Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday Night Double Delight

Anyone who was concerned for my well-being needn’t be. I can tell you that two spankings are better than one, at least when they’re fun ones. And these definitely were.

Yesterday morning, I shared with Randy what I had planned for my dual milestone celebration. He particularly liked the vintage Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox. But he thought no double celebration would be complete without a pair of spankings. So, just that quickly, we had a plan.

Learning about a spanking (or two) in advance is kind of a love/hate thing for me. I adore the excited anticipation that comes with knowing that I will soon absorb my lover’s best abrupt caress. It’s arousing to the point where my mind races ahead pondering all of the sizzling erotic permutations.

I dislike it because, well, I have work to do! It’s not easy to concentrate when not one, but two spankings await me before bedtime.

I almost made it through my day without acting like a complete ditz. About four o’clock, I was editing an article another writer had authored. My eyes came across the phrase “…a record spanning…” I think I must have uttered some sort of nervous squeal because my neighbor came around the wall to make sure I was all right. I was fine, of course, and the text really didn’t say “record spanking.” But that was what I read!

Later at home, I paced the house, puttering with housework and peeking at spanko blogs. I counted the minutes until Randy would arrive. I tried to anticipate his first move and then my response. This is, of course, a fruitless exercise, but it helps the time pass more quickly.

By the time that my dear paddle-happy hubby started walking up the steps from our garage, the butterflies in my stomach were already in flight. I wanted his attention desperately, but now, suddenly, I wasn’t quite ready. I wanted a glass of water. I wanted to fix my hair. I wanted to pee.

The door shot open and there he was, grinning almost from ear to ear. “Hi!”

His tone was cheery and upbeat. I knew immediately that he was looking forward to the events about to unfold. I answered his greeting in kind.


I love a forceful man of few words. Though stated as a question, I chose to take this as a command. I marched up to our bedroom, ready to face my fate. Randy followed closely behind, reaching at one point to place his hands upon my hips. In my heightened sense of anxious arousal, even this gentle grasp seemed electric.

We moved into our bedroom and Randy immediately guided me to the bed. He clearly wasn’t wasting any time. He positioned me so that I was kneeling on the edge of the bed. My head and shoulders were down and my bottom was high in the air. This was a familiar spanking position. Randy prefers this stance when he wants to apply a free swinging sort of implement.

He lifted my skirt to reveal a red thong I had picked out for the occasion. “Oh, you know I like that!”

Yeah, I know.

He demonstrated his appreciation for my lingerie fashion sense by slapping his hard hand against the ample flesh of right cheek. A smart companion blow soon followed on the other side. Alternating from one exposed buttock to the other, my love delivered a well-executed warm up. These hand spanks were firm, and they hurt, but I drank them in like nectar.

After several minutes, Randy switched to a small leather paddle. I love this paddle and he undoubtedly chose it for that reason. I cooed as he made it dance and sting across my burning flesh. In one of those odd moments of self-awareness, it occurred to me that this set of sensations was just perfect. The one man in my life was spanking me so well that I just wanted it to go on and on.

Just as I was settling into the lovely rhythm of the smacks, he stopped! I raised my bottom ever so slightly as if that might cause my lover to resume. No such luck.

“C’mon, Bon. Let’s go grab some dinner.”

Surely, I thought, he must be joking. On second thought, I realized he was serious. If he wasn’t going to spank any more, he could at least make love to me. Right?

Wrong. He apparently worked up an appetite reddening my posterior and it just couldn’t wait.

It took me several minutes to get composed again. I mean really! I was in no shape, physically or mentally, to go to a restaurant.

But go we did, eventually. Randy selected a fairly upscale Italian establishment. I felt a little under-dressed, but by this point, that was the least of my reasons for being self-conscious.

As I was enjoying my salad, Randy bent across the table and whispered, “Can you still feel the burn?”

Of course I could and I told him so.

“Good. Now, slide your skirt out from beneath you and sit right down on the seat.”

“Huh?” I knew exactly what he was requesting, but I didn’t especially want to do it.

“Put your bare ass on the seat.” Now he was speaking loudly enough to make me uneasy. Rather than risk a more graphic public explanation, I clandestinely hoisted my long skirt to allow my freshly paddled flesh to rest directly on the vinyl seat. Fortunately, our booth was positioned such that no one could see what I had done.

We shared an excellent dinner, despite my squirming. Randy smiled and I couldn’t help laughing a bit at this latest predicament he had concocted.

Despite Randy’s urging, I opted to pass on dessert. Later, as we were walking through the dimly illuminated parking lot, he stopped in his tracks. Instinctively, I halted as well. He hugged me tightly as only a lover can. We kissed. As he pulled me close with one hand, the other reached down to squeeze my sore globes.

“I love you, Bon.”

“I love you too.”

“You know when we get home that I’m going to have to spank you all over again?”

“Yeah, that’s part of why I love you…”

We kissed again, a bit more briefly this time, before getting back in the car.

Once safely at home, we returned to the scene of the crime. This time, Randy asked me to strip. I gladly complied. He sat on the side of the bed and coaxed me across his lap. Once settled into this classic corporal punishment pose and totally nude, I was ready for anything. Anything but the hairbrush, that is.

