Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poll: Thinking About Spanking

When I post polls, I often receive inquiries like "Why must you ask questions that are directed at spankers or spankees or M/F or people in relationships or whatever?" Well, for everyone who ever asked, this poll is for you. It's open to all MBS readers. In fact, if you're not a reader and just meandered in from the internet, you can vote too.

How Often Do You Think About Spanking or Related Topics?

Less than once a month
Once a month
Once a week
Once a day
2-4 times a day
5-12 times a day
Once an hour
More than once an hour
Most of the time


Hermione said...

It's hard not to think about spanking when you read spanking blogs and write one too. Everywhere I look, I see ideas for spanking posts. Spanking usually comes to mind several times a day. Especially during boring meetings, if there are men present and I start looking at belts, and large hands.


Paul said...

Bonnie, spanking is a subject that lives at the back of my mind.
I often dream about it, in fact it's rarely off my mind.
It's more like breathing, it's just there.
It makes me much more appreciative of a well shaped rear that happens to be passing.
On the whole I believe it increases the sum of happiness in the world, can't be bad.
Warm hugs,


voted 5-12 times a day, nearly put once an hour but then subtracted the time spent in a day sleeping.


Dragon & Tiger said...

It really is amazing when you actually sit down and think about it how often our spanko minds drift into spanking thoughts in one form or another. Interesting poll.


Ollie said...

I voted fro most of the time, and I'm with Paul except that for me I'm starting to see it as a problem, but I'm having difficulty controlling my thoughts.

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