Sunday, November 25, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #97

Welcome back! I hope all of you in the US are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. For readers elsewhere, please know that we're thankful to have you join us as well.

I'm posting this a few days early because we will have limited access to the internet this weekend. Feel free to jump in anywhere you like.

This week's brunch deals with a rather painful subject, even by spanko standards.

Have you ever experienced multiple spankings in a single day? If so, what were the circumstances? How did the second (or subsequent) spankings differ from the first? Do you think that multiple spankings are more effective? If you have not experienced multiple spankings in a day, can you imagine a situation where this might be beneficial?

When you are ready to add your two cents, I invite you to leave a message below, send me an e-mail, or post on your own blog. I look forward to reading about your experiences.


hermione said...

Alas, I've never had the pleasure. I think the second one would probably be very painful, though.

If the first one had been interrupted, or just a taste of things to come, then the second would be a continuation.

Happy thanksgiving, all.


dixiedarling said...

I have actually received multiple spankings in one day both in the party setting of TASSP and in private when spending the weekend with my favorite guy.

I can see where they might be given in a punishment type setting, but I've only had them in fun.

The one done in private was mainly done just to make sure the "burn" would last me longer because the weekend just seemed to be going by to quickly and i wanted something to last for a while.

I normally have a quick heal rate you might say and no matter how severe the spanking is i don't feel them for very long after unless it is a drawn out building session like this one. The benefit of the multiple spanks in the day were that they didn't have to be overly severe but when applied layer over layer built a deep soreness that I just loved because it did help the feeling hold on much longer than I am used to....


Haron said...

When I lived alone and got together with my spanko friends for a week or so at a time, we tried to cram in as much spanking as possible. This often turned into two elaborate roleplays a day, plus a minor spanking or two when we were out seeing sites. The pain and bruising didn't start to accumulate until much later in the week, but by day 4 or so the spankings had to become a bit lighter.

These days I quite often get two spankings a day, but not every day. Unless it's an extended session with multiple implements, the seconds spanking doesn't feel much different; I recover pretty fast.

When we get together with friends to play school, each students can potentially get into trouble at each of 8 or so lessons, plus get detention. Cumulatively, you get sorer as the day progresses, but it's hardly above what a grown-up spanko can take!

Anonymous said...

A while back we invented a spanking game, I think we must have been bored! We have only played it once but I have been 'threatened' with it a few times since.

It is a game of chance, randomly select an implement with a dice, then the number of swats with two dice. Repeat until all the implements are used. One spank every hour on the hour through the day. Six spankings in a day.

Funny how the number of swats comes out high with the nastier implements, but low with the softer toys.

I think we had 'hand', 'leather paddle', 'flogger', 'hairbrush', 'cane' and 'nothing'. Nothing being miss a turn.

The cane came first and miss a turn came second. I can't really remember what order the rest were in but the last spanking was with the hairbrush (which I hate the most) and getting seven swats, as it was the last turn my partner really made it count.

What sounded like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon turned into a bit of an ordeal. All told I think we counted 32 swats so it was not that harsh but it's the drawn out and protracted process that makes it an ordeal. I hate to give in or use the safeword so I just endured the whole thing. I did rather like the feeling at the end when it was all over, I survived!

Anonymous said...

Todd has spanked me more than once a few different times. Usually it happens when we're on vacation and have lots of time and privacy. Those are playful/erotic spankings though, so the first spanking didn't really effect the second one.

At the spanking party we went to I did get spanked FIVE times in a single day. A couple of those were light spanking, but a few of them were hard. I didn't really feel too much difference though. Probably because the spankers at the party were very kind about slow warm-ups. I think it would have been a much different story had the spanking been discipline though. The later spanking would have hurt much more.

I did notice I was sore the next day though, which almost never happens when I'm just spanked once.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie
Suzy (and Todd)

Anonymous said...

Twelve in a day, on the hour every hour with a hairbrush on the bare to teach me to be more punctual. By mid afternoon I was glued to my watch, as the next re-heating of my poor bottom drew nearer. My time keeping improved after that !

Paul said...

As Mel is not here answer, I'll draw on my memories.
Certainly Mel never received more than one punishment a day, very rarely that.
However Mel loved to go through life with a warm seat, There was the regular nightly good girl, she said a warm butt was the best sleeping potion. Often there would be a re-heat job in the morning if we had time. Occasionally lunch time, often in the early evening. She just liked to be warm and know that her cheeks would be nicely flushed. The only full length spanking were the nightly ones.
It kept us surprisingly close.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Actually, I got two yesterday. Today is my birthday and since the kids were going to be gone last night, my husband decided to give me my birthday spanking. He was in a playful mood so after the counting was done, he just continued. A couple hours later he decided I needed another birthday spanking (like I said, he was in a playful mood). The initial couple swats of the second spanking did hurt more than they would have had I not gotten the hairbrush a few hours before but after about 5 swats, there was no difference. I'm sitting quite gently today though. What a nice birthday.

