Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Implement Stories: The Third Season

For the past two years, I have invited MBS readers to share photographs of their favorite spanking implements and the stories they evoke. Quite a few readers participated and the event was great fun. We had excellent pictures and stories about spoons, paddles, straps, and other unique bottom warmers.

I would like, with your help, to revive the Implement Stories series. I invite you to send me via e-mail a photograph (or photographs) of your favorite or most memorable spanking implements. I can accept either the picture itself or a link to it elsewhere. If you would like to include a short history or memorable adventure, that would be splendid as well. I will then display the toys here on MBS.

Thank you, in advance, for your contributions!


Hermione said...

Great idea, Bonnie. Thanks for carrying on this yearly tradition. I have had one or two encounters with implements that were memorable, to say the least!


mr_nice said...

Superb you have given me some great ideas !!!

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