Monday, January 14, 2008

Video: Those Spanking Cowboys

Forget the singing cowboys. Today's video feature presents the best of the spanking cowboys. Apparently, the Old West had a whole bunch of frontier tail blazing!


Paul said...

Bonnie, thank you, not new but entertaining.
Warm hugs,

Irch said...

well its' new to me - thanks so much for this bit of awesomeness Bonnie! My k is going to go nuts over this, since she's got a pretty powerful thing for cowboys (and, it goes without saying, spankings)

Anonymous said...

sigh..........(accompanied by swooning).

Annie said...

Wow! Now I remember why Bonanza was my favorite TV show growing up! That was wonderful, Bonnie... thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Wagon Train scene with Robert Horton and Susan Oliver is my all-time favorite mainstream spanking scene. I have played it over and over and over on my Cinema Swats tape. On this version, unfortunately, they cut it short. After he pushes her off his lap, she looks up at him, says she's sorry, and starts to cry. He then pulls her up into his arms to comfort her. Talk about swooooonnnnn... -- Erica

Reesa Roberts said...

Thanks, Bonnie - those were great! I agree with the Wagon Train 1960 clip - when he says, "You're gonna grow up all the way... right now." he really looks like he means it! LOL


Bonnie said...

Paul - Did they have any of these shows in the UK? I know you got some US television (just as we received a few programs from the UK), but I don't know how much.

Irch - Oh, yes. Please send her on over by all means!

Anon - I'm glad you enjoyed this little spanko TV sampler.

Annie - Doesn't it just make you want to shout "Eeeee-Hah?" Or maybe that's "Eeee-Yeow?!"

Erica - Oooo, I didn't know that. That's even better. Swooooon indeed!

Reesa - Those cowboys definitely knew how to talk sense into a wayward lass (or at least the scriptwriters did).

MissyH said...

Thank you, I've never liked the western genre (too dusty) but
these were great fun. I especially
like the one at 4:40 because I love
bloomers. Quaint, I guess.

Anonymous, where can I get that
Cinema Swats video you

Hermione said...

Those were wonderful! Some of them were really hard spankings - so realistic. and only one southpaw in the bunch.

Those were well worth waiting for.


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