panties down off my ass. Then I have to ask to be spanked. He complies - hard! The management and other patrons are shocked; the police are called. My lover throws money on the table and whisks me away, back to our hotel. I'd thank him by doing any nasty act he desired...
Jean Marie

Daisychain said...

I have often thought it would be sexy if I and a/some girlfriend(s) did something that REALLY made Davey cross, so cross that he spanked us; with me being last... so I would have to watch and hear the sounds of the spanking, see how red her/their ass(es)were getting, knowing it would be my turn next!
I think it would be scary, sexy, embarrassing, and I would know that my punishment would definitely be harder, because he would be so disappointed in me!
Waiting for my turn would be deliciously agonising....

As to whether I would want this fantasy turned into reality, I am not sure!!!
Hugs, xxx


I have always wanted a birthday caning, actually on my birthday but every year the same story, no playmate available on that day.

There are about a million different toys I want to try out as well. The world is full of interesting toys.


Penfold said...

hi bonnie...

i love it when Bear talkes to me like he is a head master and that im his 'naughty school girl' and spanks me, so i think my dream spanking would have to be over one of thoes big old desks in one of thoes old fusty offices ud find in a school where the headmasters office. With me in a school girls outfit and him in the old school robes. that would just be fantastic.

thanks for all ur help bte way bon its bin brill.

penfold xxx

BigBear said...

I would agree with Penfolds comment, as this would be my favourite spanking. schoolgirl and headmaster, as i'm being very strict and she's giggleing cutely in her outfit. then i pull her over my knee and start telling her off in a more memorable way.

thanks Bon.


Jflame said...

Where do I start?
Well I suppose I want the kind of spanking that leaves me compleatly worn out. I'm not one for crying, it wasn't allowed when I was growing up. We had to be big girls and boys. And we wern't allowed to show fear, that was unexceptable. I would like a spanking that scares me just thinking about it and to be allowed to show that fear. I would to like to be allowed to cry. I want to cry or sob my guts out.
I'm not talking about an age play spanking. I just want to be able to feel two of the most natural states. Yes I will proberly brat and whine but I think that I need this. After I have been taken this far I would like to be held and told that I am loved.
This sounds sooo stupid. I must be crazy to want this.
I would like to be held in a loving hug and not be teased or rediculed because i showed my fear or cried.
That is my fantasy.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Where to start? I have always wanted a real birthday spanking but have never had one. Ron has never taken me over his knee and I dearly wish he would. Then of course there's the hour-long spanking that I dream of.

My idea of the ideal birthday spanking would be for Ron to lay out every one of our implements, then sit in the armchair and put me over his knee. He would give me 10 strokes with each implement in turn and I would have to count the strokes (something else I haven't done). Once I reached my age the count would start over again, otherwise I would end up being 200 years old! After each set of 10 my bottom would be rubbed and caressed. When he got to the longer implements I would bend over the back of the armchair--also something I would love to try; it's exactly the right height. After all the implements had been used, Ron would gently but thoroughly rub arnica creme all over my bottom, then we would move on to other activities. That sounds like an hour to me.


Anonymous said...

As a switch, I frequently wonder if my spanking playmate would invite over one of her adventurous girlfriends, who would serve as both a spectator and participant. The women would sit in armless chairs facing each other,knee to knee, and I would go over the platform thus presented for what I'd alliteratively describe as a
"Tandem Torrid Tushy Tanning."

Multiple implements would be employed, sometimes by both at the same time, other times by just one. They would certainly have their way with me, fulfilling all of the following elements in expert fashion:

R itualistic
U nrelenting
M aternal
P unitive

I'm hoping this will one day be attainable. And that the advice
"all you have to do is ask" will be the means to a glowing, fire engine red rear end--MINE !

Tiggs said...

For me, a true, honest to goodness, discipline-spanking, given with love, for my benefit, and without me having to ask or being allowed even to ask or being mostly for "play" or a "scene." Being held and told I was loved afterward, and really and truly feeling that love and security... as if me and my utmost needs mattered more at that moment than anything else.

But I second all the others who want to hear YOUR answer... you give so much to us, can you PLEASE share your own desire here?

Oh, and I just have to say something to Jay, my little couz, your wish is not remotely silly, but most heartfelt and sensible. And we both know that you've indeed found just the right man to deliver such a spanking very, very soon!

Love and hugs,

padme amidala said...

I have always wanted a OTK spanking from another woman. I have only had one spanking from a woman and that was a brief cropping. I'd love to experience a very hard spanking from a woman. That is one kind of spanking I've always wanted and not been able to get yet. :)

Zille said...

