Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Holiday Wish From Bonnie and Randy

It's easy to let the stress of the season overshadow all that is positive. Just surviving when surrounded by so much worry and hurry can often be a challenge.

For one day a year, though, I suggest that we need to stop. Stop it all. Those troubles, however menacing they might be, will wait for a while.

I think it's beneficial to remind ourselves of what really matters in this world. For us, that's family, friends, and our beliefs (Randy wanted to include "football," but I nixed it).

These are what make life truly worthwhile. Money and possessions may seem important. But true love is priceless.

In this holiday season, the best gift you can offer is yourself. We encourage you to celebrate the people and relationships in your life. Loving is good, but demonstrating your love is even better.

However you choose to spend the day, may you find bountiful blessings and unbridled bliss. If you can manage to fit in a nice spanking session, that's wonderful as well.

Best wishes from My Bottom Smarts to all of our readers. May your 2009 be peaceful, rewarding, and enjoyable.


Spanker_in_Asia said...

Happy holidays!

Daisy said...

Dear, dear Bonnie, May you and Randy, and your family, have a wonderful christmas too, and may 2009 bring nothing but health, happiness, peace, and contentment to your door.
My daughter finally made me a grandmother on 21st December, so life is a great big whirl at the moment.... I have a beautiful grand-daughter to spoil... (Laura Marie).
God is good, so lets hope people remember why we celebrate at this time! God bless you all. Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

Girl said...

Oh Bonnie, you knew just what to say to make me tear up this year. It's been a hard one, to say the least... culminating to truly terrible, but this at least made me think about the good and the good people I'll be spending my holidays with. Thank you, and merry christmas.

Hermione said...


That was beautifully said. It's so easy at this time of year to lose sight of what's really important. Thank you for reminding us all. And Ron would agree with Randy about football, but what can you do?

All the best to you and yours in this special season.

Hugs from Hermione and Ron

PK said...

I hope your Christmas will be wonderful and I know it will be because you and Randy always seem to practice what you preach.

You provide a true service here Bonnie and I can't begin to imagine the number of people (like Nick and me) that you have helped! Thank you for everything and I hope your holidays are the best ever.


Andrades said...

A beautiful Post.
My husband and I are so thankful for your blog. May your Christmas be filled all your hearts desire.
Take care,
Andrades Girl

Paul said...

Bonnie3, thank you, may I wish you and yours the same,
Warm hugs,

swan said...

Wishing you both a bright and wonderful day... and a very happy New Year.

From our house to yours,

OliviaManners said...

Lovely words Bonnie, and many Christmas wishes sent to you and Randy.


Kate said...

Happy Yule one and all!


Radha said...

Sending warm holidday greetings to you! May the new year be filled with joy and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to you both.

Debbie :)

Tiggs said...

Here's wishing you and yours only the best of all that is precious to you! I am so grateful for you, for being here for so long, steadfast and constant, in an oft tumultuous life.

Warmest happy, bouncy hugs to you both from us here at Casa d'Amore today and for the whole year through!

Southern Angel said...

Merry Christmas!

SA and JD

sara said...

Bonnie, I hope you and Randy have had a joyous Holiday!

Roissyfille said...

Wishing you & yours the very best for the Holidays and the year ahead.

littlestangel said...

Merry Christmas Bonnie and Randy!

lil sam said...

Dear Bonnie
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, the Very Best to you and yours in 2009

Bonnie said...

Everyone: Thank you for all the wonderful holiday wishes. We had an excellent Christmas here. Our granddaughter is totally into the spirit of the season. Her laughter is infectious. It's been a long time since we had a Christmas morning as lively as this one!

I am grateful to count you among my friends. May your 2009 be bountiful and fun.


ronnie said...

Hi Bonnie, I have been away and ill in bed. I am glad you and Randy had a wonderful holiday. Your granddaughter sounds delightful.

Love to you and thanks for being here. Very best to you and Randy for 2009.


Dr. Ken said...


Holly Happydays! :-)

Dr. Ken

Terpsichore said...

What a beautiful post and wishes to you and yours! :-)

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