Friday, March 07, 2008

Implement Stories #6: Michael

Michael decided to introduce us to the Tally Ho Chair. While it's not precisely a spanking implement, his story is good enough that it's doesn't matter.

Whilst it is not a spanking implement I thought that I would send you this image of the “Tally Ho Chair.” My wife and I came across it at the shop Coco de Mer in London. We were on a weekend break and sex was very much uppermost in our minds as we had booked into a splendidly romantic room in a nearby hotel. We had already had a good romp on the Friday night and we were finishing off our Saturday shopping expedition in Covent Garden when we came across this shop, or emporium as they call themselves.

The whole atmosphere of the shop is one of intimacy and adult love practices and the clientel were moving around as if they were in a library. There were whispered comments between couples and gentle nudges as one person or another spied something that took their fancy. When we came across the chair in the photo, both of us were intrigued by its possibilities. At more than US$4000 it was, of course, not something we could afford, even if we had had the appropriate space in our house. We carried on looking through the shop and considered purchasing a rather expensive riding crop and a book on caning. I fancied buying the tassel set for my wife’s breasts, but she told me they were silly and expensive.

In the end, we left the shop without making any purchases. My wife said she wanted to go off and buy a few things on her own, but she instructed me to go and find a riding crop and we would meet in the hotel bar in about an hour. For those of your readers who are familiar with this part of London, they will know that my task was not a difficult one to fulfill. There are quite a few shops with sex toys and clothes and I found a suitable whip relatively easily. It was fairly modestly priced and not as high quality as the one we have at home, but it was nice enough.

I wandered back to the hotel and sat with my drink until my wife arrived. She took a look in my bag and approved of what she saw. I asked her what she had bought and she showed me a glimpse of frilly female items and some shoes. We chatted over our drinks and planned our evening out.

The chair we had seen was a real stimulus to our thoughts and when we got back to our room my wife tasked with setting up something similar whilst she had her bath. I took the armchair and pulled it across to the side of the bed. I then placed a couple of pillows on the mattress a couple of feet from the chair.

When my wife appeared from the bathroom in a robe she told me to go and shower and come out naked. It took only a few minutes before I was back in the bedroom to find my wife sitting in the chair with her legs up on the bed. She had pushed the chair back about nine inches and she gestured with our new purchase, the crop, for me to come over.

I was told to stand between her legs with my back to her and to put my hands on the bed and stretch out. My bottom was perfectly placed in front of her and with minimal effort on her part she began to whip the inside of my legs and across the lower part of my bottom. She carried on doing so for several minutes steadily building up the intensity of the strokes. I was writhing about in pleasure with the stinging strokes when she stopped. She then told me to rearrange myself on the bed and to go down on her. I knelt up on the bed and turned around and extended my body flat with my head between her thighs. It didn’t take long to make her orgasm and she relaxed back in the chair for a few minutes.

I lay still until she got up from the chair and came round by the side of me. Suddenly the whipped cracked across my bottom and in quick succession she gave me twenty very hard strokes which were certainly not playful stingers. I was holding onto the sheets by the time she had finished. She then rolled me over on my back and told me to get up and on to the chair. I needed no second bidding and my wife got into a position where she was on the bed and her mouth was locked around my erection. As I watched her curved back and white bottom cheeks she proceeded to entertain me with her tongue and lips.

Just before I came she pulled away and rolled over to adopt the doggy position on the bed. I took her from behind and slapped her cheeks a bright pink before finally collapsing on top of her. As we both lay there panting, I whispered “tally ho” in her ear. “Tally ho indeed,” she replied. One day, we might be able to buy the chair. But for the moment, we will have to make do with improvisations.

PS: We both forgot the whip in the drawer when we checked out of the hotel so either the room maid or the next guests would have found an interesting item of lost property.

I think this chair would make a tremendous birthday present for Randy. Tally Ho indeed!


Hermione said...

I'd love to ride one of those. Trust the British - great horse lovers that they are!

Tally Ho!


Terpsichore said...

great story :-)

Paul said...

Bonnie, what a nice story.
I know that part of London well, or perhaps I should say I did, twenty years ago.
Then there were a couple of shops with blacked out windows frequented by men in dirty raincoats.
Seems things have improved.
Thanks Michael, I would also have lusted after that chair.
Hermione, you are right, some Englishman do love horses, but mostly we prefer woman. Chuckle
Warm hugs,

john said...

Nice story. It's a pity you lost the implement and the chair was so expensive.

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