Friday, January 11, 2008

Video: Gidget Spanked

For everyone who asked about Gidget's spanking (circa 1965), here you are. Please note this link is to the entire episode. If you would prefer to skip straight to the swats, you can start at 23:00. Enjoy!


MissySub said...

Thanks for posting this, Bonnie,
it was great, although a wry, wistful bottom rub from Gidget
would have been the perfect ending!

I really enjoy reading memories of
everyone's favourite television
spankings. I feel so cheated now,
because I was born in the late 70's
so I saw only sensitive, New Age,
time-outs from enlighted tree-
hugging parents. Yawn. Can you
imagine sweet Danny Tanner from Full House paddling the daylights
out of his three daughters?

It occurs to me now that his great,
highly suggestive spanko name was
completely wasted on him! LOL

Paul said...

Bonnie, don't think that this was released over here, our censors had sharp scissors.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any spanking in shows as I grew up perhaps our censors had sharp scissors too.

Gidget is gorgeous though and this was fun to watch.

Thanks Bonnie

dwcmike said...

I do remember spanking in shows, and thought it was great. Then again, I still think it is great.

Anonymous said...

she was spanked on the back of the dress should have spanked the bare bottom so she could fell it

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