Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poll: Getting Paddled

This poll was suggested by a regular reader. It's for the spankees.

Have you ever been spanked as an adult with a wooden paddle?

Yes, and I liked it
Yes, and it was OK
Yes, and I didn't like it
No, but I wish
No, and I'm glad
No, I don't get spankings


Anonymous said...

You needed an option on the poll, "No, I GIVE the spankings."

MissyH said...

I've been spanked with both a regular paddle and also a small wooden cutting board that is
paddle shaped.

My most memorable paddling was during a schoolgirl scene, when
I was punished for neglecting my math homework to chat online. Since I prefer mild disciplinary scenes, it was important that
the offense be something I
really might do, or have done.
I'm not the type to shoplift, smoke or bully someone, so admitting to those would feel fakey and empty to me; it would have no meaning or emotional resonance.

I wore a plaid skirt in my
family tartan, so more authenticity there. Another girl was punished at the same time,
and watching her face as she anticipated and received her swats, and knowing that she
was observing my reactions
with equal fascination, really
enhanced the experience. When
I saw her face redden from
that intoxicating cocktail of shame and excitement and distress that is life itself to spankees,
I knew I looked the same, and
the empathy was exhilirating.

I'll never forget the aftermath,
exchanging tearfully conspiratorial smiles as we
kissed the paddle, meekly
thanked Ms M for her attention, and were finally allowed to straighten up and cautiously smooth our skirts with shaking hands and downcast eyes.

Sure beats bloody Nintendo Wii.

Paul said...

Bonnie, I feel left out. :( *SMILE*
Warm hugs,


I voted yes (and liked it) and then thought, I hope your including round wooden paddles, I have never experienced one of those square shaped "American School" style paddles. I like to one day though :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, I really enjoy your website! Congratulations on reaching out to 4,000,000 of us! I do have a question...whenever I respond to polls on your site, the results page claims that I have already voted, yet I know that I havent (and noone else has access to this computer...) Any suggestions??

oh, and to this answer was YES! And I loved it :)

Meg said...

I remember it well - the first of many. We were both in graduate school, and I had a key to his apartment because I liked to go there to fix dinner for us on days when he had a late seminar. One evening, I made the mistake of drinking one beer with a gal-pal before driving to his place . I knew good and well that he was a stickler with both himself and me about drinking anything right before driving, but I thought I could sweet-talk my way around it when he got home, or at the most get a hand-pop or two as an appetizer. BIG MISTAKE!

As soon as he smelled the stuff on my breath, I could tell from his eyes that I was going to catch it big-time, but I thought it was going to be over his lap again. Not taking his eyes off me, he walked over to the wall where he had his very wicked frat paddle from his undergrad days on display, took it down, and, in a scary, flat monotone, told me to bend over, keep my back straight, and hold my ankles. This was a fantasy about to come true, but I still had terrible butterflies along with anticipatory arousal.

I promptly obeyed, and he lifted my skirt and began caressing my buttcheeks with the cool, hard, glossy wood. I felt myself breathing harder and faster with each second as he moved from stroking to patting. The patting stopped, and I thought, "This is it, girl, hang on!" Only that wasn't "it" yet. Finally, when the strokes and pats got a moan out of me, he stopped, drew back, and swung.

The explosion was terrific, as was the blast of pain. Then I went numb and thought that it wasn't all that big a deal. Wrong! A few seconds later, I was hit by a white-hot wall as the numbness went away. My long gasp was choked off by the second swat, then, after another several seconds, a third. The room was spinning, and my pulse was pounding in my ears.

He then told me to stand up, which I did, with my face surely almost as red as my backside. Going to the freezer, he got some ice and wrapped it in a dishtowel. The aftercare, over his lap, was a wonderfully gentle follow-up to the paddling. I THOUGHT we'd made tremendous love on previous nights, but what happened later that night defied description.


Jeana said...

My answer would be, "No, but I wish I did." For the past couple weeks I have been randomly leaving out my sorority paddle, but every time it is mentioned he holds on to his opinion that paddles are a bit harsh for an erotic spanking. I have trouble understanding that logic considering that he has spanked me with his belt before. He will probably change his mind about the paddle thing eventually anyways. We have came along way though considering my first spanking was less than six months ago.


Hermione said...

Not a with paddle, but with other wooden implements that ranged from mild to excruciating.

It's on my to-do list!


Terpsichore said...

Well, I haven't voted yet...the answer I think most fits would be "No, but I wish"...however, I am thinking I need to have my first real over the knee hand spanking before committing...that being said I did by myself a nice wooden hair brush for Christmas... :-) Best wishes, Terpsichore

Terpsichore said...

oops...just read what I wrote - that would be "buy" I can spell - just can't type fast with children quietly playing upstairs... :-)

elle said...

I sounds hot...

He usually uses his hand, or once or twice his belt...he has a little leather whip of sorts that he keeps threatening me with *yum*
I always use my hand on him.

Paddles are more of an American tradition (canes would be more traditional locally lol), but one I think we should import far more often.

dixiedarling said...

I had to vote yes and liked it...never thought that I would actually like anything wood though and especially a paddle.

However, when my guy has more paddles than I can count and makes them himself.....gotta learn to love them eventually. ~wink~

Anonymous said...

We use the CB paddle. The secret to the CB is light swats but plenty of them, using lots of wrist.

Reesa Roberts said...

I had to vote "it was okay" because I've both loved it and hated it and you couldn't choose both! A GG spanking was great with one, but discipline with one really stung like blazes!


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