Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sep 14

Our topic this week was whether a spankee's thighs were a fair target. Here are your thoughts.

Carye: Yes, they're OK by me, but please go easy! I do like it as a change up :-) But, I need to wear pants then! LOL! Yes, PS agrees:-)

Ninian: Acceptable? Yes. Front, back, outer, and (for a bit more ouchie), inner.

Of course, that's from someone who's most often a spanker rather than a spankee. ;)

Maryann: I love for my thighs to be spanked! It definitely hurts worse, but Max is good about delivering only a few lighter swats to my thighs. Normally, he uses it as an attention-getter. If I escape his grasp, for instance, he'll spank my thighs a few times while demanding that I get back into place. I do love the way they feel, but I also obey in a big hurry! A little of that goes a long way!

Dr. Ken: They're an acceptable target as a change of pace. You know, spank the bottom, then apply a few smacks to the thighs, then go back to the bottom, and repeat as necessary.

The thighs do tend to be a more sensitive area, though, so as has already been mentioned, you should probably lighten up on the amount of force used when spanking that area.

Prefectdt: Oh yes, yes, yes. I love getting some action on the thighs. Strap, cane, or flogger in that order are my favorite for that region.

Dragonmage: I would say the back of the thighs is certainly an acceptable target for spanking, as a change at least. I tend to not target Luvbunny's thighs as much during the summer due to swimming suits and visible marks and all that. But swimming season is over for the year...

Luvbunny seems to be of two minds on this. She loves it and she hates it. ^_^

Indy: I don't mind the sensation, and I like the change of pace too. But I don't like any marks on my thighs, as I swim for exercise, albeit somewhat irregularly. If I had a regular partner who knew me well, I wouldn't mind. But I mark pretty easily, so I find it easier just to place the thighs off limits. Especially for wooden spoons!

PM Duo: Absolutely! I love the feeling, although it definitely hurts more. I also like that it leaves some nice bruises! Except for the bruising part, he agrees. He hates bruising me.

Heather: I've never been spanked on the thighs before. So honestly, I couldn't tell you how acceptable it would be. From the sounds of what everyone says, it hurts like nothing I've ever seen. So to go based upon what I've heard, I would have to say no. Everyone who has ever spanked me has done so exclusively on the bottom.

Daisy: Oh, yuk! It HURTS! So, no, I don't think it’s acceptable, and for that reason, he thinks it IS! He uses it to differentiate between a fun spanking and a punishment one.
He deliberately uses implements, positions, and places he knows I don't like to discipline me (how mean!). But when its a fun or erotic spanking, wow, he knows how to push the right buttons there too. So I can't complain! ;)

Haron: I can just about take an occasional smack on the upper thighs, but I'll never volunteer it as an option.

Being caned on the thighs is much easier for me. It's not an everyday thing, either, but on a couple of occasions during spanking events my bottom had had enough when my mind hadn't. Taking some cane strokes on the thighs was a good solution right then.

Thankfully, I usually get spanked by people who agree with my limits as to where smacks should land. :)

Eliane: So far, I haven't minded being spanked on my upper thighs too much. Sometimes, it's nice to give your bottom a rest for a few swats! However, I like to swim, so I do worry about bruises there. I've got a low cut swimming costume, but it's not THAT low cut!

DG UK: Goodness me, yes, Mark does. In particular for disciplinary spankings, and other types too, to "make sure I get used to" or "don't forget" the sensation. It’s such a sweetly sharp sting!

Yes, it does also increase embarrassment, both at the time and afterwards, if running in shorts, or going to the gym. I can almost feel it now!

Anon #1: NO, neither of us.

Hermione: Venturing down to the backs of the upper thighs adds variety as well as extra sting. In some positions, the dividing line between buttocks and thighs isn't as evident, and giving the thighs a few swats is often inevitable. Similarly, spanking the upper part of the bottom is usually ouchier. While the sweet spot should be every spanker's main target, when Ron explores a wider area, it adds variety and excitement, and he definitely gets my attention.

Mike: It is only used by us for the occasional attention getter. That’s very rare and only one or two spanks.

I'd much rather give the cheeks a spank or get one there.

Anon #2: Oh, yes. It hurts more, but get it right and it's like a trigger. I just give in and let go. It’s lovely! Anything afterward feels different on my bottom too.

Paul: Serious spanking is always on the butt. I had a couple of lightweight straps that could be used anywhere on the body. We loved to play with these. Nowhere was out of bounds, including breasts, thighs, inner thighs, the front of the thighs, and anywhere that would benefit from a gentle sting. A little variety spiced up our play, and that's always good.

Mrs. Smith: With Scott, during discipline, if I would move or squirm or block too much, he would threaten my thighs. If I continued, I'd get a few on my thighs. Depending on what I was being disciplined for, my thighs could also just be a target as part of the punishment.

I think it is appropriate, as long as the spanker understands that your upper thighs are a lot more sensitive than your bottom! It doesn't take much to really get your attention!

Greenwoman: I think I join the general consensus that the thighs should be treated gentler than the butt. For one thing, there are major arteries right near the surface of the skin on the thighs and it pretty much wraps about half the thigh. You don't want to bruise a major artery with vigorous spanking.

But, gee, it sure is stingy fun there with a light hand. Yummy!

