Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top 100: Favorite Spanking Sensations

It won't come as a surprise to most readers of this blog that I have a deep appreciation for a good hard spanking. In fact, let me count the ways...
  1. Giddy anticipation

  2. Dancing butterflies

  3. Patiently waiting

  4. Not quite so patiently waiting

  5. Wondering

  6. Hoping

  7. Wishing

  8. Dreaming

  9. Growing desire

  10. Celebrating reunion

  11. Smooching

  12. Fondling

  13. Making out

  14. Hands in my hair

  15. Hands on my bottom

  16. Squeezing

  17. Light taps that make me pant

  18. Embracing

  19. The scent of my man

  20. His scratchy beard

  21. My blouse unbuttoned falls to the floor

  22. My bra is unhitched and gone

  23. The kitchen is cold

  24. Soft lips against my hard nipple

  25. Hard crotch against my soft thigh

  26. Kisses on my chest

  27. Nibbles on my earlobe

  28. A whispered invitation

  29. An unconditional acceptance

  30. Followed up the stairs

  31. Hands gripping my hips

  32. My jeans unbuttoned, unzipped, and away

  33. Kneeling on the bed

  34. Arching my torso longingly

  35. Waiting now for the inevitable

  36. Sensing a cool breeze from behind

  37. Hearing the drawer open

  38. Seeing the paddle in his hand

  39. Feeling the smooth wood circling

  40. Listening to words of savage seduction

  41. Sensing his proximity

  42. Breathing in

  43. Savoring the first explosive swat

  44. Breathing out

  45. Embracing the burn

  46. Jutting to meet a scorching destiny

  47. Moaning so loudly

  48. Hurting so sweetly

  49. Lusting so deeply

  50. Burning so brightly

  51. Wanting it to be over soon

  52. Wanting it to last forever

  53. Drinking in the flames

  54. Wood striking flesh makes a big noise

  55. Grateful for the things he does for me

  56. Grateful for the things he does to me

  57. Being the well spanked woman

  58. Surrendering to the moment

  59. Diving into submission

  60. Feeling small

  61. Craving his touch

  62. Paddling has stopped

  63. The paddle hits the floor with a clunk

  64. Caressing has begun

  65. My bottom feels hot

  66. My bottom feels tingly

  67. My bottom feels great

  68. I feel sexy

  69. He rubs my lower back

  70. He kisses my stinging globes

  71. He rolls me onto my back

  72. He licks me well

  73. I dance with pleasure

  74. I writhe with excitement

  75. Tightened muscles soon relax

  76. Struggling to catch a breath

  77. He is now on top

  78. My legs embrace

  79. My man within

  80. Kissing

  81. Groaning

  82. Pulling him close

  83. Filling and fulfilling

  84. Finding release

  85. Never wanting to let go

  86. Falling apart together

  87. Hugging

  88. Love's perfume

  89. Drowsy

  90. Spooning

  91. Admiring the residual burn

  92. Recalling the pain proudly

  93. Remembering the pleasure fondly

  94. Basking in the afterglow

  95. Feeling fingertips grazing over my hip, thigh, and bottom

  96. Experiencing contentment

  97. Dozing together

  98. Snuggling tight

  99. Thinking what a great story this would make

  100. Giddy anticipation

Thanks, Randy, for helping me find my smile!


Purple Angel said...

This is fantastic Bonnie and so true. Oh my I had to chill out after reading it!
Thanks for sharing as always
Purple Angel

Anonymous said...

Lovely Bonnie, just lovely.


Think Perv said...

Bonnie you describe it all so very well!

It looks like you are getting back into your blogging stride again.

david said...

Bonnie, This was great. Glad you have that smile back.

*hugs and grins*

Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, this is so familiar, thanks for sharing the smile.
BTW, Dick Van Dyke stood the real risk of being pelted with rotten eggs, had he dared to walk down any street where real Cockneys lived, as a Londoner I can assure you of that. *G*
Warm hugs,

hermione said...

Now that's counting!

Atta girl, Bonnie!



Sara said...


Greenwoman said...

I loved this post...*smiles*

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bonnie, for making me smile too. How true all of these are. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

jammin33333 said...

Hot sizzling hot. wow what a spanking can do for you. i as well have a smile when i've been spanked by my lover. mmmmm love jam

Bonnie said...

Purple - You're very welcome. It was a fun evening to share.

Dove - Thanks!

PBF - I'm working at it!

David - Thank you. I'm glad too...

Paul - You're most welcome.

Even as little girl who didn't know England from Antigua, that character seemed way over the top.

Hermione - Thanks!

Sara - I'm glad you enjoyed my top 100 sensations. It was fun to write (and more fun to experience).

Green - Thank you!

Lola - Warm and fuzzy are definitely good!

Jam - I love wearing that knowing grin!

Anonymous said...

oldgramps sez--GREAT!
You speak from loving

Anonymous said...

hay bonnie love this but i think you need to start useing more sex toys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee1111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ferric said...

If I could...
I would...
In response...
Send you a small spank...

Just as good as (and if not better then) a wink, grin, hug or a kiss
Certainly not as subtle
Certainly not as discreet
Done with taste...Certainly every by as respectful!

Stern, yet comforting.
Authoratitive, yet still vulnerable.
Humbling and empowering...
But always very personal

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