Monday, February 25, 2008

Implement Stories #3: Mthc

Mthc and her husband, David, have been regular contributors here at MBS for quite some time. They always seem to have a timely thought or a perspective I hadn't considered. As a result, I knew their implement story would be a good one. And so it is!

The Warmth of Real Wood
By Mthc

I just thought I would send some implement pictures. As you can see, we have a new back scratcher and a bath brush. The brush is David's favorite, but I hate it! It's evil, I tell you, just plain evil. The back scratcher is almost 3 feet long. It's a force to reckon with as well, but nothing compared to that awful brush.

For the record, the back scratcher came from the dollar store and the bath brush was from "Wally World."

Thank you, Mthc. I can personally attest to the sheer power of that curved-handled spanking bath brush!

If you have a fantastic, rare, or interesting implement just sitting around that the rest of the world needs to see, I invite you to submit it for Implement Stories. All you have to do is send a digital photograph and/or a story to me via e-mail and I'll handle the rest.


Paul said...

Bonnie, never a dull moment at your place.
Thanks Mthc, I hope that you are out of hospital and all is well, by the time you read this.
So how about you relate in all its gory details, how you came to hate the evil bath brush, not wishing to seem ungrateful, but you know what DW's we are.
Warm hugs,

Well Spanked Man said...

We have that very same bath brush, it seems quite popular. Actually, we have two of them, so one is almost always handy... I totally agree that it is evil. How it curves downward like that makes it easy for my wife to really burn my bottom right on the 'sit spot' where my legs and thighs meet.


david said...

Bonnie, There is just something special about that bath brush. I know in my hand it makes magic on Mthc's cheeks hehehe

*hugs and grins*

Tiggr d'Amore said...

My, my my... Mthc has been a busy bee... barely out of surgery and already an implement story is posted. *grins and bounces*

Yes, I KNOW the spanking(s) did not take place today, but funny and appropo nonetheless!!!!

And we ALL want details... lots of them! But they can wait til you are feeling better!


Cassie said...

Mthc and David are two of my favorite people out here. Very nice to see some of David's weapons! So glad that Mthc is on the mend and will soon be up to playing again!

I do enjoy the implement stories Bonnie, thank-you for posting them.


Hermione said...

Yes, there's definitely something about that brush. It's pure evil, in my opinion. But it's probably an acquired taste, like asparagus.


Bonnie said...

Mthc - I hope when you read this, you are doing much better. Thank you, again, for your contribution.

Paul - Dull moments? I hope not!

Thebes - It is quite popular, at least for those who enjoy reddening bottoms. For those of us on the wide end, I sometimes describe it as memorable.

David - I've experienced a little of that magic myself. In fact, sometimes I can still feel that magic a whole day later!

Tiggs - Hi! Long time, no bounce. It's great to hear from you.

Cassie - Thank you! It's always a pleasure to see you here.

Hermione - I agree there's just nothing else quite like that wooden brush. I squirm in my seat just thinking about it.

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