Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poll: Putting Away Your Toys

Where do you keep your spanking implements and other sex toys?

In one well secured location
In a few strategically placed stashes
Some in each of several rooms
All over the house
I frequently trip over them!


Anonymous said...

All in one place... a suitecase in the closet. Well, except for a couple of 'regular' household items (belts, hairbrush) that is. Our bedroom closet is pretty secure.

Good question.

Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Bonnie, now in a locked suitcase. They used to be kept in the bottom drawer of the dresser.
Warm hugs,

littleone said...

i am lucky enough that the toys can be left pretty much all over the house...... but not necessarily in open view..

for example...... i have a beautiful carved wooden box in the living room that holds some toys... no one would know from just looking at it.. and that is what most do.. admire the outside...

i can be quite creative in making sure Sir has toys in each room..

morningstar (owned by Warren)
co-owner of drakor

Sara said...

We keep them locked in a case, in a closet in the bedroom, too. Kids can get very curious!

hermione said...

Ours are all in the bedroom, which is where our fun takes place. The frequently-used ones are in the drawer of my husband's bedside table, and the riding crop is on the shelf beneath. The dogging bat hangs from the bedpost on his side.

I have a few toys in my bedside table too, that we haven't used yet. I like to offer something new to try every so often, and if it works for both of us, it is transferred to the other table!

Our first implement, a dressage whip (which I really did use when I rode competitively) is now in Ron's study, in the closet. I wonder if he'll bring it out some day, for old times' sake!

Greenwoman said...

Bonny, I just came by to thank you again for including my blog in this latest post to introduce new spanko sites. I have got over a thousand hits in the past few days. Its nice to see that almost all of them have come from this site. Blessings!!

Green Rootsdown

Blondage said...

We have a couple toy boxes under the bed, but toys tend to fly everywhere in our bedroom.



Ofia said...

We usually clean up the day company comes over....

There is one central place for everything in the bedroom. However, stuff always ends up being in multiple rooms.

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