Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poll: Spanking Partner

If you were in a position to start a new relationship, would you consider a potential partner who had no interest in spanking?

Never, never, never!
Probably not
Only for a very special person
Perhaps, under the right circumstances
Sure, it's not that big a thing for me
Spanking? Are you serious?


New Beginnings said...

We have been married 25 years now and I have no intentions of ever having another relationship. But after all I have learned by coming out I know that I would never hide this part of me again for any reason.


Anonymous said...

Should I be 'in the market' I wouldn't settle for anything less than the kinky spanko of my dreams.


Paul said...

Bonnie, a relationship without that special ingredient would be like a meal without salt.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Nope, no way! If I were attracted to someone I would make my preferences known up front, before things went too far. I would never settle for vanilla after enjoying the delights of chocolate almond fudge!

Here's hoping I won't find myself in that predicament, though. I have the only man i want.


Anonymous said...

Well. I have a new boyfriend. He is less kinky than my last partner... but I like him much more.

In my last relationship, it was all about the kink, all about what we could do to each other physically. But with this new boyfriend, it's more than that. I feel like he appreciates the rest of me as well as my kinks. Although I am looking forward to "exploring" further with him and seeing what works for us, I'm actually happier than I ever was with the kinkier man.

Much as I love my kinks, I think I've grown up a bit and realised that I deserve more than just a good match in that way - I can have a man who satisfies that AND more as well...

Do you know what I mean?


Indiana said...

It's been less than three months since my first adult consensual spanking and I've lost all interest in vanilla dating. However, that vanilla singles activity group to which I belong provides a semi-convincing cover story for trips out of town to spanking parties. A Las Vegas trip shouldn't be hard to explain, but some of the other locations don't fit quite as well. No idea what my parents think I was doing in Florida a couple weeks ago...

Anonymous said...

I went for awhile without spankings, even though I wanted them and never spoke up. And now with my boyfriend who I love, and who gives me just the spankings I need, deserve and want, I couldn't imagine being in a vanilla relationship.


Anonymous said...

No way. It's too important.

The only possible way I would even consider it is if the man were scene tolerant -- in other words, I could play with others and go to parties and he would be OK with it. But that's hard to find.

I talk to so, SO many people who are in vanilla relationships and are miserable. Why should we deny ourselves? -- Erica

Zelda said...

I know I need to be spanked, but I have had vanilla relationships in the past, and if I loved him enough, I could live without the spanking.

Before I met Roger, I had had a relationship with a man who I believed was my soul mate. It turned out that we were a bit TOO passionate, and that left little time for anything else, but he was a vanilla.

We broke up after 5 years together, which I view as a marriage, even though we never walked down the aisle. He and I still talk once a week and when Roger and I started seeing one another, I told him about my ex and explained that he would always be a part of my life.

You can love a non-spanko. You can have orgasms with a non-spanko. I don't think that I would rule someone out who is wonderful in every other way just because he doesn't have the urge to pound on my rear end with an implement.

Besides, if he loves you enough, he can learn. My vanilla and I were very young, so it took me 2 years to tell him I wanted to be spanked. He tried spanking me, both before and during sex, but it never hurt! And I wanted it for discipline! It just wasn't right, so I dropped it. But if things had worked out with us in other ways, I could have either worked on getting him to understand or lived without it.

That said, all things being equal, of course I would choose a spanker! I just wouldn't choose a blah spanko over a vanilla who matched me well in other ways. When you look at it, spanking is really a small part of our lives. Roger's great qualities are that he talks and listens to me, is patient when I go off the deep end and most of all that he adores me. The fact that he's a spanker is almost an afterthought.

Sorry to ramble.

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