Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign Time - Spanko Style

For those readers outside of the United States, what follows may not make such sense. I ask your kind patience as we work through this quadrennial distraction. If we're lucky, perhaps something good will come from it.

I just couldn't let election season pass without at least once adding a spanko spin. I chose to examine that venerable institution, the political slogan. I wondered if perhaps some of the more popular ones could be corrupted ever so gently to add a spanking theme. How about these chestnuts?

A lickin' for every butt

Don't change horsewhips in midstream

I like Ice

It's the bottom of me, stupid

Stinging again in America

Tippecanoe and paddle too

Better red than dead

The whack stops here

Pains we can believe in (New for '08)

Have you any favorites you'd like to share?



"Read my lips, no more corner time"


Spanky said...

"A paddle under every bed."

"Putting spanking first."

"Are you spanked more than you were four years ago?"

"Leave no behind."

Hermione said...

"Give Palin a good spanking and send her home."

No, too long for a bumper sticker.


Dave said...

LOL I like Hermione's the best :)

Anyway, let's see..hmm...

"Tushy First!"

"Vote McSpanko"

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