Sunday, March 09, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #112

Welcome back, dear readers, to another weekly spanko brunch. Our topic this time was submitted by our friend, Terpsichore.

How often do people crave spankings and how often they are actually spanked?

This is a great question and, surprisingly, one we have never before considered at brunch. If you would like to add your thoughts to our discussion (and I really hope you will), you can leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.


Jessica said...

We have only been doing this a short time. I have been craving spankings pretty much daily. With life intervening we were getting to indulge about 3-4 time a week. We have both been very sick the last two weeks, so no spanking. :-(
I think we may be well enough this weekend to have a little fun *wink*

Lori said...

I am a well spanked woman. We spank several times a week. I usually crave daily spankings unless I had a hard discipline spanking, then I crave it after I can comfortably sit again. I love the attention from my husband and I love what comes afterward. When we play, I feel like we are two kids, giggling and having fun. Discipline drives home the fact that my husband loves and cares for me.

New Beginnings said...

How often to I crave spanking? Very often, maybe not daily but I would be happy with several times a week. Some weeks we are able to fulful that but sadly not often enough. We rarely go more that 2 weeks without at least a little spanking. Nick is wonderful when we have lots of time and privacy but I wish that there we were more short spontaneous spanking when we can sneak them in.

Serpent's Embrace said...

I too crave a daily spanking. Circumstances don't always permit this. Sometimes college work gets in the way. Other times, privacy is an issue. However, we manage to get to them in time, and they are well worth the wait. Not to mention, I can feel them for quite sometime after.


Dr. Ken said...

Speaking as a spanker, I'd love to be able to play every day. Or twice a day, even.
Unfortunately, I currently don't have anyone here in Minnesota to spank--which perhaps explains why spanking is in my thoughts on a daily basis.
My only outlet is the sort of spanking party hosted by groups such as Chicago Crimson Moon. That translates to two, maybe three weekends per year. There's ample opportunity for as long as the party lasts, and there are two ladies in particular that I have a great time with. I just wish I could talk them into moving to Minnesota!
The party weekends are certainly spanking intensive, but it clearly isn't enough....

Dragon & Tiger said...

Hmm good question. I would guess I crave a good erotic spanking once every couple weeks if I haven't had one in a while and sooner if I have. I have never craved a punishment spanking... yet. I won't say it will never happen but it hasn't yet.

Paul said...

Bonnie, since I've been alone, I haven't spanked anybody.
Where I live it's very conservative, if there is any kink going on it's very quiet.
Mel liked to go to sleep on a good girl, so she was spanked daily, sometimes more often.
So believe me I miss it, lots.
Warm hugs,

Lost In Our Eyes said...

The two of us probably crave much more than we get. Personally, it's a daily (and sometimes all-day) craving but only getting indulged once every couple-few weeks.

As for Her, I'm not sure about the cravings...but yesterday was her first spanking in a LONG while.

Great topic! Although some of the other comments have already aroused jealousy, and I suspect that will get worse...


Bet said...

My craving for spankings vary a lot. Sometimes I could go for one a day or more, and other times I'm content with once a month. But as it is now I definetly do not get spanked as much as I'd like to be. But on the bright side, I now get spanked more than I used to be. So who knows in time (probably long time) I may get my wish. Besides with two kids under age 5 you have to be careful when you play

Hermione said...

I want a spanking every time I start reading spanking blogs!

As to really craving one, I get a serious spanking once a week. That's enough to keep me pleasantly uncomfortable and basking in the afterglow for a couple of days. Three or four days later, the craving starts; I'm ready for another one. And I almost always get one as part of our love-making, though not necessarily very intense. That's usually enough to keep me going for a while.

The day before the scheduled weekly one is when I crave it the most; I don't know how I can last another day. But on the day, I start to feel apprehensive, knowing what's in store for me. And it's always worth waiting for.


Terpsichore said...

So fun to hear everyone's is a question I knew would have a variety of answers as we all are different and have different needs...and one I was curious about because there are times when I feel like I am craving being spanked all the time and as I am still so very new to this and have only really experienced a few playful spanks during lovemaking and an occasional love tap...I still sometimes feel awkward about my needs and is nice to be reassured what I already knew which is that everyone is different and it is OK :-)

Lele said...

Right now, I think I'd like a spanking every day, like a bedtime spanking or something. In reality, I only get spanked 2 to 3 times a month but those few times leave me sore for days!

sally4lvp said...

