Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bonnie's Mailbag

I believe it's high time we investigated the contents of my mailbag. Wow, look at all this mail! I guess we ought to open it.

Please note that some messages have been paraphrased for brevity. Others have been left in their original pristine form so that you might enjoy them as much as I do.

Question: I can no longer get to your blog at work. It seems to be blocked. Do you suppose that it's been categorized as porn?

Response: I certainly don't consider MBS to be porn. I believe my content has artistic merit and is tastefully presented. There's no nudity and few naughty words. Nevertheless, the topics discussed are aimed at an adult audience. I know that some content filters consider this blog to be objectionable and therefore block it.

Regardless of filtering issues and how you choose to classify this blog, it's not a good idea for anyone to visit even borderline adult sites when at work. Whatever you're viewing, the chances are excellent that someone is logging your activities. Why take a chance? Be smart. Be safe. Go home and browse.

Comment: I hope you don't give up the blog as you mentioned in one of your posts. Maybe you are a little burned out and just need a break?

Response: Obviously, I haven't given up the blog. But I am constantly reminded that my energy is not unlimited. It's a balancing act and that won't change as long as I publish this blog. Someday, I will walk away, but today is not that day.

Statement: me and my wife Been spanking each other for a year and love it. at first I was not OK with spanking her and she really gets more turn on spanking me because I have a great body I an a marathon runner with six packs abs. this is how we spanks but does it give you a sore butt. 35 whacks on each side at a time with hair brush then 3 very hard whacks with a paddle with hole then you move to the other side.you do 4 set of this. then the final set you get 35 with wood hair brush follow with 5 whacks with a paddle with hole follow with 20 with a hair brush follow with 5 hard whacks with paddle with hole. then 10 very hard whacks with classic paddle then end with 5 hard whacks with a paddle with hole. the whacks are not hard just leaves you behind very red. she the one who wanted this so I went with it.

Response: Thank you for sharing your very complicated routine.

Question: Accidentally have seen your blogsite which is very interesting and applealing. The point is how i am lucky enough to meet you to get a good spanking. Can i have any clues about your location? Looking forward to seeing you.

Response: Here's your first clue - Planet Earth.

I have to wonder how anyone can read this blog at all and not recognize (a) I'm already in an exclusive relationship, (b) I don't spank, (c) I'm not looking to meet people for play, and (d) spelling is important to me.

Question: Would you ever consider selling your thongs?

Answer: The stores are full of them. Go buy some frilly underthings of your very own. You can tell the cashier that they're actually for your hot model girlfriend.

Question: A while back I was reading this conversation talking about real discipline and one person described a spanking routine that will guarantee the person will be crying after it is done. I have had a few hard spankings and wanted to try this one out. I like to be forced beyond the point where it hurts too much & I truly want it to stop and this one made me very curious and excited. I dont have a true Discipline lifestyle but do have a disciplinarian I visit occasionally that will give me one that is as close to real as you can get.

Response: I don't think it's possible for any spanking routine to induce crying in everyone every time. I do know one couple who managed to go overboard in their quest for tears. There was no permanent damage inflicted, but it was enough to derail the spanking part of their relationship for a while. So I would urge caution when testing limits.

In any such undertaking, honest communication between you and your disciplinarian is essential. You should discuss limits beforehand as well as what you seek to achieve. I strongly recommend a safeword and you should not be afraid to use it. It is very possible to be seriously injured if the swats stray away from the soft, fleshy tissue. If you are truly hurt, there is no glory in continuing. Live to play another day.

Question: May I write a guest post?

Response: If you want to write about some aspect of spanking and you can offer MBS readers an interesting perspective, I would welcome the chance to work with you.

Comment: Must write to say that the pic of your behind is very nice

Response: Thank you. I hope you had a chance to sample my writing as well.

Statement: I have just reviewed your lovely site and I share the same interest as you related to Adult Spanking. My interest probably began as a youngster and became my favorite subject as an adult, related to Adult Spanking.
I would appreciate discussing/sharing this exciting subject with you at your convenience? My profile can be found on many Spanking sites...

Response: I'm pleased to meet you. I hope you will understand that the majority of my free time is devoted to this blog. The good news is that most of what I have to say about the subject of spanking can be found right here. The bad news is that I don't get as much time as I would like for conversations with readers. Consequently, the best way to engage me in discussion is to drop by the blog for Sunday brunch or comment on posts that interest you.