Anonymous said...

I feel I could really benefit from multiple spankings in the same day, or at least the same 24 hour period. I have a tough butt and the only time a spanking really hurts is if I'm still feeling the last one. I'm too afraid to tell my fiance this though. I'm too shy, and I also feel that asking to be spanked, asking for me, or critiquing kind of upsets the dynamic I need...

A frustrated lurker

BB said...

ive gotten more then two in a 24 hour period of time. When S and I got together the first time i got spanked for well over an hour. And then several other times that night and the next morning. All of them were fun playful spankings but they all added up after awhile.

A different time I got a punishment spanking that really hurt alot. Then a couple hours later got a fun spanking. The fun spanking hurt more then it usually would have but it still was fun.

S is kind and gentle, but firm when its a discipline spanking. But he is always very gentle afterwards even though he still spanks for fun.

Lucy said...

Jekyll and I haven't seen each other in several months and I've earned a severe punishment spanking since I last saw him. When we see each other again I will likely get my punishment spanking and erotic spanking in the same day. Jekyll doesn't like to spank me for long periods of time so my punishment may be broken up into two sessions as well. I think that two spankings in one day will help me remember to not engage in certain behavior and will help make up for several months without spanking.

Anonymous said...

As with one of the other posters I once gave myself a series throughout the day.
I'd bought a bundle of 20 bamboo canes, and in an effort to see which would be the most effective I sentenced myself to 12 with each, on the half hour.

As the other poster said the effect was to leave one clock watching.

The bruising did last a while and I had to think up a feeble excuse for it when my wife saw the effects a few days later.


david said...

Lots of times I will spank Mthc on the weekends thru out the day till it leads up to the grand one.

Hugs and grins*

Jeana said...

Since we are both in grad school with full time jobs as well, most of our playtime is limited to the weekends. So yes, I have received more than one spanking in a day. They are all erotic so it is not really a big deal. Plus he doesn't normally spank as hard as I wish he did, so I am normaly glad to do it again even if it is the same day.


Mary said...

Limited time together OFTEN leads to more than one spank during the days we are together. Most often it is a mixture of a punishment spanking and an erotic one. Occassionally there are two punishment spankings - but it generally only so if there is more than one type of infraction that needs to be delt with and he (and I) want the spankings to be separated for a purpose. My bulleted thoughts on the topic are:
* If the first was hard enough to cause bruising the second one hurts A LOT more.
* If no bruises - then the second is a wonderful reheating of the bottom and it feel like a good thing.
* I am glad that I am not punished for the same thing repeatedly - (Like every hour repeatedly fo the same offence) I can see how it works - but for me I think I would be crushed. The best part about being spanked is the reassuring hugs and being told it is all over and I am a good girl now. Drugging it out like that would be emotionally difficult. I am glad that is not his usual style.
Oh and Paul, I have to agree with Mel - a warm bottom is a great sleeping potion for me too. (However - I have been spanked so hard that the tender bottom has woke me up a couple of times during the night -but I had pushed the limits to earn that one.)
One thing I do love is when my bottom is sore - for him to give a little squeeze while giving a hug later in the day. - Gives me butterflies every time!

Radha said...

We go through cycles of intensity. Some weekends or weeknights there will be several spanking that get me all swaety and panting. But, then we'll have a week or so with not so much as a goodnight pat. Multiple spankings lead to multiple highs. Life is good.
Peace, Radha

Cassie said...

I have often been spanked twice in a day and usually it is very fun and playful. I am quite happy with that most of the time.

But I have had more that one serious spanking in a day too. Most of them long ago thank goodness! He was always so darn serious about that ladylike business! It did take me a while to get the hang of that (to his satisfaction!).


daddys girl said...

I have not been spanked twice in a day yet, however I feel that may change in the near future as mine also is very serious about me being more ladylike. Since we don't get to see each other very often, I have a feeling twice in one day is coming soon.
BTW Bonnie, I have lurked for a long time and LOVE you site. It is SO informative and has taught us much.

Bonnie said...

I conceived this question one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago after just such a session. Randy had worked over my seat quite thoroughly using a leather slapper. It felt warm and stingy and nice, just the way I like it. About an hour later though, he decided that I could benefit from a second dose (I wasn’t hinting, honest - He rarely even gets hints).

Randy proceeded to place me over his lap and cover the very same ground, this time applying the curved handled wooden hairbrush! Eeeyeow! From the first swat, the pain was considerably more intense than usual. By the time he finished, my bottom was very, very sore. Sitting was uncomfortable to say the least.

This pair of spankings did enormous good for my head, if perhaps not my rear. I could still feel a residual ache on Monday morning! That’s unusual for me. But I had a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

So, yes, I have received multiple spankings in one day on a number of occasions. I think the second one usually hurts more. I welcome this kind of treatment when the spankings are for therapeutic purposes. They can really help me to focus and put things back into perspective.

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