Sunday, February 24, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #110

Welcome back, my dear friends! I realize that I've probably said this before, but our spanko brunch topic this week *might* be my all-time favorite.

Spankings serve many different purposes. Some calm turbulent waters. Others are purely erotic in intent. Some are just because, while others are delivered for a very definite reason. However, the very best spankings, at least for me, are those that are just for fun.

What do you or your partner do to incorporate an element of fun into your spanking activities? Do serious spankings ever turn fun? Are there any fun practices related to spanking that you would like to try in the future?

I appreciate all of the wonderful thoughts that people contribute to our brunches. If you would like to add your voice, just enter a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a message on your own blog. When everyone has had a turn to speak, I will post an edited summary.


Michelle Carlyle said...

Since I write spanking fiction, we sometimes play out little fantasies from my stories. VERY FUN!!!

It's also fun to try a bunch of different implements and positions and in different rooms of the house.

Like being spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen.

Okay, I'm getting damp... HEE!

Jessica said...

We haven't een at this too long yet. They are all pretty fun. We haven't done a lot of role playing at this point but it sounds like a lot of fun!


Mary said...

When playing I have been known to get into fits of giggles. There is something so delightful about the fun of being over his lap and knowing where it will go and just loving being together that I end up giggling with delight. Or when role playing I can end up giggling at myself becuase while role playing I can be far brattier than I would attempt in real life. Sometimes fun spankings can orignate with my only "offence" being the fact that I have a cold bottom. Of course by the time he has "discovered" this we have been having some naked fun! Those spankings are delishious fun - I love leather implements for these and I love to be over his lap. Actually just last weekend a spanking took place with that exact "cold bottom" scenario - and being all reved up - I was careful to position myself "Just SO" over his lap - so that it was particually "comfortable" while he spanked away I enjoyed moving my hips against him and enjoyed the spanking quite a bit my wimpy phase seeming to fade away as I admitted to need a hard spanking -happy to accomadate -- next thing I knew I had my first spanking induced orgasm. WOW is all I can say!

Lele said...

I can't think of anything specifically "fun" that we do, but I can think of something I'd eventually like to do! I think it'd be a fun twist on making the spankee count each stroke by making them count in a foreign language. Of course, a conscientious top would have to add extra strokes for badly pronunciated numbers. :)

Abby said...

Bonnie! This week, your brunch topic is perfectly timed with the best spanking time we have had in our lives! As you know, we decided to try filming our spanking sessions. We knew it would be fun, and certainly different. What we didn't know was just how intoxicating and addictive it could become!

We've found that the "us" that has always played together becomes flexible, that it allows for a different type of role play. It's a challenge to represent both ourselves and the characters we would like to see on film. The spankings have been serious, and yet they have a heightened exhilaration that makes them both more painful and more bearable simultaneously--at least from the bottom's point of view! We can't wait to see where it takes us next.

~Abby and Headmaster Williams

Natty said...

We do a lot of joking back and forth and have mock arguments during spankings. Sometimes even during serious punishment. I think my favorite was when we started arguing about Newton's Third law of motion during a spanking. Or another time when I started passing out after being intimate, once I started feeling better he went, "so I guess this means you're not into auto-erotic asphyxiation...?"

I think it's important to laugh -- including during spankings!

Paul said...

It’s not surprising this is nearly everyone’s favourite topic.
While admitting that punishment, stress busters and attitude adjusting spankings may be necessary they aren’t necessarily fun spankings. Though when the stress buster works and she is relaxed again, then the fun can return.
Our regular good girl, good night spankings were great fun, Mel could ramp up the spanking by bratting and joking or slow it down by being polite and quiet.
These spanking were always followed by love making, which sort depended on our mood and energy levels, if we were very tired a kiss and a cuddle, Mel would snuggle in close and we would fall asleep.
Something that we both enjoyed were scenes, we weren’t able to play as often as we liked. One of our favourites was naughty schoolgirl meets strict headmaster. Mel still had and could fit into her last uniform; she had shortened the skirt and tightened the shirt. If she had turned up at school looking like that she would have provoked sexual excitement in the males and possibly some of the females. More than likely she would have been punished, (the cane was rarely used on girls but it was used), or more likely suspended.
I wore my graduates gown and cap. Mel would arrive at my study late; her tie was loose, shirt top button undone and non-regulation knickers on.
I was constantly surprised how much she could take when we played. Somehow after we’d played she was naked as we adjourned to the bedroom, I watched a bright red bottom adorned with cane strips flaunting itself at me as if to say, “Are you man enough to give me what I need”, needless to say I mostly was! WEG!!!
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

Such fun! This is all very new to us so it is all play...I love when my husband flirts with me in the kitchen when the children aren't looking and takes the spatula to my backside unexpectedly... :-)

sally4lvp said...

