Monday, October 27, 2008

Poll: Spanko Halloween Costumes

Which Halloween Spanking Costumes Do You Prefer?

Bride of Frankenstein and the Monster
Ward and June Cleaver
King Kong and Fay Wray
Goldilocks and Big Bad Wolf
Superman and Lois Lane
Headmaster and Schoolgirl
Sarah Palin and First Dude
Football Star and Cheerleader
Pirate and Wench
Something Else (please comment)


RPT said...

Palin SO needs a spanking!

Hermione said...

I agree with rpt and I'm not even American!

Ron would look so cool as First Dude!



To get away from politics for a bit. I voted for pirate and wench but I would like to point out that my interest pre dates the recent films and goes back to Sunday afternoons, as a child, watching Errol Flynn swash buckling his way across a black and white TV screen.


Thomas_III said...

I have to go with the classics, as a schoolgirl skirt really gets me going.

On a side note, Bonnie, consider yourself tagged for a blogging meme. Check out my blog to see what I'm talking about.

Apple said...

So, nice question.
I would prefer to be the maitresse of a Vampire...bitten and spanked would be a great combination for me :)

Kisses Apple

Anonymous said...

getting spanked by my wife turns me on. she demands i go to the bathroom and wait for her. knowing this is going to be a bare bottom spanking i remove my clothing and wait for her entrance. this gives me time to think about what is goingi end up with a sore bottom to happen. in she comes holding her hairbrush and instructing me to get over her knees as she sits on the toilet seat. initally the spanking starts with tiny slaps whiuch feel good but fradually builds up to a real whipping with me crying for her to stop.i end up with a sore bottom.

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