Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 13

Our topic this week was the age old dilemma - Leather or Wood? Here are your thoughts.

RPT: I prefer leather. It's stingy and less likely to bruise. But MP likes wood, the hairbrush is her favourite. However, we have taken a liking to polycarbonate and have been using our Lexan paddle a great deal.

Mostly it depends on circumstances and mood.

Stacy: I love wooden implements, my favorite being the wooden hairbrush.
Boo likes wood too, as he likes the sound.

I like leather, but I'm not too fond of it. Boo loves leather, and he always wants to use his belt on me. I'm not a big fan of belts, but I'll let him every so often.

For us, It really depends on the type of spanking and mood.

Daisy: We only have a few implements so far. I would like to increase our collection, but specialty spanking items, like leather paddles, are very expensive compared to the price of a wooden ping pong paddle or wooden spoon! "Convertible" items certainly do less damage to the budget!

Therefore, I cannot really say which I prefer, since I haven't had the pleasure(?) of knowing the difference yet! I'm none too keen on the wooden paddle, nor the hairbrush, and the wooden spoon is viciously stingy. So maybe I would prefer leather. I certainly get a jellylike feeling in my legs when I hear the unmistakable swish of his belt snaking through his belt loops.

By the way, all those of you in the UK, the larger Tescos have a "sports"section and cater for horseriding. Now, I don't know how many of you like horseriding. But for those who do, Tesco has a very serviceable riding crop for just £2.75p...... (under US$6) Just in case anyone needs one... :)

Anon: Leather gets my vote every time, with the exception of the cane. When I have not felt its sting for a while, I start to crave it!

Mary: Leather all the way! His belt is number one, plus we have a couple of leather toys from the London Tanner. I love the belt so much that last time I flew to see my guy, I had to get spanked for confessing that I got a bit "wet" while going through security. All those men innocently taking their belts off just set me to day dreaming while waiting my turn to go through myself. I can go to naughty places in my mind so easily at times.

The sting, the smell, the intimacy all of it make the belt so delicious.

luvbunny: I really like the leather belt the best, but of course my Sir has to switch off every now and then. LOL

Paul: For us it was leather every time, once again with the exception of the cane.
Leather heats well without bruising. Lovely!

Dr. Ken: I have to go with the old familiar rhyme:

     Wood good,
     Leather better.

Almost without exception the ladies with whom I've had the privilege to play prefer leather. It's gotten to the point where when I travel – say, to Chicago for a Crimson Moon party – I only take a couple leather implements with me and stout wooden hairbrush – and I only take the hairbrush along for one lady in particular.

Most of the time I just spank by hand, but when I do go for an implement, it's something made of leather. And, to echo what Mary said, it's probably something made by Ian of The London Tanner.

Hidden Flames: I have to agree. I prefer leather. Although, these days, I would take anything I could get. :(

Prefectdt: The answer would have to be both. If you were to point a gun to my head and ask me to choose one, it would have to be wood. I have rediscovered the joys of being caned over the last year. The combination of being slowly flogged over marks, that come from a heavy caning is a particularly piquant experience. It would be disappointing to live in a world where you could not combine the two.

Radagast: It depends on the level or type of pain I'm trying to inflict. I prefer using a belt or a strap because I just like the whole dynamic of it – the person bent over a chair or bench or laying down as the strap snaps across their bottom. I usually resort to a paddle of the wooden variety when it's a severe punishment session.

Hermione: Leather wins, hands down! Leather implements feel so sensual. Every stroke is a caress, albeit a painful one.

That preference evolved over time. For many years, we had only two implements, one of which was made of wood. Once we started experimenting with other possibilities and I discovered the delights of leather, I was hooked. Given a choice, I always opt for leather when the spanking is strictly erotic.

I prefer a wooden implement when I need help in dealing with stress, simply because it lacks the sensual qualities of leather. Wood is unyielding and means business!

My husband believes in treating all implements equally. Unless I make a specific request, he alternates between the two, choosing from our leather collection for one spanking and from the woodpile for the next. The best times are when I get both.

David: I like giving the spankings with wooden implements or my hand. Mthc hates the hairbrush and my favorite is the ping pong paddle.

Megan: My vote is for wood every time! The sound is so nice. The thinner wooden toys are much stingy-er, whereas the really thick paddles are much thuddy-er.

Patty's paddles are very beautiful and erotic. Cane IAC carries them, and they also offer a spanking buddy. This is a wooden paddle that straps over the hand for OTK work.

Having said all that, there is nothing sexier than a man taking off his belt. Ahhhh...

Another Mary: Well, as Hermione says, "The best times are when I get both." I don't think I can choose between leather and wood, at least now. The Leather Tanners' boudoir paddle and Walt's oval OTK maple paddle are regulars that my husband always brings out these days. I especially like the wood paddle at the end of the spanking. My husband and I are relatively new to spanking (too many wasted years in denial!), and he was at first hesitant to try anything but his hand, and he is still gentler with the implements (especially the wood) than he is with his hand. But I expect that will change over time, as it did pretty quickly with his hand! He says he especially likes the cool smoothness of the wood, too, and that it's "easier to control," whatever that means!