I’ve never been “horsed” – that is, put my arms around the shoulders of another person, who then bends forward so I am lifted off the floor and helpless to avoid the blows. This was pretty popular in England for corporal punishment in the Victorian times (and lasting for a while after in school discipline.) This is more a position for caning or birching than actually spanking, but I’ve been in all the positions for spanking that I would like (well, at least that I know about!), although I haven’t been over all of the laps I might like…!

ronnie said...

Hello Bonnie,
I've been spanked in many ways and in lots of different locations but I would like a real public spanking pulled over whatever is available, skirt up, pants down and delivered hard, no nonsense, of course it would have to be in some place far away. Glad it's in my mind and won’t happen.
Think everybody is waiting for yours now Bonnie.

K said...

Hubby has only been spanking me for the last year, so I'm sure there are many more variations that we will try. However, there aren't any particular positions or types of spankings that I've been dying to try and haven't. I have little trouble sharing ideas as they occur to me and Hubby is usually quite eager, or at least agreeable, to try new things with me. What I'd really like as far as spankings go, is to be able to enjoy them without worrying that our Angel will wake up before we're satisfied. We're looking forward to her sleeping through the night, or even just longer than a couple hours at a time.

Betina said...

I think I'll join the comentators, that said that they would like to try a true and honest discipline spanking. A spanking I knew for sure I could not get out of, that would leave me in tears. Complete with stern talk and lecturing while I'm over his knee with my bottom bared. And after (maybe + cornertime) it's over be held by the man I love, being told how much he loves me. I find it hard to actually accept that this is what I crave, and I have no clue how I'd truely react if it ever happened. I came close to a dicipline spanking once, but honestly I doubt it will never happen for real. Till then I'll just wish for more of the spankings that he initiates, which are very rare. And hope that he when he initiates will take me further without me having to ask for more.

Thanks for a great blogg...Betina

Frank Spanko said...

My dearest Bonnie -

If an imaginary spanko can have have a fantasy spanking, mine would be to be spanked in front of an audience. Not just spanked in front of another person or couple, or while a few people watch, but on a stage with a fair number of people in attendance. I would be lead out, perhaps naked, perhaps wearing only a shirt of some sort. Someone would then read what my offense was and what my punishment was to be. I would them be ordered to face the audience and assume the position. A stern but beautiful woman would then deal with me, using a wooden paddle or a very sturdy leather strap. I would be given a number of strokes, very hard, that I had to count out, while the audience was able to view the discomfort on my face. I would then be told to turn around so that the viewers could see the implement punishing my bottom, and given an equal number of strokes. When the punishment was complete, I would again have to face the audience and thank my punisher. She would ask if my bottom hurt badly, and I would respond that it did. She would then ask if I had learned my lesson, and I would again respond in the affirmative. Properly chastised, I would be led offstage where I would be allowed to dress and leave, hoping that I would never have to return to that stage again, but knowing that I would.

Hmmm, this might make a good story, don't you think?


A.S.S. said...

We've been very lucky and thus been able to experience almost every spanking scenario we can think of. Would very much like to enjoy a spanking on the beach though. Say Maui... close to the water, a long and relaxed bare bottom spanking.

Todd & Suzy

Lucy said...

I have always wanted to be spanked past my pain threshold. All of the spankings I have had so far have been tolerable. I'm curious as to what I am capable of taking. Plus I would love having a Top who wasn't afraid to push my limits.
I would also like to experience the traditional "Six of the Best."

Michelle said...

I've been thinking a lot about a variety of implements. We have several prevertables (a wooden spoon, a ping-pong paddle, a ruler, a slotted spatula) but few purpose made implement (only a riding crop).

I've been thinking about being flogged of late. I think a cat o nine tails, with heavy braided plaits or one of the ones that has all the little, thin leather strips could provide a variety of interesting sensations.

I've also thought a heavy leather paddle might be interesting. Our current paddle makes a lot of noise but doesn't pack much of a wallop. A nice thuddy paddle might be fun.

I'd like there to be more of the over the furniture, skirts up, panties down variety as well, but I do get them and there have been some very memorable ones, just not quite as often as I'd like.

Bonnie said...

I will stick with the answer I gave in the mailbag post. I would like to experience spanking (and lovemaking) in zero gravity. I think it would be mind-blowing to live, love, and spank in three dimensions. In this weightless environment, the number of possible positions, for spankings or sex, is almost endless.

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