Sunday, December 28, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #154

Welcome to our last brunch of 2008. This is a traditional time to assess where we've been and ponder where we might be going. It's been a pretty good year for Randy and me, at least in terms of spankings. How about you?

Have you a spanking-related highlight for 2008? How about a new relationship, a great adventure, a unique toy, or a special memory? What do you look forward to in 2009?

If you would like to join our discussion, you can simply leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to share their thoughts, I will post an edited summary.

Even if you've never participated before, please know that you're always welcome here. We would love to hear what you think.


Paul said...

Bonnie, I met a young lady in May this year, she promises to make 2009 quite interesting, rather brought me back to life.
May 2009 bring you both everything you need and some of what you desire.
Warm hugs,

Jflame said...

Bonnie I've had one of the best years of my life!!!
I found that I could get the internet on my phone. I found several spanking sites that confirmed that I am not a freak. I found a new friend who became and Uncle. I FOUND A DOM OF MY OWN!! I started my own spanking blog. I now have more friends than I've ever had. I'm learning more and more about this facinating spanko world. I HAVE A DOM, (does happy dance around room). And the best thing of all....I HAVE A DOM.
Yes I've had a very good year and I hope 2009 will be just as good or better.
Thanks Bonnie.

Jflame said...

Oh yeah, I also got my own laptop!

Hermione said...

The highlight of 2008 was starting my own spanking blog. It has brought me more joy and happiness than I ever thought possible. I've met so many great people through it, and hope to meet many more.

My hope for 2009 is that I will be able to share this enjoyment with my husband and that he will support and encourage my creativity and pleasure.

Happy New Year from Hermione and Ron

Daisychain said...

Hi, Bonnie,

This year has been a year of intense brilliance and bitter disappointment. I spent a wonderful, amazing holiday with my beloved Davey, and we realised our plan of tying the knot would have to be postponed... :( leaving us apart for yet another year. Instead, we stood under the stars and pledged our lives to each other before God, since when we have considered ourselves married!
However, 2009 sees our (hitherto unthwarted) plan of getting married for real, approaching fast, and we are both so excited! Even the complicated issue of trying to get him a (very expensive) visa to enter the UK is failing to cause despondency... we ARE going to win through these difficulties. Because we are so much in love, and love always wins, doesn't it? May everyone enjoy a 2009 full of love, joy, peace and fulfillment. (and spanks, but that goes without saying, right?)
Hugs and kisses, Daisy xxxx

Brambleberry Blush said...

2008 will be a year to remember always for me & Ben. Started Brambleberry in Sept. Had the sky high spanking in the lookout tower. And the heavenly Christmas spanking too. Many others along the way. Thanks to everybody for ideas, suggestions, encouragement.


Daisychain said...

OH, and of course, as most of you know, ('cause I haven't yet shut up about it,) a highlight of this year saw me become a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, Laura Marie.... just this month!xxxx

ronnie said...

Dear Bonnie, started my own spanking blog, thanks to you. Something I wished I had done a lot earlier.
Found many lovely friends, I am enjoying sharing.

Had my first real sound paddling, hurt more than I thought, nice though.

My hope for 2009 is for everybody to have the best year they can, I know is going to be a difficult year. Also for Paul with his new young lady, he is a true gentlemen so kind to everybody.

And to you Bonnie and Randy,love and best wishes.
Thank you.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

2008 was a good year for me. Rad and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary, I started my side business as The Corporal Consultant, I've been blogging and writing more, I'm losing weight, my job is going pretty well, I got a raise and promotion AND my own office for the first time in YEARS! Also had a wonderful at Shadow Lane over Labor Day weekend getting to know more people, I felt, more intimately than before. And Florida Moonshine in June was simply awesome.


I look forward to receiving even more spankings in 2009 than I did in 2008. I must learn to ask for them without feeling ashamed, because he admits to forgetting. I'm open to suggestions on that. I also just started a spanking blog in December, as a holiday gift to myself - thanks to Bonnie! I love reading everyone else's blogs on spanking!

Tiggs said...

Gee, I am so glad to be back amongst the spanking community and even happier to be receiving spankings of my own again! Also, we're having much better health this year than last, and I've made many new friends and acquired a young cousin in the spanko community!

I'd have to say that my very best spanking good time of 2009 was Christmas Day, because thus far, it's been the ONLY spanking god time!

But that's only just the beginning of our renewed fun at Casa d'Amore!

Love, bounces and hugs to you and Randy and everyone here!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie
I have to say that one of the highlights of this year was finding Your Blog!
It really has played a major part in my Spanko, HOH DD etc journey. The lighthearted way that you share information about yourself and this very complex subject is to be highly commended. Thru the help of your blog and the help of some of the lovliest people I have ever met thru "spanko blogging"; I have been able to start having an open dialogue with my husband about all of this and we are very close to enjoying my first spanking experience, which may be happening very very soon. We have bought some toys together on-line, started a Jar Policy (that we learned about thru Constance and Mr C's blog), and we are reading my blog and other blogs together! A big change for us this year.
I look forward to a continued growth in our marriage, and keeping up with these wonderful blogging friendships.
Take care,
Andrades Girl

Anonymous said...

I shared my best spanking experience of 2008 with Bonnie by e-mail. It happened over Christmas and I'm still not sitting:)
I have to say that it filled my heart with joy to read Paul's posting. He is the nicest man I know, and he deserves a blessed 2009.
Jean Marie

Claire said...

