Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cold War Spanking Fun

Back in the 1960s, before spankings became politically incorrect, there was a fun little TV show called "Gidget." It starred a young, spunky Sally Field in the title role. Gidget was a teenager learning about life and romance. As an elementary school kid, I thought this make-believe world of dancing, surfing teenagers was simply amazing. The fact that some of the girls (including Gidget herself) were sometimes spanked definitely added to the attraction.

In one memorable episode, Walter Koenig (yes, Ensign Chekov from Star Trek) demonstrated both his trademark Russian accent and his considerable spanking chops.

My favorite part of this clip is Gidget's comment about the spanking. How right she was!


Lori said...

Dang, I'll have to start watching Gidget repeats. I had no idea!

Jessica said...

Nice find! I used to feel all funy when Ricky spanked Lucy on I Love Lucy. Ricky was pretty forceful; oooo.


Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. Mels comnments at scenes like that were, I wonder if they ever get real spankings.
Warm hugs,

Jim said...

Lovely clip, Bonnie! I bet, though, that Walter's accent is supposed to be Swedish in this!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful clip. Thanks Bonny!!

Hermione said...

Those were the days, all right. But way too brief to be therapy, right?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Bonnie said...

Lori - The Gidget show was definitely a product of its era. The dialog seems lame today and sometimes hilariously so. ABC was trying to be hip and capture the interest of the baby boom generation without offending our parents. The result is a monument to a world that really never was.

Jessica - Yes! Me too.

Paul - Alas, we'll probably never know. But it's fun to imagine.

Jim - Thanks. Although his character is clearly meant to be Scandinavian (Gunnar), Walter's accent is identical to Ensign Chekov.

Green - You're very welcome!

Hermione - That spanking was short on duration, but high on shock value. I figure they only had 24 minutes to wrap up the plot so there was only so much spanking they could show.

...and Inga did appear to get the message!

Wintermute said...

OK, it's horribly sexist, but I loved the way she gets her tiny little spanking and then she sounds like she wants to go to bed with Koenig.

daddys girl said...

Bonnie, thanks for sharing the video. I miss the good old days of television. No wonder I love your website!

Mary said...

I used to love spanking scenes on TV - even as a child I was facinated.

Irch said...

Oh wow that was really fun Bonnie - thanks for posting it! I especially love how their "Europeanness" is sort of an excuse for why it's OK.

Super great! thanks again.

Emilie said...

I knew there was a reason I used to love watching reruns of Gidget when I was young! I don't remember ever seeing this one, though.

Very cool!


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