Ow! Ow! Ow! I couldn’t help crying out. The solid wood back of the brush offended my skin like nothing else. My bottom burned with each mounting strike. This rapid assault was more than I wanted, but I probably would have been disappointed had it stopped when I began to rant.

Randy has a sixth sense about judging my state. Years of practice and observation have honed his skills in assessing when I am thoroughly spanked. By the time he let me up, I was almost breathless and begged him to let me get a drink of water. He casually gestured toward our bathroom and I didn’t wait for a second invitation.

While in the bathroom, I couldn’t resist admiring my ruby red cheeks. They looked very attractive indeed.

Back in the bedroom, we moved on to other adult pastimes. I began by wrapping my lips around his mighty Excalibur. He groaned with pleasure as I displayed my gentle gratitude. Next, he pinned me to the bed in a glorious junction. Finally, the last of my residual apprehension dissipated in blissful embrace. Ah…

So, yes, I did get two spankings as promised, but they were really good ones.


Daisy said...

Oh, WOW....
Randy never fails, does he??
sounds like you celebrated in style...and I DO love his little twists...lol, you have your work cut out with RAndy, Bon....do you EVER manage to surprise HIM??? Bless you both, and thanks for sharing! xxxxxxxxx

Jflame said...

Wow Bonnie I am soooooo jealous.
Dear Santa.
I've been a very naughty girl this year so along with the switch can you please send me a sexy Dom to wield it.
If he reads 'MBS' that would be a bonus.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Even though I got spanked this weekend, I'm oddly jealous, too. Thanks for the hot write-up of the occasion. How's your butt today?

roissyfille said...

Sounds like the perfect evening.
Beautifully described too - I'm going to find it hard to get any work done for thinking about it.

sara said...

You're a wonderful writer Bonnie! Congrats on the double milestone too!

Hermione said...

Bonnie, that was a delicious double delight! I can picture it all so clearly! "Record spanning" - that's so typical of us spankos!

I like booths in restaurants too. Maybe I can convince Ron to let me wear a skirt next time we go out.

Thanks for sharing so quickly.


ronnie said...

Hey Bonnie, sounds like you had a lovely night. Randy certainly delivers. Hope your bottom is still tingling.



Paul said...

Bonnie, who's a lucky girl then, an excellent sharing.
Thank you so much.
JFlame, you want two sexy Doms, aren't you being a little greedy. one on each side alternately striking you with cane and switch, do you think that you could take it.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great way to celebrate the big 6m. A truly fitting tribute to the First Lady of spanking blogs.
How you sat through that restruant, your tender bare bottom on that firm bench, ad hoping the other guests would not spot your hoiked up skirt, I do not know ! My D was ecstatic about the picture of your famous bottom at the top; he said it really made is palm itch.

Debbie :) said...

Wow! I miss visiting for a couple of days. Geez....I am so jealous. LOL It sounds like a wonderful evening, Bonnie. This blog is wonderful and so is Randy.

Debbie :)

Greenwoman said...

That's a great story Bonny!!

cookie said...

I have to agree with everyone and admit I'm a little jealous as well. It truly sounded like a great evening.

Lee said...


dixiedarling said...

That sounds like the perfect evening of double spankings.

The addition of the drawn out restaurant visit is probably my favorite part. Hmmmm what does that say about me?

Impish1 said...

Sigh....... You're right, that was wonderful!

Tiggs said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Bonnie, I was paging through the comments and ran into JFlame's... made me laugh really hard on top of being so turned on! And all while trying my hardest to eat dinner...

I gave up on the food entirely but bring on the spanking stories, sore butts and dreams of switches and handsome Doms...

By the way, ASGT is back and so am I... I'm getting a little more bounce back every day!

Hugs and soft pillows!

PK said...

This post just made me happy. It's wonderful that you and Randy still have so much fun together and I'm happy you are still writing about it.


Spanked Italian Gal said...

What a great evening. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your milestones as well

I Gal

slowsong said...

this is a really good happy story. thank you for sharing the good things from your (spanking) life.

Anonymous said...

Dinner & A Spanking!
What could be better. You write great posts, and your husband is really skilled at being in-charge shall we say? Thank you so much for sharing I loved it!
Take Care,
Andrades Girl

BigBear said...

Hi Bonnie,

i'm fairly new to your blog and i just wanted to say thank you for posting your experiences. it's really quite nice for me n my gal to sit down and read them together. they have inspired some ideas of our own too ;-)

thanks again.


penfold said...

hi bonnie

im bears gal, he said he'd posted a comment on ur new spanking, so not wanting to be let out, i wanted to as well.

as he said we r fairly new to this site and to the world of spanking.
and i must say i do enjoy a gud spanking.. your doubble mile stone sounded both fantastic and slightly sizzling for that booth... and for the after.... ooo that hairbrush, yes i know that burn.... OUTCH.

brill fantastic and fab to hear the experences,
i no i speak for both me and big bear wen i say we look foward to the next enstalment with anticipation.

thanks again bon


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