Monday, January 21, 2008

In with the New: Frostbite Edition

Given the time I invest in this blog, one might think that other blogs wouldn't be too high on my reading list. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. I love spanking blogs and the brilliant, wonderful people who create them.

That's why I like to discover each new crop and then introduce them to you. Here are a dozen and one young spanking-oriented blogs that I hope you will explore and enjoy.

Azephyra Lite
Bad Little Girly
Diary of a Darling Girl*
Insolent Angel
Little Miss Spuckable
Lucy Confides
Mandy's Blog
Mary's Bare Tails
Michelle Carlyle
Motions of the Heart in E
Searching through the Confusion
Switching Gears
Wilhelmina Dreams
*Not exactly new, but new to me

When you visit these blogs, I encourage you to leave comments. New bloggers are typically starved for feedback. They don't know whether they are doing things right or if anyone is even out there. Your timely words of support can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

To these new bloggers, allow me to bid you welcome to our community. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive. I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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Paul said...

Bonnie, does the title of this post indicate the weather you are having.
I have bookmarked eight of the bloggers on your list and commented on some.
Thank you dear girl.
Warm hugs,

Sherryl said...

I went to Switching Gears and read what happen to Joe when he was spanknig Lori. That poor man should have thought it through before using a belt for over the lap spanking. I would have used a paddle.

dixiedarling said...

Thanks again for a great list of new blogs....all new to me btw.

I can tell I'll be checking in on a few of these quite often.

P.S. thanks for marking my blog as updated...i am fully convinced had I not been mentioned on your blog i'd have no readers at all....I am sure you will help these new bloggers thrive as well!!!!

Greenwoman said...

Hiya Bonny! I have been enjoying the list so far. I'm about half way through it. Blessings and thanks for this service to the spanko community.

Mandy said...

aww, thank you bonnie for linking my blog, I love all the new comments I have gotten because of it. you are so nice! now I am off to check out the others you have linked.....

Michelle Carlyle said...

Thanks so much, Bonnie! I love your blog and greatly appreciate your kind words about mine and all the other fun blogs you featured.

It continually amazes me how supportive, caring and kind I find the spanking community. And you are one of the best. Keep up the good work.

Ehugs to you!

dg_uk said...

Thank you for linking to me, and then mentioning my blog.. I'm really pleased, and flattered..

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while, yes I lurk. Being linked to and mentioned by such a great blog is amazing!

Now might be the time for me to be a more active part of the spanking community.

Thank you again,



Azephyra said...

Sweet Bonnie,

Thank you so much for the link! I really like reading your blog.


Bet said...

Hello Bonnie.
Thankyou for the posting the other sites, it's always interesting to see what people have to say on this "little" topic we like to call spanking.

I was just wondering: Is it posible for you to change the colour a link makes once you've clicked it? Now it's a very faint rose which can be very hard to destinguish from the regular colour font. Maby it could be made a bit more visible and still keep the nice layout of your blog.

Othervise thank you for a wonderful blog with a lot of useful information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Bonnie, I will check out some of these others too.

Thank-you for being a great source of spanko inspiration.


Little Miss Spuckable said...

Just wanted to say ' Thank You' Bonnie for linking my blog. Still finding my feet with what I want to write but I really appreciate the link.


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