Right now my hubby has a very fun toy it is a small sturdy cardboard tube that makes a loud noise and produces just a light sting. It just makes me laugh when he uses it! We also play with kitchen toys they can be fun and he likes to add to my stress by trying to do it when our adult children are around but not too nearby but might hear or walk in. We recently tried our first spanking game that I found here in webland, it was great and a lot of fun. The game also provided us a way to try new things without working so hard to share! As for serious spankings becoming funny that really hasn't happened yet. Things I would like to try right now are roleplays and more games!
Hugs, Sally


Making a spanking fun is very useful when a guy is playing with a lady who is younger, lighter and shorter than her male spankee, it helps give a lady confidence and puts her at her ease with somebody who is visualy intimidating to her but whom she has to order around and be the boss of in play.

And I know it's unbecoming in somebody of my age but I still find it fun to brat, at least verbaly. :-)


Hermione said...

Spankings are a serious business for me. I crave the pain a spanking involves. Pain is exciting, intoxicating, sensual, stimulating, overwhelming and more. But it's not fun.

Our spankings are always geared towards sex and orgasm. For either of us to laugh and joke during one would definitely derail the whole event. We did have some hilarity the first time we introduced bondage into our play. We were both unsure of ourselves, it turned into a real comedy of errors, and we giggled and quipped through the whole scene. It wasn't the intense experience I had envisioned, but it sure was a whole lot of fun!

You have thrown down the gauntlet and I accept the challenge; what would make a spanking fun for me? It would necessitate detaching spanking from its current association with successful sexual performance. A fun spanking would be a playful punishment for some real or imagined transgression. Just yesterday morning Ron came into the bedroom while I was getting dressed, his right hand playfully raised and cupped as if preparing to spank, and told me I'd forgotten to do something or other. I asked him how he was going to deal with my error. Now, if he had only taken the hint, that would've been fun!

Other possibilities for fun? Like Paul and Mel, I'd love to dress up as a naughty schoolgirl and get a spanking from a stern headmaster. Maybe my upcoming birthday spanking will be fun. I hope so!


Dr. Ken said...

BONNIE--just about all the spankings my favorite lady and I were involved with were fun. There was one of a serious nature, but that was the exception, not the norm.
Sorry--just had a "Cheers" flashback....

The spanking itself was fun. The added fun came from the sense of humor we both had. It would either manifest itself in the way she managed to earn the spanking--one of the earliest invoved a squirt gun--or in things we'd say as the spanking was going on. We had no problem making little comments to each other that would have us both laughing, then the spanking would resume, then someone would say something else....
Laughter and spanking--a very powerful combination!

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Spankings are fun for me, but almost always the orgasmic sort of fun as opposed to the giggly kind of fun. Playing with different sensations can be "fun" and roleplaying is always fun too... but I don't tend to giggle so much as gasp *winks*

The only times I've giggled have been when introducing new guys to my favourite past-times. Because I'm young, a lot of my boyfriends have not really explored any kinks they might have. So I've been with two or three spanking virgins. I always feel a little wary of coming on too strong in the beginning, so joking that I'm a naughty girl and flaunting cheeky glimpses of my knickers is more likely to win me what I want than saying "Whip me til I scream please". Even if that is the desired (and often achieved) effect.

On that topic...I wonder does anyone else have a sort of a sense for these things? I mean I can often tell (or think I can) when I talk to someone if they have a few BDSM leanings of their own. Guessing what someone wants and teasing to feel out the ground is another way I have "fun" with it!!!


Greenwoman said...

Oops! For some reason, my comment didn't post. I guess its a good thing I was curious about what others had to say. *smiles*

Spankings with my husband have always been mostly for fun and play. They are accompanied by silliness, giggling and even shrieks of laughter. Frequently a tickle session and wrestling too. It is only recently that I've got stress buster style spankings from him and we've never had any punishment spankings.

On the other hand with M, most all of the spankings were stress busters as we both needed the outlet alot. He did punish me a few times, but they added a great deal of sexual tension that was an unexpected delight for us both.

My husband is still far more given to playful or sexual spankings than any other kind and lately he's been expressing an interest in dress up and role playing, so I guess that's likely to get added to the fun.

Personally, I think that any spanking that ends in orgasms and begins with laughter is the just right kind. *smiles*

Tim said...

I always keep the intense seriousness of spanking a bit at arm's length. For me, without a bit of humor and fun, it's nothing. So there's often a lot of funny interplay between me and the spankee as I scold and she squirms and we attempt to "one up" the other even during the spanking. (I'm glad to report that in the end, I win.)

Bonnie said...

Living with Randy, I am subjected to a nearly ceaseless barrage of silliness. Even when he’s serious about a spanking, the goof lies just beneath the surface ready to arise at the first provocation. My spanking accounts contain many examples, but I’ll share a more recent event.

Last night, he put me across his lap and celebrated the upcoming Olympic Games by singing the Olympic theme song while spanking my bottom in time (Thank you, Sherryl, for inspiring him!).


And so forth.

When he came to the second half of the song where the beat speeds up, he was crooning at the top of his lungs and swatting a hundred miles per hour with both hands. Needless to say, I was laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath.

It was a good hard spanking, but we loved every minute. That’s what fun spankings are about for us.

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