Sunday, December 21, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #153

Welcome to the holiday edition of our spanko brunch. Our question is, quite naturally, a seasonal one.

Have you any special spanking-related plans or wishes for this holiday season? Are there any noteworthy gifts or events in your plans? If not, what would you like to be getting or doing?

If you want to join in the celebration and add your thoughts, I invite you to leave a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to speak, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... The reality of Christmas morning is always pretty special; in my dreams it's phenomenal!
In reality, I always get at least one spanking related gift each year because my stocking (hung on the fireplace mantle) is reserved for that. In the past I've gotten a nice wooden hairbrush or tooled leather paddle in there. One year my lover claimed I was a bad girl and I got a switch. As soon as I pull the gift from my stocking, tradition dictates that I drop the seat of my flannel pajamas and bend over for a dose from the new implement. Oftentimes this leads to hot sex in front of the roaring fire with my buns all toasty warm.
My dream is to go with my lover to one of those spanking parties like Shadowlane hosts several times a year. I'm painfully shy in front of strangers as a rule, but in my dreams my lover bares me and sensually spanks me, and a whole long line of tops, men and women both, que up to discipline my deserving derierre. I'm passed around and spanked repeatedly, by some sensually, by others severely. With some people this evolves into sex-play. I know that the reality would pale in comparison to my fantasy, so I preserve the heat of it (and my dignity) by just keeping it as masturbation-fodder.
Jean Marie

Jflame said...

Hmmm well in reality I don't know, I'll leave that up to my Dom but dreams are another story.
On Christmas eve its tradition to open one present after we get home from the midnight carol service.
I shall open the presant from my Dom and find a nice wooden paddle. Of course I'll be all surprised and pout a little as he leads me over to the sofa where he stands me before the arm and pulls down my jeans. Yes I'll struggle a little as he orders me to bend over the arm forcing him to give me a few warning swats before I comply grudgingly. Of course he won't be thrilled with the fact that I went to church without any panties so he'll have to teach me a lesson in proprity.
As the swats land on my upturned bottom I will moan in pleasure but as he notices this he will enevitably endevor to strengthen the impact that the paddle is having upon me.
As the blows get harder and harder I get hotter and hotter and eventually he cannot help but to drop the paddle and take me long and hard as the snow contines to fall and Santa continues to deliver presants to all the good boys and girls.
In the morning I shall recieve a switch because I've been such a naughty girl this year.
Thanks Bonnie, that was fun, I didn't mean to write a novel though.
Hugs, Jay

Greenwoman said...

A lovely story Jay.

Nice holiday spanking topic Bonny. *grins*

This year, I've no plans for spankings. Even if my husband and I were still together, its family time for us. We've always got kids around, so there's really no time for such play. For us, spanking time has always been non-holiday time.

But if I were to have a tradition, it would be a Christmas eve get a spanking for being naughty through the year, then in order to make up for it all, I'd have to give some kind of 'make me happy service'...I'm sure the usual kind that all men want. All before I get a lovely Christmas eve gift of something romantic that I'd adore and feel like a jubilant giddy school girl over.

Nice fantasy eh? I'm hoping some day such a thing will be a tradition in my home.

littleone said...

Sir and i find the holiday season probably the hardest time of the year to find time for "us"....

Christmas Eve the family gathers here for lunch and gifts....

Christmas Day we usually go off to youngest daughter's for the BIG feast..

Then there is Sir's birthday on the 28th.. which involves entertaining family and friends..

In between times we tend to veg out... and try and recharge our batteries..

This year however.. there is one planned event for "us".. i have been on a shaving ban..... and Sir has promised that Dec 25th (before the trip to daughter's) i will be shaved........

AND i have purchased a couple of new "toys" for Sir.. one for Christmas morning (snuggled in bed with juice) and then one more for His birthday........ i guess i am hoping that Sir will find at least one evening or afternoon.. or a stolen hour somewhere to try them out.........

i have my fingers crossed.........

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Ariana said...

Sadly, I'll be away from my honey this winter... Alas, the course of collegiate spanko love never did run smooth. I might go visit him for a weekend, but any sort of fooling around, let alone the loud (and giggly) kind seems inappropriate under his parents' roof.

Fun, but inappropriate.

We do have a long weekend over Valentine's weekend, and I've been fantasizing about going to a B&B with sound-proof walls, lots of rope, and aloe...

Anonymous said...

Nothing spanking related for luvbunny this year. (Last year I got her a brush (specifically, a paddle brush. ^_^ )).
I did get her a special gift, though - a gift card for a half hour massage. ^_^
(It's not a surprise, so it's ok that she will read this comment. lol)

Irelynn said...

Well I'm going to be home for two weeks over the holidays, so a spanking is not an option for me this year. Nor do I have a partner to give me a spanking. Maybe next year!

I did receive a rather lovely flogger from a good friend though, just like I gave my blogging partner in crime a brilliant riding crop with an angel at the end. I got a similar crop for myself, only with a devil on the end. ;-) Kinky presents are always nice to give and get, because you know so much thought goes into choosing one that suits a person's wants and their character.

I'm thinking Greenwoman's ideas about Christmas Eve spankings (and other things!) are quite good! That's a tradition I would love to introduce some day!

ronnie said...

Lovely topic Bonnie, thank you.

We also find it hard and this Christmas no exception, we are going to family pub in Wales, and it’s apparently haunted. It’s been in the village over 200 years.

My wish -

Christmas Eve - just the 2 of us, (may sound selfish at this time of year but we have only spent 2 Christmases just the two of us in all the years we have been together)
Christmas Carol service, then home, under the tree with a glass of wine, mince pie, music playing and just being close and just pleasing each other.

