Monday, March 24, 2008

Bonnie's Mailbag

I've received more mail from readers in the past month than ever before. I truly appreciate it when someone takes the time to share their thoughts with me. But my correspondence sometimes gets seriously backlogged. If I've made you wait for a reply, I ask for your patience and your understanding. I will get to it.

So let's see what's in the old mailbag.

Question: After a hard spanking, does it really hurt so much you can't sit down?

Response: I've certainly been left in a state where I preferred not to sit, but I don't believe I was ever physically unable.

Question: Do you think that showing visible panty lines should be a crime punishable by spanking?

Response: No, but it might make an amusing play scenario.

Statement: You have a very delectable bottom for an otk spanking
wish you lived in Canada WOW a real beauty!!!!

Response: Thanks, I think.

Question: I sure have a weird question for you tell me if this is weird or what. my wife wants it this way at first is was hard for me but now I know what she wannts. she had me buy a kitchen set with a timer from rosy bottom and a 11mm cain. she ask me to bare it first set the timer for 10 minutes starting out slow and gettin faster as you do it then when the 10 minutes are up you get 6 strocks with the cain,that way she says I know how hard to do it since at times I do it to soft.after that is done before we have sex. she ask me not to hold back and put her over my knee and give her 10 very hard wacks on each side with the cutting board she says it really turns her on. is this strange or not.

Response: You told me it was weird and then asked me if it was strange. If you both enjoy these activities and no one is harmed, then I can't find fault with your techniques. My one suggestion would be to consider adding a little bit of spontaneity to the proceedings. After all, why manage a spanking like a civil engineering project?


Response: I think I can speak with experience about large, well-padded bottoms. You don't necessarily have to find the biggest paddle in the land. Many different sizes and types of implements can be used effectively. For example, Randy has a curved handled wooden brush of which he's quite fond. Because the head is smaller than any paddle, it concentrates the force into a smaller area. From the recipient's perspective, this translates into a very sore bottom. Variety is the spice of life, and we spankos definitely love things a little spicy!

Statement: You have great stories and wish i could see it in person

Response: Thanks. There are no plans at this time for an MBS roadshow.

Request: i just opened a great new mexican travel site and i'm trying to get as many links as i can. i'll link to your blog if u give me a link back ok?

Response: I strive to keep my content on topic, and that includes links. If you seek your fortune on the Web, hits are not nearly so important as repeat visitors. If you can deliver quality content that attracts your target readers and keeps them coming back regularly, your chances of selling them will greatly improve.

Statement: Did you know that one of your links is dead?

Response: No, I didn't (or I would have removed it), but I do now. Thank you for your assistance!

Question: Do ya wear an underwire bra?

Response: Yes, I own some.

Question: I posted something a couple of days ago on one of your posts and I am pretty sure I saw it there after I posted. Later it seemed to be gone. Also I noticed there is a trash can icon next to my comment today. What does that mean? Am I doing something wrong?

Response: No, I doubt you did anything wrong. I had that problem for a long time where I thought I posted a comment, but for whatever reason, it didn't take. Fortunately, I know a workaround. If you sign into your Blogger account before you enter the comment, this problem seems to not occur.

As for the little trash can, Blogger recognized that comment as being yours. As such, you have the right to delete it if you wish. If you click the trash can, it will allow you to delete your comment. I'm sorry you're experiencing trouble and I hope this explanation helps.

Question: can i grab ur ass?

Response: NFW

(Erica, you are my beacon!)

Question: I found your blog through _____ who we supply sex toys to for review. I was just wondering how I would be able to get a link or an advert on your blog website?

Response: You won't find any commercial links or advertisements on this blog. I've never accepted money or anything of value for operating MBS. The work I perform in maintaining the blog is a labor of love. I do it for myself and for my dear readers. I want to be able to speak my mind, even when my message is not politically correct. I can't do that if I am working for someone else. The day this blog becomes a job is the day I find a new hobby.

Question: How can I make my girlfriends butt look bigger in jeans?

Response: I dunno. Maybe have her eat a pint of chocolate ice cream every night before bed?

Most women don't spend much time worrying about this issue. My advice would be to learn to appreciate her as a thinking, feeling person, as opposed to a collection of body parts assembled as eye candy for you. It's important to relate on a physical level, but there's so much more.

Statement: Do you know that I absolutely envy your spankings? I would LOVE to be taken across the lap of a strong spanking man. He could paddle me hard and I wouldn't even complain!

Response: I hope you find all of the spankings you seek and they are every bit as fulfilling as you imagine.

Question: I note that "My bottom smarts" can be not only a sentence wherein the noun "bottom" is the subject of the verb "smarts," but also a sequence of three words wherein "smarts" is the noun and "bottom" modifies "smarts" (cf. "my street smarts") and the meaning is "my knowledge and insight about the derrières." Do you means MBS in both senses?

Response: The ambiguity is quite intentional. My Bottom Smarts is actually a quadruple entendre. Bottom can mean either a part of the anatomy or one who is submissive. As you note, Smarts can refer to either a residual discomfort or knowledge gained through experience. Any of the four permutations describes what one might find on the blog.

