Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poll: What Do You Like in a Spanking Blog?

Please rank the following elements in terms of what makes a spanking-oriented blog interesting to you

      Fictional spanking stories
      Real life spanking stories
      Explicit spanking photos
      Other spanking photos
      Spanking tutorials
      Spanking-related discussion
      Spanking advice
      Information about other sites
      Guest perspectives
      Non-spanking experiences
      Non-spanking discussion

One should be assigned to the type of content you value most. Two should indicate your second favorite, and so forth.

Thank you for participating!


Anonymous said...

I'll be very interested in seeing the results of this poll. I hope you'll do a recap on it?


Faith said...

This is a great idea for a poll. I'd also like to see the results. I've noticed so many spanking blogs have stopped posting. It will be interesting to see what readers really want.

I'll be letting my readers know about this poll as well.

david said...

A nice idea for a poll. I want to see your recap as well.

*hugs and grins*

Hermione said...

I like both fictional and real-life accounts, but voted for real-life as number one, because it's been relatively hard to come by until I discovered blogs. I have quite a library of fiction, although very little that's later than Victorian.


Indiana said...

For me, there are some preferences that are constant, but also some that depend on the personality and talents of the blogger. So I've answered the poll with MBS in mind. And of course, this works in reverse-- different blogs would generate different answers depending on the readership of the blog.

This will be really interesting! Great idea, Bonnie!

Paul said...

Bonnie an interesting poll, the results are, for me, a little surprising.
I've assumed the higher the mark the better liked, I hope that was right.
Warm hugs,

CindysDave said...

Hey Bonnie, Yeah, I'm still here, believe it or not!

I liked the poll, but can't interpret the results ... at all???

I hope you can! And give us a summary when it's over.


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