Sunday, January 20, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #105

As a spanko, I often wonder whether any of my real world friends and acquaintances might share this proclivity. I have my theories, but it's unlikely I will ever know with any certainty.

Then along comes this little morsel of savory trivia.

According to The Power of Ten (with a little calculation help from Think Pink), 13% of the adult US population (30 million Americans) have been spanked as adults.

Does this number seem plausible? If not, why not? What do you think the percentage should be?

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Lee said...

I would say so. I doubt that the majority of them live a lifestyle comparable to you and Randy, but the result seems highly probable. Just as an example: I worked with a girl this summer who seemed quiet during orientation, someone most people would peg as "virgin" let alone "kinky". She told me in casual conversation one night that "Oh yeah, 'Dan' and I do weird stuff all the time. The other night he definately broke a paddle over my ass".

Lori said...

Well no one has surveyed me or any spanko I know, so there must be a much higher percentage than 13%. Spanking is something that most keep quiet about. Even if asked, a spanko may choose to answer no throwing the result of the survey off.

Jessica said...

I am sure that the statistic is true if not a low estimate. I don't know that 30 million give hard spankings on a regular basis but I'll bet more than that dabble.


Paul said...

Bonnie, I have no idea how reliable that figure is, but if it is good for the U S, then we probably have about a 20% figure in the U K. This could be very encouraging.
Warm hugs,

mthc said...

I think the number is probably low although most people only do as foreplay...probably wouldn't admit to it!

JMRPT said...

Only 13%?

I strongly suspect it's higher. Spanking for funy probably would not register as actual spanking for many folk.

david said...

I believe the number is low. To me it is something special shared between two people totally commited to each other. Most people are not going to admit to this and share there true feelings with the rest of the world.

Hugs and grins

Anonymous said...

I believe the number is low too, but that could be wishful thinking!


Jeana said...

I think 13% seems about right. There sure seems to be plenty of people blogging or commenting on blogs about it. Like Bonnie, I have my theories about a few people that I know. Apart from myself and my husband, I have only heard two people bring it up in real life. One was a high school boyfriend who very playfully spanked me with a ping-pong paddle. We talked about taking it further, but it never happened and we broke up. The second was my best friend's husband who dropped by to pick something up one day. I was home by myself and he basically vented to me. Long story short, he had tried it, and she freaked out which led to him feeling like she didn't trust him.

This has nothing to do with the question, but when I try to post things on here it often says it has posted it and then when I look back it isn't there. (I'll wait a while, I don't expect it to work instantly.) So I'll wait a few hours and post it again and then it normally works. Any theories?


Anonymous said...

Another survey suggested that among young couples, 25% had at least experimented with spanking, which I find plausible. Unfortunately, as far as I know there are no reliable figures as to what percentage of the general population we hard-core spankos represent. Based on the great difficulty many of us have in finding spanking partners, as well as on other factors, I would estimate the true number is less than 10%, and probably 1% would be closer. -- Web-Ed

Hermione said...

I agree that it is probably higher, maybe around 20%. More people would tend to deny having been spanked who have been, than would say they had been if they hadn't.

I would be interested in finding out the percentages by age group and by location within the US. I wonder if more older adults have been spanked, simply because they were exposed to it as children. And in some areas of the US corporal punishment at school is still permitted, I believe.

I assume the numbers for Canada would be similar; since we have assimilated so much of American culture, why not spanking too? And it's a great way to keep warm!



I would love to be able to believe this figure but I am always wary of figures that are quoted on a popularist source (eg. game show) until I find out the source of their information.

If this is an accurate figure and 13% of people have recieved a spanking as an adult that must mean that there is another 13% out there that gave those spankings, so that would mean that as a group as a whole we make up over one quarter of the population mmm.......Be nice wouldn't it :-)


elle said...

I don't know much about the US but where I live I imagine the figure is MUCH higher. Simply because of my friends. All of my close friends know about my so-called "unusual" sex life and the majority of them have confessed to a variety of related kinks. Not all, but a lot of them. I've always been fairly open about these things, and can talk about them. Maybe it's because I'm young, but I really don't see sex, spanking or anything else I've tried *wink* as shameful or something that we should hide. It's something we should enjoy and not be afraid to say so.

That said, I had a semi-public "adventure" with the boyfriend last week that got me in a lot of trouble with some railway maybe I'll tone it down a bit.

Bonnie said...

I really have no idea. My first thought after reading this statistic was the one Prefectdt mentioned. If thirteen percent of adults were spanked, could that mean that a different thirteen percent did the spanking? But that’s probably wishful thinking.

The real number depends upon our definition of spanking enthusiast. It’s one thing to take a few quick pops during sex or laugh over birthday swats at a college party and quite another to maintain a catalog of your extensive implement collection (or create 800 blog posts on the subject of spanking).

I could easily imagine a quarter of the adult population fitting into the first group. The second group is obviously smaller. The most interesting question for me is How often and under what circumstances do members of the first group join the second? Again, I don’t have the answer, but it’s certainly worth pondering.

Anonymous said...

I have read other blogs and 13% is about right.

kiwi0588 said...

I would say it has to be higher. Most people wont admit to it for whatever reason.

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