Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Sign I'd Like to See

I'd stay there!


Marcus said...

These come to mind, Bonnie.

Otherwise, I agree with you. Have a good day!

Hermione said...

That looks like a very welcoming place. I've seen some pretty intriguing signs lately, as you will soon see, but this takes the cake!


Paul said...

Bonnie, now that's what I call civilised. Smiles.
Warm hugs,

Amy said...

HAHAHA...that is a riot! It always seems when i am having a bad morning you post something that makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Yes, we need more hotels like this.

You know what cracks me up? When you see the signs on some of those old fleabag hotels that read: "Color TV!" WOW! I'll bet they have running water, too! -- Erica

Reesa Roberts said...

That's probably the most welcoming sign I've ever seen! Cute!

Mary said...

LOVE IT I am packing my bags now.

Daisy said...

I hate to damp your fires, friends, but the first thing I noticed was the NO VACANCY sign under frustrating, to finally find the perfect place, which makes you think all your christmases have come at once....for there to be no room at the, Bonnie, xxx

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