I would love more which seems to be pretty common. I am lucky to get one or two a week but think I would like a daily GG but I might not want it if I had it. I love one that last for days and I'm pretty happy until the effect wears off. When we are both healthy 1-2 a week is average, sometimes more :) Since we have both been ill they are pretty scarce and I find myself craving them several times a day.


Anonymous said...

I think I need a spanking each least the 'good girl' or sleepy sensual kind. How often I crave it is a different matter. I crave it when I am hormonal...and I crave the stress busting kind. The kind that hurts...that must be endured and that cause emotional release. Those kind a crave a few times a month.

My husband has been spanking me every day lately. I am feeling really nourished by that. But not so long ago...perhaps a month ago. I'd be lucky to get any spanking at all in a I craved them every day.

padme amidala said...

I crave spankings when I am stressed out and needing release. or I crave them when I am horny and needing some attention. Some weeks I crave it every day and other times not as much.
This last week I had surgery so there hasn't been any spankings or even cravings for one. I just havn't been feeling too good and recovering from it.

I am spanked sometimes a few times a week and other times a few times a month. It depends on how much time we can get or what is going on.
padme amidala

Abby Williams said...

Like many people have commented, I crave spanking daily. Most of my morning emails and texts with Mr. Williams are on the subject, and we tend to make plans for playing at the end of thd day. All too often, though, by the end of the day our mindspaces are just not right for that kind of play. So while we would spank daily given the freedom to do so, we're at a couple of times a week for now. With the exception of last Sunday's paddling, severity usually doesn't make me need time off. That time, however, my bottom was so sore I felt as if I'd been stair-climbing skyscrapers all day!

As an extra thought, something my husband and I discuss sometimes is that for us, spanking (or paddling, or caning, or what-have-you) is sex for us. The actual sex is a bonus. Craving it daily makes sense for us because it is often how we feel desire not just for spanking, but for one another.

Thanks for the great subject Terpsichore, and as always, love the brunch Bonnie! Mr. Williams isn't even out of bed yet but told me I should come brunch with you. :-)

dg_uk said...

As many of you say, I crave spankings at least daily - my ideal would be a morning and a bedtime spanking. I find that if I am not spanked for about four days then my mood and behaviour really show that I need a good smacked bottom. I suspect I need discipline weekly and daily "attention".


Anonymous said...

I crave spanking nearly as often as I crave sex (which is constantly). I would love to be spanked much more often than I am, but maybe it wouldn't be so special if it happened all the time. The last time I was spanked was a week ago last Thursday. I've been told I'm due a hard one in the next few days though... Craving it more than ever.


Simple questions simple answers

How often are spankings craved? - Every day.

How often am I actualy spanked? In a good period once a month, when things arn't going so well, anything up to three or four months between spankings.

You would probably find simular answers from most single male spankees of my age or older, I think.


Bonnie said...

Some readers believe that because I publish a spanking blog, our lives must be one continuous spankfest. The truth is not quite so glamorous. Our interest (and our activity) tends to wax and wane. I can’t say that I *crave* a spanking every day in terms of a deep and intense longing. But I generally think about it several times per day.

I am at that age where hormones are an unpredictable part of life. In addition, both Randy and I have responsibilities that can sap our energy and suppress our spontaneity. Even so, we get together two or three times most weeks. We might play three nights in a row and then not at all for ten days. It largely depends upon a lot of relatively mundane factors.

One thing that really helps us to keep the flames burning is designating one night a week for spankings. Ours is Friday. All day long, I walk around with the knowledge that I will soon be the beneficiary of a good, hard spanking. By the time Randy arrives home, I am mentally and physically ready for whatever sort of play he devises.

Robin said...

Crave? -- Alot, but maybe not everyday (although I pretty much think about spankings everyday)
How often am I spanked? -- nowhere near enough. DH has to want to, there has to be time, energy and privacy -- not easy to get everything at the same time.

mary said...

We live apart so I crave it far more than I get it. I am lucky if I am spanked once a month, once in a while it goes a full 2 months without spanking. Sometimes that serves to make me want it more - other times the frurstrations has moved beyond wanting to not caring and being upset. Somedays I could want a apanking everyday and since we are not often together - everyday is what happens most times we are together. I think a couple times a week would be perfect. But that is pure speculation.

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