Christmas Day - special present from me to P, given whilst we are still in bed (one he can use on me can't say what it is as P sometimes reads Bonnie's brunch) with a cheeky note that P will have to act on which would leave me with a very, very sore bottom which will still be stinging while I am preparing the turkey and uncomfortable while sitting.

Nice to dream.

But I will be looking forward to seeing the family.

Merry Christmas to you and family Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie:
My husband and I don't usually by each other gifts at Christmas. And this year I am not really sure what is going to happen. There are so many changes going on. I have finally had "The Talk" with my husband and have been showing him some of my posts. I did show him my Dear Santa post. But that was just for fun, did he take it seriously or for fun I have no idea, and I am a little scared/excited about that. So I am trying to let things unfold and let him find his way. I am already having trouble letting go of control and nothings happened yet, only a few threatening lighthearted conversations. OH MY what have I started. I will keep you posted. And Bonnie, I started my conversation with info about your blog. I sent him a link to one of your tutorials and he read them all in one night. Double OH MY. We shall see what happens on Christmas.
Have a wonderful Christmas Bonnie
Thank you for all you do,
Andrades Girl

A.S.S. said...

We like to pick out something fun and kinky for Christmas as a way to celebrate the extra time the season allows us. Plus, it can get pretty stressful at this time of the year... and something fun to look forward to helps with that. Usually the gift can't make it under the tree... like a couple of years ago when we picked out a paddle.

This year though, we're going with drop-seat pajamas for Suzy. If Santa can get it here in time, they'll go under the tree.

Todd & Suzy

pammie said...

Sadly, no spanking plans for me for Christmas-- and most likely no spanking gifts either.

Santa, all I want for Christmas is a spanker of my own-- to have and to hold and to bend over for.


Paul said...

Bonnie I suspect that this is every Dom's dream for Christmas eve.
I have a favourite Tawse, well used and stingy.
It's about 10 PM my brat wonders in wearing only one of my shirt's, I've piled a stack of cushions in front of the fire.
I tell her to remove the shirt and lay over the cushions bottom up. I swing the tawse against her bottom, gradually increasing the heat, she ouches and hisses, but I know that she is enjoying it.
Midnight finds us entwined in a loving snuggle both of us nicely warmed.
Have a great spanking Christmas Bonnie.
Wasrm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, Excellent topic as always

My girlfriend is far far away this year and I am back home with the family so we will be doing kinky christmas late this year once we both get back into town. I've purchased something from Ian for her.

lil sam said...

I would like Santa to bring me or / take me to a new Partner as I have been alone now for 2yrs 9mo, I would like a partner that is a patient teacher, I would be a willing student. Need a partner that is into giving spankings and teaching his lady about the kinky side of life

OliviaManners said...

Hello Bonnie

I was thinking about what Shannee spoke of in terms of a Christmas Eve tradition....and I started wishing away...and writing..... and it lead to far too many words to write here... and it turned in to a bit of a story over on my own blog...

So thank you for inspiring lovely imaginings for me today.

I hope everyone gets what they wish for over Christmas and especially in to the New Year.


Zille Defeu said...

Well, we will be stuck at my parent’s house for Christmas, so any spankings that occur will have to be done very quietly – and I’m not generally known for being quiet, so if he does spank me, he has to gruffly order me not to make any noise – and I have to bed to stuff my face in a pillow! ;)

This year there are no directly-related spanking gifts – when we have those, we open them at home before we leave (and of course, try them out!)

One of the best I’ve ever given him was a Weighted Bookmark that has the words, “Regard the weight of words rather than their number” (Cicero) stamped in the leather. I figured it applied not just to words, but to spanks, as well! It’s a good, if nasty, little spanking tool, and very portable – yet is not obviously a spanking implement (except to spankos, who would never use it for anything else!)

But, happily, we will be home in time for New Years, and my perfect way to celebrate it would be for us to drink a lot of champagne (several bottles of our favorite brand have already been laid in!) and have sex and spankings all night long – how better to ring in the New Year?!

Daisy said...

Hello, Bonnie!
We have never spent a christmas together yet, and hopefully this year will be the last time we I am hoping we will start some "traditions" next year to begin our lives together....bright ideas welcome....
I particularly liked the idea of dragging the mattress in and sleeping by the christmas tree and having a whole lot of fun there....which I read on Carlys blog (Brambleberry Blush) xxxx

Dave said...

My wish is to simply meet that special someone who is into spanking--my lap is terribly empty at the moment.

Happy Holidays,
Dave :)

Impish1 said...

We always have family so no spanking traditions, and so far no spanking gifts. Anything we have I've bought since I'm the one with the interest although he's good enough to accomadate me. I did ask for something this year though, but it's been a while so I don't know if I'll get it. We'll see...

K said...

Not only do we have Christmas, we have a birthday and an anniversary to celebrate this week. Since this is our first celebratory season as spanko, we're exchanging several naughty gifts and hoping for lots of opportunities to use them. Hubby's nearly finished making me a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs with clips to attach them in various ways. He also has plans to make a leather paddle and a collar. I'm not sure what the collar means because he doesn't think of me as submissive, but he does know I'm his. I'm giving him a wooden hairbrush and a chamois that I'll make into a flogger afterwards. His gifts can't be opened in front of the teens, but mine can. Only the two of us will know what the gifts are really for and we'll share a naughty secret.

Hubby has vacation the next two weeks and the teens will in and out with other relatives to visit. We're hoping for lots of lazy mornings and late nights after the baby is asleep to enjoy our new toys and each other.

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