Monday, December 08, 2008

A Milestone Two-fer

We have two fun milestones to celebrate today. One is yours and one is mine.

Earlier today, MBS recorded its six millionth page visit. Thank you! I appreciate your continuing support more than words can express.

This post is also number one thousand. I never imagined this day would come, but here we are.

This second milestone could never have been achieved but for all of the wonderful people responsible for the first one. Even now, your comments, e-mails, and, yes, your clicks inspire me.

Speaking of inspiration, I've been promised two spankings tonight! If I can sit tomorrow, I hope to tell you all about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope the first spanking is a light one. That way you might be able to cope with the second one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie
All your hard work has certainly paid off. I really do love your blog.I am new to blogging, I just started my blog. I have one quick question. What's a startle? Good Luck with your spankings
Take care,
Andrades Girl

Brambleberry Blush said...

Yeah, Bonnie!! I can't even imagine 6 million views--what an accomplishment for you. Wonderful.


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

That's awesome! Congrats, and hope you have/had fun tonight.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment again to say thank you for linking me. I am so honored to be on your blog.
Take care,
Andrades Girl

Daisy said...

Hi, Bonnie!
Wow, congratulations...that racks up a challenge to anyone wanting to read your archives, lol!
And I am excited that we may get to hear of the spanking...Randy is so ingenious with those....they are always awesome and so sexy!!! Roll on tomorrow....

Daisy said...

Damn.... not posted it yet?? But, its tomorrow! LOL! so, I'm impatient...bite me!
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Hello Bonnie,
From a newbie, congrats to you, thats some achievement and 1000 post I can only dream of posting that many.

Can't wait to read what spankings Randy delivered.

Thanks again Bonnie for linking me.


Hermione said...

Bonnie, congratulations and congratulations! What an amazing achievement. You don't know how delighted I am that MBS is still alive, well, and thriving.

Here's to tonight's festivities. I'll be thinking of you and Randy.


Girl said...

Wow... that's quite the set of accomplishments! I love this blog, and it deserves its acclaim. Good for you Bonnie.

roissyfille said...

Brilliant Bonnie!
Finding your Blog has felt like coming home.
Sending you big congratulations & thanks and I hope that your special evening is everything you want it to be

Rose said...

Congratulations, Bonnie, on two amazing milestones!

Good luck with the spankings tonight. I do hope you can sit tomorrow, and I want to hear all about them!

littlestangel said...

Are the spankings 6000000 and 1000 each? ;)


Can't say I've ever kept an eye on either of these figures, perhaps I should start. Congratulations on both your milestones and don't forget to enjoy your spankings.


Anonymous said...

We think this achievement deserves at least three spankings tonight, but then there would be no hope of us hearing about them, tomorrow, so leave it at two ! S & D

Paul said...

Bonnie, congratulations, but this doesn't surprise me.
I hope that you "enjoy" your spankings.
Warm hugs,

S. in Dallas said...

Congratulations from a long time lurker! I hate to think how many of thse 6 million are me!! Enjoy the "rewards" for all of your hard labor!

S. in Dallas

PK said...

Bonnie I hope your evening was as wonderful as your blog! You have helped countless people. Nick and me for two. Our life is so much better for having found your blog. Thank you so much and congradulation!!


mthc said...

congrats on your latest milestone Bonnie Keep up the good work..

Kate said...

Wow congrats hope you are not too sore after!

PrettyGirl said...

Congratulations Bonnie!!!

You have been the Spanking Welcome Wagon for so many people. A lot of folks found the opportunity to feel accepted and blessedly normal in your little corner of the world.

Thank you for that gift,

Be Well,

:) Pretty

Hopeful Lee said...

Congrats! Your blog is one of the best out there for fellow spankos! I hope you have many more posts and followers.

Thanks for posting about my blog as well. It's great to have a professional recognize a true amateur.


Dr. Ken said...

Congratulations, Bonnie--on your two milestones AND on your two spankings!

Dr. Ken

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