We have a couple of leather toys besides the favorite London Tanners paddle. Among these are a nice flogger from Adam and Gillian that we love and a leather slapper that's special to me because it was the first spanking toy my husband surprised me with not long after I finally asked him to spank me. The one oval maple paddle is all we have in wood. For now, anyway!

Todd and Suzy: Without question Suzy prefers leather. We have several wood implements, and with one exception they all produce a "thud" feeling which she is not a fan of. So, for the most part, wood implements are used for discipline-type spankings.

That leaves leather implements as largely playful items. Though, she has a love-hate relationship with belts. As for preferences changing over time, we've both have gotten more interested in canes. But as for wood vs. leather? No, not much change there.

Pmduo: Absolutely leather! For awhile, he just used his hand or a wooden hairbrush. Once he started using his belt, I never wanted anything else. I agree with Hermione. There is definitely a sensual feel to leather.

Elle: Overall, I would have to say leather. I'm a very sensual girl and leather on skin produces a range of interesting feelings, from stingy slaps from a leather paddle, whippy blows from a man's belt, to that strange sexy feeling of wearing leather clothing... Ahem.

Of course, I'm not so experienced with wood, although my ex gave me the cane and switch. And I've had the back of my hairbrush from several men, including my current boyfriend. But I personally think wood is a little bit dull. Every stroke feels more or less the same, in contrast to leather where it can be a little more varied.

My absolute favourite implement is simply his hand, but the leather belt is a close second.

Maryann: His hand is my favorite, hands down! Ha. But, my favorite implement is the big wooden paddle. Max prefers the lighter weight wooden paddle. It is also good. I do love the immediacy of him taking off his belt, "right now," sometimes though. Yum. Still, I vote for wood.

Papa Woodie: Ohhhh, leather is just so much fun. Supple and loose, as a belt or strop or a braided quirt, it provides a degree of variability in the strokes. And the unpredictable impacts are so delightful. A fairly moderate increase in force yields only a slightly greater spank. It’s so much fun (at both ends!)

Ahhhh, but lovingly crafted wood is ever so reliable. Its power is controlled and directed and intentional. There are very few 'oops' or missed targets with a well balanced tool in an oft practiced swing. Using it lets me “know” just what she has felt.

Mmmmm, and let's not overlook those leather items fashioned like their wooden counterparts. Those are my absolute favorites. Nothing finishes off a perfect spanking better than a good stiff, stoutly built leather paddle. Sensuous in its touch, delicate in its bite, faithful in delivering its promises!
  • Start out with the softer leathers and build up to a nice warming all-over glow. The first pink blush spreads, pulsing with need.

  • Switch to a wonderfully smooth and balanced wooden paddle or spoon. This takes the heat to a deeper radiance. Her cheeks are now so adorably red. They are eagerly throbbing and poised for a cathartic release.

  • Finish beautifully with a sturdy thick leather paddle. This brings the simmering heat to its climatic satisfaction: An emotional rebirth arising from the flames of desire and release. A new woman emerges, refreshed and alive, relieved and grateful, renewed and energized, younger and happier, more feminine and more beautiful.

Rosy: I like the weight of wood, and the warmth of leather.

Wood is best for warm-ups over clothing, but when it touches skin, I can't last long. And I definitely prefer longer sessions.

I have found a new favorite that almost combines the best of both – a ping pong paddle. It’s $6 at Wal-Mart, and it's got the thud of wood, with far less sting. We just tried it out, and I must say, ping pong paddles are the best. :)

Robin: Not having played with a great variety of implements, I think I prefer leather. I know the implement I like the least is the wooden bath brush. A hairbrush isn't bad, but I like the leather paddles and the crop. So, I guess I'm leaning more towards leather.

Love4Her: At the hands of another, wood is all I have known. I have gotten the wooden spoon a few times. Last week, my wife gave me a rather lengthy session (for her ) and left me red and warm. There is a black belt coiled at her bedside that I wish she would try. She knows I put it there and why. Just the idea of her holding it and scolding me for anything gives me a rise. Hopefully, she will see fit to use it on me in the future. Having played with it alone, I know it has a bite, but it would be so much more satisfying in her hand with her instruction on my behavior.

I long to have her in control, scolding and teaching me a lesson while really punishing me. It could be for real or in a role play situation. It is just a need I have developed. She is trying to understand because she loves me and knows I would do anything for her pleasure, so she wants to give me pleasure too.

Blushing Bride: I like both, but we have more wooden implements. Hubby prefers wooden ones, as he feels more able to control them. And since he decides which implements are used...

Bonnie: Randy generally selects the toys for each session. He often gets on runs where he likes a particular implement, type of implement, or material. Other times, he goes out of his way to give me what I least expect. Overall, I would say he averages about 60/40 wood. He says he likes to feel and hear a good solid smack. He likes seeing the redness rise as he strikes my flesh.

For many years, we used almost exclusively wood. Our early adventures with leather were not very successful. Then as now, a wrapping belt can leave some truly nasty marks. There were no web sites to consult in those days, so we stuck with what worked for us. Since then, of course, Randy’s aim has improved greatly as has our fondness for leather toys.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your insights and experiences. I hope you will join us again for next Sunday's brunch.

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