Comment: I haven't written before, but I now feel as though I should. Your blog has helped me to make a change in my life for the better. I asked my husband if he would spank me for fun and, to my surprise and amazement, he agreed! I am now getting spanked every week and our love life is simply amazing! Thank you. Thank you!

Response: That's wonderful news. It's gratifying to read stories like this one. Spanking is obviously not for everyone, but for those of us who love it, it can be pure magic. I wish you and your husband many years of spanko bliss.

Question: Would you do linktrades with my blog?

Response: I get one or two of these messages every week. As you can see, I give links to a large number of blogs. My guidelines remain unchanged. I'm generally looking for spanking-related content created by real people. Beyond that, I don't care for blogs that are exploitive, offensive, blatantly commercial, extremely explicit, purely derivative, or interested solely in gaining traffic. Within these bounds, I'm pretty flexible.

Question: Do you know what it feels like to have a thumb up your ass?

Response: Do I really have to answer that? Wait a minute. This is my blog. I respectfully decline to answer that question. But I do wonder why he needs to know...

I think that's enough for now.


Reesa Roberts said...

ROFL - another great mailbag! Although I enjoy the funny ones, it's really great to hear about others being helped by reading here! Thanks, Bonnie!

Paul said...

Bonnie, always enjoy the mailbag, your answers and some of the questions.
I wonder at some peoples lack of anything resembling manners.
But what pleases me most, and must give you great satisfaction, is how often you help beginners.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

That paddle routine does sound interesting, but complex. Maybe I could print it out, then read the instructions to Ron while he gets busy at the other end. WEG

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious, Bonnie! Of course, you'll be acquiring a huge RV and doing a coast to coast tour this summer, during which fans from near and far can engage in random encounters with you! Why else would you bother to pump the freshest content into the best themed blog on the internet! ;-)

Anon VII said...

Regarding the first query, some content filters include traps to catch certain words and phrases. In some cases, they're built into the software, in others (commonly known as shells) red- and yellow-flag words are added by whoever is using the software, and others are a combination of pre-set and user-set. Hence it's possible for what I regard as such harmless words as "erotic" to trigger a block, as could the warning phrase "adult web site." So I've been told, anyway. My own job is so sensitive, and I know my every move is subject to monitoring. Hence I always write to you lads and lasses from home. I know it's not my business, but I can't help observing that it might be a good idea for everyone to consider that. Employers are getting pickier and pickier, I understand.

Anon VII

Jessica said...

Hi Bonnie,
Cool mailbag. I can't help but think it might get a little unnerving receiving some of the suggestive comments you receive.


Lori said...

It's a darn good thing you have a sense of humor girl! Oh my gosh these are funny. The spanking routine of that couple did make me cry. I was laughing so hard I had to go get a tissue so I could wipe my eyes to read the next piece of mail.
I've said it before, your replies are hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Question: "Do you know what it feels like to have a thumb up your ass?"

Reply: "No, but I'm sure you know what it feels like to have a head up yours."

(rolling eyes) -- Erica

Bonnie said...

Reesa - Thanks. I completely agree. I love it when people find happiness in their lives, in their relationship, and within themselves.

Paul - Believe it or not, there are a few e-mails that I find so objectionable that they don't even appear in the mailbag segment. My approach is that I don't spend a lot of time or energy worrying about people who send such things. If they have a legitimate question, they'll either find a more appropriate way to ask it or they won't.

Beginners, whether at spanking or blogging, occupy a special place in my heart. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can help some of them. It's a special pleasure when things work out as well as they did for this reader.

Hermione - As I read it, all I could think of was, "What ever happened to just spanking away?"

I think we'd be too distracted to enjoy it!

Anon - I can see it now...

MBS: The Tour

Coming soon to a lap near you!

BTW, thank you for your kind words.

Anon VII - I totally agree. I like reading spanko blogs, but they're not worth losing a job over.

Jessica - Yes, it is sometimes. As I said to Paul, you wouldn't believe what I don't publish. I don't feel threatened by these messages so much as just weirded out.

Lori - I'm pleased you enjoyed this month's mailbag. As I've said many times, some of this stuff is funnier than anything I could write.

Erica - Good one! I'll remember that line because sooner or later I will be asked a similar question.

All I could think upon first reading was, "Do I what?"

hbs sports said...

I love the clever look of the mailbag LOL...

How about more of your fanny spanked?

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