Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Keyword Chaos: Alive!

I never fail to be amazed by the weird collection of search terms that bring readers to this blog. Here are some examples from the past week...
  • bubble butt spanking - What was that "pop" sound?

  • spanking bloopers - That could easily be a regular feature here at MBS

  • girls bottom inspection - There are plenty of guys who would perform that job for free

  • girls getting spanked at Wormwood High School - Did you really expect to find a list somewhere on the internet?

  • spank lit - My favorite class

  • spanked on the bottom - A darn good arrangement

  • where can I go to receive an enema followed by a bare ass spanking? - Um, the lavatory?

  • women getting there ass spank by there husbands during sex - There, there... Let's not get too excited

  • big bottom embarrassing - I am beyond the point of being embarrassed about having a big bottom

  • describe your panties - They are white cotton/lycra thongs

  • horny spankings - Hey, you stay away from me with that antler!

  • little red round bottom - Three out of four isn't bad, right?

  • spank the loser - We prefer the term "submissive"

  • 10 things not to say to your wife - I don't think I could stop at ten

  • back of the drawer panties - Is it time again already?

  • bottoms meant for spanking - Randy says I definitely have one

  • can woman wear butt plug overnight? - I've never tried, but I suppose it's possible

  • dared to wear cheerleader skirt - On a bet, Billy would try almost anything

  • effects of spanking on a girl's bottom - Well, let's see... The skin often turns a bit red, but mostly it hurts!

  • Erica Scott spanking lessons - She would make an excellent instructor

  • erotic spanking first time why - If you are asking why you two didn't think of this years ago, don't worry about it. Focus instead on making today a day to remember

  • erotic spankings on tv shows - I don't think I get that channel...

  • field hockey strip of skirt school spanking - Come again?

  • for some women getting spanked is a sexual turn-on - You bet!

  • forced to wear pantty panty girdle - Forced? Were threats of violence involved? It might take something like that to convince me to wear the dreaded "pantty panty girdle"

  • free pictures of patty cake wearing panties - OK, that's kinky

  • girdle enema expel orgasm 2007 - Yuck

  • girls hockey team caned bottoms - Let's review... These twenty girls are covered from head to toe with pads, they're wearing skates and helmets, and carry big sticks. Trying to cane them would be a bad idea

  • gives spankings in Cincinnati - Have paddle, will travel

  • grizzly pantie bear - Somehow, the bears look less ferocious today...

  • hard hairbrush spanking - Our hairbrush is very hard

  • having sex with another lady besides your wife - There's a signpost ahead: You're entering the alimony zone

  • he spanked my butt so hardly that I couldn't sit - Did he spank hardly or hardly spank?

  • how girls wear butt plugs and thongs - Between their cheeks, right?

  • husband suck over his knee - That's simply not anatomically possible

  • I had my girlfriend spank my husband with the belt - Wait, I'm getting confused...

  • I lay across her knee my slaks were removed and I felt the sharp stinge of a cane - Is that even a word?

  • I want to express my love to my husband by describing months from jan to dec - If you really want to make him happy, don't talk with your mouth full

  • inventory of a woman's drawers - That's kind of personal, isn't it?

  • is a bare bottom stapping an effective way of disciplining my husband? - Nah, stapping is useless

  • lol nap you bastard, you sold both! - Yeah, and you killed Kenny too

  • love pantylines - They're remarkably easy to create yourself at home

  • my brother wears a panty girdle - And Mom wears army boots too

  • nylon slip is shewing beneath her skirt - Look, it's Ed Sullivan, and he's alive!

  • one dialogue invite your first to the disco - We're saving up for a new mirror ball.

  • pictures of girls getting wedgies - OK, whatever

  • Plug parity - 50/50 share and share alike?

  • popular spanking positions - Never mind what's popular. Go with what works best for you and your partner

  • sexy girls wearing thongs backwards - Why on Earth would anyone want to do that?

  • spank rosebud - And so ends the tale of Citizen Cane

  • spank the women's bottom game - Is this anything like Whack-a-Mole?

  • spanked wearing no panty video - Apparently, panty-cam wasn't operating that day

  • spankees uniform - Now there's a fun concept!

  • spanking affection - I do love a good spanking

  • spanking at walmart - Always a lowered panty...

  • spanking in Second Life - I have it on good authority that virtual spankings don't hurt nearly as much as the real thing

  • spanking the weather lady - Satisfying as it might be, I doubt that warming her seat would do much to raise the temperature outside

  • spanking thermometer not tonight honey - If a thermometer is the best implement you can find, you'd better wait

  • stopp opposed bottom beat game - This proves that you can get to MBS by simply entering random words

  • tickle down panty - The tickle down theory says that increasing the rate of spanking for the top 10% of the spanko population will eventually result in more spankings for everyone

  • want a sex bottom - Go slow and use plenty of lubricant

  • whip spank belt Charleston - Are we talking about the city or the dance?

  • who invented spanking? - That was the great Prussian inventor, Otto Von Prügelmeister. In 1743, he demonstrated the first practical leather paddle

  • why do I get so aroused when my husband spanks me? - Perhaps you genuinely enjoy the experience


littleone said...

sexy girls wearing thongs backwards - Why on Earth would anyone want to do that?

oh can i answer that one?? huh?? huh?? can i??

As a punishment - for wearing panties when i wasn't supposed to !! and oh my god is it uncomfortable !!!

love the "lead ins" (so to speak) ..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Paul said...

Bonnie, you're a chuckle a minute, well worth the subscription. *SMILE"
What on earth is happening to spelling these days.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bonnie -- You absolutely slay me with your responses. Too funny. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

tickle down panty - The tickle down theory says that increasing the rate of spanking for the top 10% of the spanko population will eventually result in more spankings for everyone

It's related to the lash-her curve. At point X on the spanking curve, you receive as much stinging as at point Y.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!! OK, now I know I have arrived. I was named in Keyword Chaos!

Ummm... I don't think I'd make a very good instructor, unless the students could benefit from helpful teaching comments like, "Is that your hand, or a feather duster?" or "Hey, I have TWO cheeks, dumbass." :-) -- Erica

Hermione said...

spanking the weather lady - my husband is probably responsible for that one. Ours has been wrong once too often!


mthc said...

Too funny! I agee with Paul on the spelling.

Janice said...

Hi Bonnie,

Regarding 'girls hockey team caned bottoms', doesn't that depend on what kind of hockey? The one not on ice would make the team much easier to spank without too much trouble...chuckles.



Bonnie said...

morningstar - Yes, that would work. I hadn't considered that possibility.

Paul - What indeed? The only upside is that I get lots of material for Keyword Chaos and the mailbag.

Self - You're very welcome!!

Anon - I've experienced that!

Erica - Your pupils would definitely have to accept a lot of constructive criticism. But if they can meet your lofty standards, they'll be world-class!

Hermione - The TV weather lady may well deserve a spanking. While that corrective measure probably won't improve her forecasts, it could bring the viewers more cheer than a sunny day in December!

Mthc - Thanks!

Janice - That's true! I hadn't considered field hockey players with those cute pleated skirts.

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