Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Poll: About Our Readers

I've said many times that spankos come from every walk of life. I base this assessment upon admittedly anecdotal evidence, but my sample size is fairly large. Today, with your kind indulgence, I'd like to see if we can learn a little more about MBS readers.

Which of the following best describes your work?

Full Time Parent


Greenwoman said...

I was quite surprised to find that there were those who identified as clergy. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this poll Bonnie. It's been a question in my mind what kind of professions like-minded spankos have. thanks for posting this. - Lori -

Paul said...

Bonnie, a good spread, not really surprising. I of course am retired, so I entered my previous profession.
Warm hugs,

Ollie said...

An interesting poll Bonnie, unlike Greenwoman I was not surprised to find clergy in the list of respondents. People are people after all.


This is in no way a critisime, if all the possible poffesions where on that list it would be about 300 entiries long so I quite understand why all industries aren't represented.

I hit the other button. Obviuosly I am a horticulturalist and I would class that as land based industries.

Good idea for a poll, it will be good to find out the range of occupations that spankos are employed in.


hermione said...

Interesting how many teachers are interested in spanking! I do have a degree in Education but that isn't what I do now. Classroom discipline (er, control)was always difficult!


Anon VII said...

I'm another who's in education, and also in the arts/humanities. Most on the outside wouldn't be shocked or surprised that one of my - er - inclination had an arts/humanities background, but many would be very upset indeed over learning that someone who also was in teaching was "that way." It's really sad that so many are so very quick to assume that anyone who is into consensual adult spanking would, given the chance, prey on a youngster; but then that tends to be myopically assumed about anyone who's anything other than rigidly conventional, whatever THAT means. Given the percentages that I've encountered concerning the proportion of the population that we may well represent (the only difference being that we freely admit it to each other), I'm not sure one could even call our proclivity a kink. As I say, sad.

Anon VII

Sara said...

Bonnie, Interesting results. I am not surprised to see the spread, but am surprised there are so many in education. Oops, I just googled women's occupations and a similarly large percentage is in education. I would guess that is why your numbers are running the way they do. This was a great idea! Sara

Father Jon said...

From my own experience of meeting about 50 women spankees in recent years most were involved either in education or general health/caring jobs.

No idea why such people are attracted to spanking but assume it's due to stress factors, although many have said that they can trace their urges back to childhood.

Maybe the connection is the other way round and people with the early spanking urge tend to drift into those professions.

Bonnie said...

Green - I'm not surprised that members of the clergy frequent this blog. MBS is about monogamous couples loving one another as they enhance their relationships. I think this message is quite compatible with many religions.

Adult spanking is perhaps a bit outside the mainstream. But in this context, it's loving, consensual, and definitely not exploitive. No one is injured and the couple's bonds are renewed and strengthened. We might imagine that spanking is dirty and forbidden (and it's often fun to pretend), but at its core, I think TTWD is downright wholesome!

Lori - The results confirm my theory that we spankos come from every segment of society.

Paul - I recognize that many people probably fit under several of these. I certainly do. But the idea was just to get a general idea about MBS readers. Thanks for joining in.

Ollie - That's a good point. I agree.

Prefectdt - Yes, you definitely fall under the "other" category.

Hermione - I'm not certain why education would be so strongly represented. Whatever the motivation, I'm glad you're all here!

Anon VII - I am bothered by the suggestion that what an educator does in his or her bedroom has any bearing whatsoever upon their ability to teach. Education is difficult enough without crusading moralizers trying to reshape schools in their own image. I want my granddaughter to attend classes taught by real, caring people, not by lifeless automatons.

Sara - I considered that explanation. While a large majority of spanko bloggers are indeed female, the readers of this blog are consistently about 60% male. As a result, there may be factors beyond gender at work here.

Father John - Hi, and welcome to MBS!

I don't know the answers, but you pose some very interesting questions.

Paige Tyler said...

Though journalism is on the list, author isn't, so I chose other!


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