Thursday, February 07, 2008

Poll: Talking about Spanking

When is the best time to talk with your partner about spanking?

Over lunch
Late at night
Before a spanking
During a spanking
After a spanking
After lovemaking
Whenever I choose
We don't talk about spanking
I don't have a regular partner
What am I doing *here*?


Paul said...

Bonnie I've voted, do you build the polls?
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

I find talking about it to be so emotionally-charged that it's usually difficult to get the words out. And timing is everything, because if my husband isn't in the mood for talking, then bringing up the subject can be counter-productive or frustrating.

The best time for me to talk is right after lovemaking, which happens right after a spanking when we are snuggling close, relaxed and happy, still in our own private world and glowing from recent activities. It's easy and natural for me to comment on what we have just done, and make a request for something specific - an implement, say - for next time. Chances are I'll get whatever I have asked for during the next.

My husband seems able to bring up the subject at odd moments, out of the blue, for no apparent reason. I really enjoy that, and am always ready to join in the discussion. His remarks are usually humorous.

Thanks for this poll, Bonnie.


dixiedarling said...

Nice thought provoking post Bonnie...

It is easy to say we are spankos, but sometimes it isn't as easy to find the time to talk about it with our partners - seems that sometimes it just happens without thought so not always talked about....

I was intrigued by the range of votes.

Jessica said...

How about "All of the Above?" I generally try not to bring anything up right after making love or a spanking because I don't want it to seem like criticism.


New Beginnings said...

That answer is easy for me. We talk about spanking any time Mollie (aka big ears) is not around!!


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