Monday, July 28, 2008

The Cost of a Good Time*

*That little twinge every time you sit? Priceless!


Apple said...

Oh that´s awesome.

Hope you have a lot of fun with this nice toys.

The last sentense is great.

Kisses Apple

Radagast said...

Very amusing and thanks for the link to this awesome online toy. I will be sure to have hours of disturbing fun making up off-color receipts to fool friends and nauseate others.

Hermione said...

Executive paddling, as in over a desk? Mmmm. And no GST (goods and services tax). That's a real bargain!


Paul said...

Bonnie, just don't tell the government over here, they are sure to add 17½ value added tax.
Warm hugs,

cookie said...

lol. I like that

Love4her said...

I would be willing to pay so much more!

Greenwoman said...

*grins* You are so clever and creative Bonny. I admire that. *winks*

Pandora said...

"Executive paddling" - now that sounds hot. I'm picturing the high-powered Director of a large firm, wearing a crisp blouse, pencil skirt, stockings and heels, being bent over the table in the boardroom by the MD. What I want to know is, are the rest of the Board of Directors watching...?

D said...

Hmmm... wonder if I could write it off as a business expense?

I would LOVE to see my accountant's face when he saw that receipt!

grace said...

I checked all my receipts from the adult stores I went to this weekend and NONE of them were as cool as this!

Then again, I wasn't in Round Bottom, MN!


Anonymous said...

LOL. That's funny. Loved it.

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