Friday, November 30, 2007

Poll: Meeting Other Spankos

Excluding partners, have you met other spanking enthusiasts in person?



Ollie said...

I am often musing about this question. However much I may want to meet other enthusiasts it wouldn't be prudent given my wife's attitude to the subject. Spanking isn't just something like flower arranging or sports is it? There are distinct sexual aspects to it.

As it is I've no idea how one would go about finding fellow spankos locally. I did receive an invitation to a small meeting recently, but it was hundreds of miles away, so it was impractical anyway.

The internet is a good way to reassure oneself that one is not alone, but it also reminds one of the part of one's life which is not being expressed, and thus despite the kindness of many "net friends", it can be depressing.

New Beginnings said...

Although it started here on blogs Nick and I have loved getting to know Eva and Adam in person! Two years ago I would not have believed this would have been possible.

There is also a couple in our real lives that I KNOW are spankos. There are too many clues for it not to be true. We go out with them often and we have begun teasing one another with leading questions and meaningful looks. Well it is mostly the other husband and I saying thing. His wife just laughs and Nick tell me later "Will you quiet egging him on?" I can't help it! It's such a kick!


hermione said...

Bonnie, a couple of days ago I would have said 'no'. But I think one of my co-workers is that way (or similarly) inclined. She saw a sci-fi book I was reading (which I thought looked vanilla enough from the cover) and said she knew it was a kinky book with lots of S/M in it, had read the whole series, and recommended another author of similar books. I wasn't embarrassed but neither did I pursue the subject. We get along well and are working on the same project, but I will try to refrain from bringing up the subject for now. I do know she lives an alternative lifestyle.


john said...

We met other couples on several spanking events. Some people asked if we were interested in having closer contact. We said: "yes, sure. Like to mail". And we had our private party with some friends we met on the party. It wasn't only nice talking however.We had play too. Yes, with other partners and it was exciting.

Tim said...

I meet them quite often. With luck, my hand ends up as sore as they are by the end of the meeting!

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