Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poll: What Type Of Spankee Do You Prefer?

Last week, I heard about it from the spankers for posting a spankees-only poll. In the name of fairness and equal time, here's a poll intended exclusively for those who like to spank.

Which type of spankee do you prefer?

Quiet and resigned to their fate
Resists at first, then gives in
Pure brat all the way, lots of backtalk
Wants to wrestle, struggle, escape
Totally into the experience and loves it all
The one who happens to be over my lap
I don't spank, but I wish I did


Reesa Roberts said...

This is great, Bonnie! I can't wait to read the results!


Paul said...

Bonnie, you missed a category.
Before, I don't spank, but I wish I did. and after, The one who happens to be over my lap, should be, all of the above, but I'm greedy!!! WEG
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Each spanking is different, so I voted for "the one that happens to be over my lap." For example... If she happens to be the bratty type and it's a fun spanking, pure brat is great.

The only kind of spanking I don't like to give is one that gets no reaction at all. Feels like I'm spanking a pillow or something. Have had that happen too, and it's just not for me.

Fun question!


Anon VII said...

Make mine the cheerful, eager participant (bottom) every time. If it's no fun for her, especially if she goes along either unwillingly or in quiet resignation, it's about as much fun for me as a cup of weak, tepid instant coffee overloaded with skim milk instead of cream. I cannot even imagine myself forcing it on an unwilling or resisting lady, even in a role-play. It would bother me, even if I knew we were acting. Like many of you have "heard" me say before, my outer sphere of delight is her pleasure throughout the process. My inner sphere of pleasure consists of more specific sequential events: a ritual positioning (about which I tend to be a bit fussy) that excites us both, my savoring the view, delaying the initial impact as her inner fires begin to build and her steam begins to rise. The huge release for us both is the explosion of the first swat, followed in a perfect scenario by her pained yet pleased response to the bite of the board and her more intense reaction to the vicious burning wave after the numbness, in the form of emphatic yet tasteful exclamations that can signal at once pain so intense that it's pleasurable and pleasure so intense that it's painful. A few controlled tears can be a nice addition, but only if they're engendered more by pleasure than by pain OR if they're symptomatic of tension-release.

It's late at night, so if I left anything out, others of my persuasion should feel free to throw in additions.

Anon VII

Jessica said...

This is really cool. I like hearing what pleases the spankers! As a spankee, it is enlightening to see how most would view my reactions to a spanking.

Great topic!


Jessica said...

AnnonVII - I forgot to add. Oooo, I'm all aflutter after reading your response!

Indiana said...

Anon VII, I'm with Jessica-- that was very hot!
Bonnie, thanks for the chance to hear from the tops.

Sherryl said...

I'm a self-spanker with dreams of finding a spankee to use my paddles on.

dixiedarling said...

As a spankee that worried for the longest time about being nonreactive during a spanking, I can't wait to see the final tally on this poll.

thanks again for your forward thinking Bonnie!

elle said...

My "partner" (I don't like that word, sounds so business-like)and I switch. So I answered for us both when I said "struggling". Neither of us would actually want to escape, but kicking, biting and scratching come into our play. It's just what turns us both on, and I feel I'm lucky because we found each seems like even within this world, there are few people who quite follow my own particular kinks. There's nothing less exciting for me than gentle submission, of the "Yes, master" kind. I like to be held down. And I enjoy every second of it, no matter how hard I fight. And vice versa, my domme side wouldn't find it exciting if he just took it.

feetman said...

like the blog

Jon said...

Fascinating seeing the results of this - does the majority for 'loves every minute' suggest that most respondents are only interested in the physical and not the psychological side? I like all sorts of different things so this was difficult but I find submission very sexy and if there's really no resistance, whether explicit or assumed, it seems less of an act of submission to take the spanking.

Though sometimes a bit of 'oh yes I need that, please spank me harder' is just fine. So long as it doesn't puncture the mood. I hate giggly spankings.

Anonymous said...

How about the one who whimpers and cries compared to the one who takes the spanking stoically.

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