Monday, June 30, 2008

Spanking Survey

Here's a bit of fun.

Spanking Survey
Have you ever been spanked?:Only a couple of thousand times
Do you like to be spanked?:Absolutely
Are you bad?:I'm very good
Are you spanked over your pants or are pants and undies pulled down?:All of the above
What is your favorite thing about spanking?:The hot lovemaking that follows
Do you get spanked hard?:I think so
What position are you in when getting spanked?:Whatever Randy decides
What do you like to be spanked with?:It depends upon the mood, situation
Do you all get spanked?:I'm just one person, and yes
Who spanks you?:My husband, Randy
How long does the spanking last?:Until he thinks I've had enough
When is the last time you got spanked?:Friday
Do you spank yourself?:Very seldom, but I have
Do you have a spanking fetish?:Um, yeah, I'd say so
After your spanking is over do you still act bratty later on?:Probably not
How hard do you get spanked?:Sometimes, I still feel sore a day later
Have you ever gotten your butt belted?:Yes
Have you ever gotten your butt paddled?:Yes, we own several paddles
Have you ever gotten spanked in public?:Yes
What do you get spanked with the most?:Probably a paddle or hairbrush
On a scale of 1-10 how much does the spanking hurt?:More than a bee sting, less than childbirth
Do you feel you deserve it?:I totally deserve it
What do you get spanked for?:Foreplay, fun, stress relief, because he wants to
How many times have you gotten spanked?:Thousands
How many times does the spanker spank you during the spanking?:It really varies a lot
What do you do to deserve them?:Being a loving partner (and a total spanko!)
Have you ever gotten spanked in front of your friends?:No
Have you ever gotten your butt caned?:Yes
Do you like the pain of the spanking?:Usually
Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon?:Yes
Have you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush?:Yes, often
Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?:Not exactly
Is spanking a big part of your everyday life?:I run a spanking blog with over 900 posts
Do you get spanked more than once a day?:Sure
How often do you get spanked?:A couple times per week on average
Is your butt red and sore afterwards?:I hope so
Do you spanked gently or hard?:Hard most times
Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker?:Yes
Do you believe in spanking?:Only for consenting adults
Have you ever been spanked so hard that you started to cry?:Yes, but it's very rare for me
At what age did you start getting spanked?:By Randy at 19
Do you still a get spanked?:Oh yeah
Do you think that spanking is a good punishment?:That's not part of our relationship
Have you ever gotten spanked for swearing?:Yes, but it was in fun
Do you think spanking is fun?:Absolutely
What does the spanker say to you before your spanking?:Read my accounts
Have you ever gotten spanked for getting bad grades?:Nope
Have you ever gotten a spanking for no reason at all?:Those are the best kind!
Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher?:Only in role play
Is your butt spankable?:So I am told
Who spanks you the most?:Randy
Is spanking your hobby?:That's a fair statement
Do you want a spanking right now?:I guess so
Do you get lectured during the spanking?:Sometimes in role play
Have you ever gotten spanked with your butt in the air?:Yes
Have you ever gotten spanked so hard you butt was swollen?:Yes
Have you ever watched someone else you know getting spanked?:Not in person
Do you hate spankings?:Of course not
Have you ever spanked someone:No, that's not my role
Did they learn their lesson?:N/A
How many people spank you?:One
Is spanking allowed in your family?:There are only two of us who live here
Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking instrument?:Certainly
Have you ever gotten spanked for lying?:Not that I recall
Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing?:I already answered that question!
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Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, no surprises here, you haven't changed.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

A whole lot of questions, but no surprises there. Before I saw the survey link at the end, I thought you were doing another mailbag of readers' questions :-)

I'm going to check out that survey. I don't think I'll score as high as you did, though.


Ofia said...

Oooo. That looks like a fun survey to do, especially since I haven't done any in awhile.

padme amidala said...

Neat survey! I decided to give it a try on my blog too. It was a fun one to do. I enjoy your answers to it. :)
padme amidala

Bonnie said...

Paul - Uh oh, I'm getting predictable. That can't be good.

Hermione - If you use this quiz, I have no doubt you'll find it necessary to correct the grammar of several questions. Some of them do sound as though they might have come from the mailbag. All that was missing was the underwear question!

Ofia - Go for it!

Padme - Great answers!

Hermione said...

Editing? That goes without saying!

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