Hi Bonnie,

Seasons greetings. 2008 has been the best year of my life. Upon turning 29 in April I decided to make things happen. I decided I wanted to meet a man I could share my life with but that my life could not be without a bit of kinkiness and spanking. I joined an appropriate dating website. I met a couple of guys I had some fun with and taught me a few things (good and bad). But then I met the love of my life. It is everything I ever wanted, a man who wants a long term and kinky relationship. It is a relationship based on love with spanking and dominance and submission as a part of that love. I'm even discovering a dominant side to myself because he's a fan of switching things around.

There is still so much we want to do together - vanilla, spanking, other bdsm stuff. But it is so lovely to know that there is no hurry, that we can take it at our own pace, because we have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other (although we shall make the most of pre-children time).

I'm really really really looking forward to 2009. I get to spend all 12 months with my new love and I can only see our love getting stronger and deeper. We will also get to learn more about each other and be able to share some very fun spankings indeed.

Best wishes for 2009


roissyfille said...

I agree with Andrades that finding your blog was a big one. For oh so many reasons like being able to read your words of wisdom, fun and passion. For enabling me to participate in those excellent spanko brunches and have the courage to articulate how I feel about this wonderful development in my life. For being able to find so many wonderful words by such a diverse bunch of people through your blog roll. I was pleasantly surprsed to find so many women of around my own age blogging about things that I was also experiencing and enjoying.
The biggest highlight was being able to have the conversation with my wonderful partner that changed us from enjoying the occasional sensual spanking to me being able to say "I want to go over your knee" and him putting me there.
Looking forward to the New year, I hope to be writing a blog of my own.
Thanks for everything Bonnie
Long may you run

Xan Spanking New said...

2008 was the beginning of my spanking adventure. I had my first discipline spanking in 2008, and started a blog about spanking because it has become such an important part of my life. And I have great hopes that my vanilla husband will become a spanko in 2009!

Eliane said...

2008 was the year I had the courage to explore my spanking kink in real life for the first time, and my life is immeasurably richer for it. I've got lots of new online and real life friends, and, quite frankly, am having the time of my life. Here's to 2009 being even better :-D

OliviaManners said...

2008 was the year that I started my public blog, through which I have made many new online and real life friends...all of whom I feel so lucky to know or to have come in to contact with.

There have been many adventures and lots of beautiful memories in there wake but most of all, in this realm of my life, it was a year of understanding myself more fully, letting go of the past, and feeling more whole ...and that is something I truly cherish.

In 2009 I look forward to parties in the attic ( which has now been renamed a garret by Eliane ) and emotional and physical well-being, fulfillment, aliveness, playfulness and love for all of you and for all of our families and friends.

Bonnie, best wishes to you and Randy for 2009.


Lee said...

Well, I divulged the fact that I love being spanked for the first time, and have been able to use my fetish during sex. Even better, I found out that my lover isn't turned on by spanking me, and does it simply because he knows it turns me on. Its nice to feel wanted for who I am. That has never happened before.

Indy said...

This has been my first year actively engaged in spanking play in real life, and it's been wonderfully exciting! So much so that it's hard to pick a single highlight-- playing for the first time, attending the Florida Moonshine Tropical Beach Party and Shadow Lane, also attending a half-dozen smaller events, meeting so many wonderful people, finding my vanilla friends to be supportive of my new hobby, as I call it. When I think about it, I sort of shake my head in wonder. I'm glad I took the plunge, as it's much better having fun with spanking than wondering about it.

I hope you, Randy, and all your readers enjoyed the holidays, and all the best in the New Year.

BigBear said...

Hi Bonnie

Thanks for a wonderful year on your blog. In line with previous comments, 2008 has been a pretty terrible year for me, with one shining exception, i met a truly wonderful woman (Penfold) who has inspired me in my work and in my life. (and she's a spanko too :D) Although, due to all the bad stuff this year, we cannot be together just yet, i think that she is the 'One'. So hopefully '09 will bring better results.

thanks again Bon,


soma said...

This has been an interesting year as this is my first year of entering the spanking world, had thought about it for a long time but until 2008 had never gotten spanked before. It has been wonderful and exciting and I'm enjoying every minute of it with many good memories/adventures to start off my spanking journey! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2009 brings for my current spanking relationship snd to see where interest takes me

Anonymous said...

In 2008 I got every adult spanking I've ever had. I also had a spanking blog for a short time. If I get more spankings in 2009 I'll return to the blog. Meanwhile, it is time to reflect on all of the joy and just plain fun I had with Max this year. Blessings to all for 2009.

Anna said...

2K8 held many good moments, including an amazing promotion at work, it also held some lows like being hospitalized for three days, but overall it was a good year. I'm hoping 2K9 will hold some more great adventures and maybe even a spanking or two. It's been a long dry spell, and I think even my family is beginning to worry.

CurtisG said...

'Twas and up and down year. It started with the beginning of what could have been a wonderful relationship whose erotic core began with spanking. It ended with that relationship breaking up. In the meantime, held one spanking party at my house, went to one at friends' hous ein Kentucky, went to the Florida Moonshine Beach Party, a Crimson Moon Party and two Our Need and Desire Parties and met some wonderful people in the scene. Also celebrated my birthday and the birthday of a good friend with mutual spanking in New York. But at this holiday time I'm lonely.

CurtisG said...

Forgot to add Happy Holidays to you Bonnie and Randy and thanks for your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Well one highlight was getting a soung spanking this year though it hurt like the dickens. I also found your blog which taught me that it's not such a private life us spanko's have. Started an online relationship with a man from my state and found out he was a spanker. Without finding this site and knowing how many spanko's there really are out there I may not have ever brought it up. Thanks Bonnie

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