Friday, February 22, 2008

Where in the World?

I often wonder, "Who are all you readers out there?" What are you thinking as you read my words?

Please understand, I have no interest in violating your privacy or making you uncomfortable. I just wonder.

I think it's fun every so often to take a kind of rough census of MBS readers. According to my statistics, here's where you came from (in order of visit count):

1. United States 21. South Africa 41. Puerto Rico
2. United Kingdom 22. South Korea 42. Lithuania
3. Canada 23. Brazil 43. Ukraine
4. Germany 24. Greece 44. Malaysia
5. France 25. India 45. Latvia
6. Australia 26. Japan 46. Estonia
7. Italy 27. Russia 47. Iceland
8. Netherlands 28. Hungary 48. Slovenia
9. Spain 29. Romania 49. Colombia
10. Denmark 30. Singapore 50. Taiwan
11. Sweden 31. Israel 51. China
12. Ireland 32. Mexico 52. Philippines
13. Switzerland 33. Portugal 53. Indonesia
14. Belgium 34. Hong Kong 54. Chile
15. Norway 35. Egypt 55. Thailand
16. Poland 36. Slovakia 56. Peru
17. New Zealand 37. Argentina 57. Bulgaria
18. Austria 38. Turkey 58. Serbia/Montenegro
19. Czech Republic 39. Luxembourg 59. Malta
20. Finland 40. Croatia 60. Pakistan

61. United Arab Emirates 81. Guatemala101. Palestinian Territory
62. Vietnam 82. Bahrain102. Maldives
63. Algeria 83. Jamaica103. Libya
64. Saudi Arabia 84. Venezuela104. U.S. Virgin Islands
65. Jordan 85. Bangladesh105. Andorra
66. Sri Lanka 86. Moldova106. Barbados
67. Faroe Islands 87. Morocco107. Netherlands Antilles
68. Bolivia 88. Panama108. Malawi
69. Kenya 89. Namibia109. Sudan
70. Trinidad/Tobago 90. Zimbabwe110. Mozambique
71. French Polynesia 91. Cayman Islands111. Anguilla
72. Costa Rica 92. Suriname112. Réunion
73. Belarus 93. New Caledonia113. Kyrgyzstan
74. Iran 94. Dominican Republic114. Macedonia
75. Bosnia/Herzegovina 95. Bahamas115. Grenada
76. Mauritius 96. Liechtenstein116. Guam
77. Ecuador 97. Haiti117. Iraq
78. Kuwait 98. Tanzania118. Bermuda
79. Cyprus 99. Monaco119. Uruguay
80. Lebanon100. Nigeria120. Afghanistan

121. Laos
123. El Salvador124. Nicaragua
122. Qatar

Isn't this amazing? I hope spankos the world over enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Turkmenistan, we'll catch you next time...


Jessica said...

Wow. Bonnie working towards world peace, one paddle at a time!

david said...

Bonnie for President!!! Thats what I think.
*hugs and grins*

Paul said...

Bonnie, that's very impressive, I wonder if the Vatican State in included in Italy.
Have you thought of applying for the job of Secretary General of the United Nations. Your motto could be, "Spank for Peace".
Warm hugs,

Danielle said...

no 8. That isn't bad at all for such a small country, lol!

Hermione said...

Very interesting! Poor Nicaragua. Maybe we need to send them a spanking ambassador. Any volunteers?


Scarlet Minx said...

Bonnie, I just love reading your blog! The implement stories are great!

Terpsichore said...

Wow! That is all I can say! :-)

Spankee BCN said...

jajaja congratulations ;)
I'm from the no.9, Spain jeje

Lori said...

So very cool. When I look at the stats on my site, I get so excited to see a new flag. I'm seeing countries I never knew existed and I don't have nearly the traffic you have.
I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

We got a hit from Mauritius a few days ago (#76 on your list), and had to go look it up on the map. It is amazing how vast the spanko world is!

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Wow, pleased that Australia is 6th, good to know there are plenty of spankos down under.


Reesa Roberts said...

I haven't ever heard of some of those places! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering what I'm thinkoing as I read your words, it is this: Wow, this lady is educated and fluent in the english language. She is an excellent author and blogger and seems to have a very stimulating relationship with her husband. It is interesting to read someone's accounts of their spanking life when there seems to be little/none of the elements of DD there. From your posts I have gathered that Randy is in charge of your spankings, but you seem to be running all the other aspects of your life. I think that as long as each one of us is happy doing things the way we do them, more power to us all. Who cares if someone else thinks we're not doing it right, dammit!I have been ordered to bed, as I have had a few too many margaritas. But good night to everyone, and happy blogging Bonnie!

Ollie said...

Wow Bonnie,

You've certainly had a large and beneficial(in my opinion) effectf on the world.


Sherryl said...

How about a Spanking Olympics. Categories would be Hand Spanking, Wood Paddles, Leather Paddles and so on.

World peace through Spanking.

Bonnie said...

Jessica - I do what I can! :D

David - OK, there a job I seriously don't want! Thanks anyway.

Paul - I wondered momentarily whether there might be any spankos at the Vatican. Then I recalled the stories of childhood friends who attended Catholic schools. That relieved me of any doubt.

Danielle - Very good indeed. Thank you for your support.

Hermione - I wonder what the job qualifications are...?

Scarlet - I'm glad you're enjoying the implement stories. There are several more in the pipeline.

Terpsichore - Thanks!

Spankee BCN - Hi, and welcome to MBS!

Lori - Looking at the statistics is one of the unheralded benefits of operating a blog. There are always pleasant surprises.

Todd and Suzy - Yes, this data would seem to explode many of the arguments about a purely cultural basis for TTWD.

Wilhelmina - I have a great group of Australian readers and I always love hearing from them.

Reesa - It blows me away that my words travel to a thousand cities, towns, and villages I will never get to visit. I am humbled to think that I get to play a small role in the life of someone in a place so distant and so different that I can barely imagine it.

Anon - Thank you, and I completely agree that we must all find our own best way.

Ollie - I don't know that I've had a large effect in the world, but what effect I do have certainly seems to be widely distributed. Thank you for your generous praise.

Sherryl - I love it! the symbol could be a carpet beater with five interlocking rings.

Mary said...

Wow what a cool post. It is fun to realize that spanking is such a common theme throughout so many cultures.

Anonymous said...

I can't find Ireland *sad*
I think I count as UK anyway lolz

Anonymous said...

Ok...I found it!

Anonymous said...

Proud Kiwi here, pleased to see our little country ranks so high. 17's pretty good when you've only got 4 million people!

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