Question: I saw this headline [childhood spanking leads to adult sexual dysfunction] today and it disturbed me. It was too negative for my taste. Can you please tell us on the blog how you feel about it?

Response: I chose not to comment on that news story, though many other kinky bloggers did. MBS focuses upon spankings between consenting adults. The subject of spanking children is absolutely off-topic. Were I inclined to comment further, I would start by challenging the assumption that BDSM is a sexual dysfunction.

Question: I have always had HOH desires and I'm about to embark upon a relationship with a wonderful woman who has wanted to be OTK all her life. But, I've never spanked a woman. My new partner has never had DD in her life, but she has attended lots of spanking parties. I am really worried that I'm going to lose HOH credibility due to my inexperience. Any advice?

Response: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. A great spanking relationship starts with a great relationship. I suggest that you be absolutely honest with your new friend and not try to hide your inexperience. If she genuinely cares for you, that won't scare her away. I believe she will tell you what she likes and dislikes. Given your level of enthusiasm, I'm sure you will be a quick study.

Before you seek HOH credibility, I would work on partner credibility. I suggest you allow your relationship to grow naturally and don't try to force things. It may evolve in wonderful ways you hadn't considered.

Question: Have you ever had your bottom wet down with fresh cream immediately before a spanking.

Response: Nope. Sorry.

Question: Are all those wonderful dishes you serve up as pics on the brunch your creations?

Response: No, but I wish I had the time and the skill to cook like that.

Question: Is the red background of your website pages is to suggest the result of a spanking.

Response: Yes. I also happen to like red, but that may not be a coincidence either!

Question: I am very interested in spanking but wife is scared she might hurt me. Write something to simulate this situation.

Response: Here's a tutorial I wrote a while ago. It might be helpful. If not, several other tutorial posts touch upon this topic. Best wishes with your quest!

Question: How come there hasn't been any spanking stories or fiction stories posted lately? I miss those!

Response: Your point is well taken. I should spend more time writing about spankings. They still happen around here reasonably frequently. I just need to record them.

I have many priorities competing for my time and energy right now, but that doesn't change the fact that this self-proclaimed spanking blog should feature more spankings. Watch for something new coming soon!

Suggestion: Let's have a couple of stories written by Randy, as well as you... to get both perspectives of the same spanking.

Response: That's easier said than done, but I will remind him that it's been a very long time since he wrote anything. No promises, but we'll see.

Question: I was wondering how the Brunches work?

Response: Every Sunday morning, I post a question or discussion topic that somehow relates to our favorite subject. Then throughout the day, readers stop by the blog, read the question, and enter their replies in comments. At the end of the day, I gather up and edit all of the responses and post a summary.

That's all for this edition of Bonnie's Mailbag. Thanks for writing!


Indiana said...


What, no fresh cream spankings? And I thought you and Randy were adventurous! ☺

Glad I didn’t wait until tomorrow morning to read this—I would have spit my coffee all over the screen. I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the MBS Roadshow (wondering what kinds of roadies you’d attract…) or the NFW response. It’s funny coming from Erica in response to similarly rude questions, but I suspect she would agree that it’s even funnier coming from you.

Can the insensitive clods who send that kind of e-mail even read?

Still chuckling,

Paul said...

Bonnie, your answers are often funny and/or wise.
I echo Indiana's thoughts on some of the ignoramuses who send you email.
I remember seeing a You Tube about editing and spell checking, it should be compulsory viewing before one is allowed to post or comment.
I second the writer who asked for a contribution from Randy, may I suggest a duel posting about one of your fun spankings, a his and her viewpoint, that would be interesting for the Tops who read you.
Thank you for this post.
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

Thanks for the post...I love your answers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Heeheeeeeee.... NFW, indeed! I love your mailbag -- it's a great blend of intelligent questions and pure idiocy.

You should've answered fresh cream guy with "No, we prefer sour cream." :-D -- Erica


Fresh cream spanking - I would like to try that now, the idea of some lady getting spattered with cream flecks every time she brings her hand down has got me giggling, a nice bit of revenge from the bottom.


Hermione said...

I thought the civil engineering project approach was quite interesting. It appealed to my orderly mind. You should see my timer!


Bonnie said...

Indiana - I continue to be amazed by some of the questions and comments I receive. Readers have suggested that some writers may be concocting bizarre e-mails to see if they can make it into the mailbag. While that explanation would cover a lot, there are cases where I am convinced the writers are serious.

Paul - Thank you. I don't know about getting Randy to write. His first response was not very encouraging. He is quite content to let me write the blog.

Terpsichore - You're very welcome.

Erica - Thanks. As you see, you remain an inspiration!

I considered a response along those lines, or "No, we like half-and-half."

Prefectdt - There's always the powdered non-dairy coffee creamer. That would make a real mess!

Hermione - I have no problem with a regimented spanking. But when the blueprints come out, that's a bit much for my taste.

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