Anon #3: I guess I'm going against the grain here. For us, the upper thighs are simply "off target." Perhaps that's because for me, spanking is totally erotic. . I'm not into the "discipline" thing at all. I intend no offense toward those who go for this particular kink. But for me, the bottom is the erogenous zone, pure and simple.

Sandy: The upper thighs, back, inner, or outer, are not off-limits in my play. But, as some others have said already, the top needs to be aware that he is causing significantly more pain when he strikes that area. I played with someone recently who didn't seem to have any clue about that.

But then there are those EVIL tops we love, who know exactly what they are doing and who do it anyway (because they want to, and because they think you've earned it).

P.S. Wrapping with an implement to the outer thigh is excruciating.

Todd and Suzy: I think the upper thighs are an acceptable target. In fact, they're the best target when a spankee is blocking with her hand. She can block her bottom pretty well. But her upper thighs? Not so much. And given that the thighs are obviously more sensitive (why is that?), a few swats there usually get hands back where they belong.

I also think some lighter spanks on the thighs can be a good change of pace.

However, thighs do mark pretty easily, and those marks show when shorts are worn. Given that I live in Florida (and Arizona before that), it's something I have to be aware of.

I have spanked some women who have a hard limit when it comes to being spanked on the thighs, most especially in a playful situation.

Soma: Ouch, I’m so not a fan of being spanked on the upper thighs. They are definitely an attention getter and I am usually only really spanked there for punishment. I might get a swat or two when playing just vary things up. But when it's punishment, I get several throughout and several with implements. So I’m not a fan of the wooden brush there! Ha ha.

Elle: He thinks anywhere is fair play. I'm so lucky that way, because he loves and appreciates every single part of my body.

I don't mind the thigh area, though I don't find it as pleasurable to be honest. But a few slaps with his hand or belt to the tops of my thighs are fine. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like anything heavier on that area, like any wooden implement. That sounds too painful. There's not as much meat on my thighs as there is on my ass!

Roissy: We’re just finding our way, but I've "enjoyed" a few on the upper thighs. Yes, they sting more and I know they are not given with the full force of the ones on my bottom. But they work for me as long as they are interspersed with bottom spanking. That goes for his hand, the leather flogger, the crop, and the leather paddle. Mind you we've not got a wooden paddle yet, so I might sing a different tune when we do ;-)

Robert: Most definitely. A few light smacks on the back of the thighs can help one re-focus, if on the receiving end. It can also get a point across if the spankee has wandering attention or is being especially obstinate. A ruler is good, a switch...YIKES! And as mentioned earlier, clothing is needed to cover the blush...

Fanny: This was a timely topic for us as Hubs and I attended a music festival this weekend. I was instructed to wear a skirt so that he could spank my inner thighs during the 3 hour drive there. Ditto for the drive home. Heavenly! I have several bruises on my legs, but a big smile on my face...

Our Bottoms Burn: We both enjoy thigh fries. She likes her licks on her inner thighs, which she says are connected to her most sensitive spot. I prefer my licks on the backs and front of my thighs. It is a very erotic experience for us.

Anon #4: This doesn't really work for my wife and me. When I spank her, I want it to be one of those pleasure/pain things, and the thighs are just pain...

From my personal viewpoint as a spanker it doesn't work well either. I love the sight of a female bottom jiggling and getting redder as I spank. I like the clenching and unclenching. I also love the contrast between the reddening bottom and the untouched thighs. All this is undermined if I spank the thighs as well

But that's just us...

Girl: LOL, as if I'd have a choice. Well, Sir is very conscious of other people's sensibilities, so it's not too often that he'll spank my upper thighs for fear of marks... But, if he wants a fast reaction there's no better place.

We had an accidental branding moment on the upper inner thighs once. Since then we've steered clear for fear of harming the tender flesh. Grilled cheese is a dangerous dish.

Stacy: I hadn't even thought of having my thighs spanked until I met my guy. He usually spanks me on the butt, but when he really gets going, or if I am bratting, he goes for the thighs, and it is wonderful.

He usually hits the upper thigh, and has given me some spanks on the bottom thigh and inner. All are very nice, and I adore them. The sting is so very nice.

Bonnie: I’ve told Randy many times that I have sufficient acreage in my big back forty for any sort of spanking he might want to try. He should never run out of places on my bottom and there should be no need to mark up my tender thighs.

He sees things a bit differently. He can and does use light implements to spank my upper thighs as a change of pace. So long as I’m into the spanking, I don’t really mind. He knows what he is doing, so I don’t have to worry about nasty bruises or welts. Even so, I think my bottom is a much more appropriate target.

Thanks, everyone, for joining in our weekly brunch!


Michelle said...

I don't mind the thighs.
I have a very petite bottom, and people run out of space fast.
I'd rather someone move to my thighs then suffer from sdss (same damn spot syndrom)

Thomas_III said...

Now, I'm pretty sure that I posted a comment to this brunch, but it apparently never made it to print.

For the record, thighs are DEFINITELY fair game to me, unless a spankee tells me otherwise beforehand. By this, I mean someone that I'm meeting at a party for the first time, not someone that I'm in a longstanding relationship with. If I'm with someone for any real length of time, then I've spent time learning how and when to test their limits, including thighs if they are included as a limit. At a party with a newbie, though, I just assume that their limits are their limits, and go no further.

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