Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Senior Bop

OK, I admit it. Tomorrow is my birthday, and yes, it's a big one. I considered recording some of my solemn reflections as I stand at the precipice. But fortunately for all of us, I quickly thought better of it. What I have instead is a little ditty I wrote for the occasion. Those readers "of a certain age" might identify with some of lyrics.

The Senior Bop

Gather 'round now mom and pop
Let's all do the senior bop
Laugh or grumble, just don't stop
Keep on bopping 'til we drop

I wonder where keys have gone
All my meetings make me yawn
Standing out upon the lawn
I still love to greet the dawn

I feel warm when it's not hot
And aches and pains, those I've got
I know me and who I'm not
My love's true, that means a lot

Newsprint always hurts my eyes
Ice cream goes straight to my thighs
Still I have more cheers than cries
I get looks from younger guys

He says that I age like wine
This is where I draw the line
Pull my cork, it's time to dine
We can't skip a chance so fine

Winter snow and summer sun
Autumn leaves and springtime fun
I've lived seasons, every one
I'll just walk when I can't run

My peers are old, so they say
Maybe I'll get there one day
Until then, I still must play
The new black I think is gray

Gather 'round now mom and pop
Let's all do the senior bop
Laugh or grumble, just don't stop!
Keep on bopping 'til we drop

Randy and I are going away for the weekend, but I'm sure I'll have a good birthday story to share when we return.


Anonymous said...

From one bopper to another, darlin' -- happiest of birthdays to you! Celebrate, have some champagne, have FUN. :-) Hugs, Erica

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie



Sara said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie! My big birthday happens to be next week. Since I am also a Libra, I thought I would send you off with your Romantic Horoscope. The stars say:

You're looking and feeling fantastic around Friday and Saturday night if the stars have their say. Let your glow show, and let love grow!

Have an awesome time! Sara

Scout said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

Jim has crossed the threshold I think you're approaching; I still have a few to go. As far as I can tell, he's still the same person, only better. I love the line, "The new black I think is gray." To me the best part of getting older is that you no longer see the world in black and white, but understand there are shades of gray in nearly every issue. I hope you have a blast this weekend and am sure Randy has a surprise or two in store for you. You could hide the MOAP . . .


Paul said...

Bonnie, as a fellow Libra I greet you. In my book you are still a young-ling.
Have a wonderful Birthday dear girl, I'm sure that Randy has the means to warm up your enthusiasm and other places.
Warm hugs,

sally4lvp said...

Best Wishes for a very Happy Birthday! I know Randy will make it memorable and all that it should be. I believe I'm about a year behind you, is that why I can hardly stay awake in all those boring meetings anymore! Have the best of times!

Hugs, Sally

Rosy said...

Happy Bithday, Bonnie! I hope tomorrow is a great one for you. Keep playing, and keep inspiring us whipper-snappers! ;)

Anonymous said...

from a long time lurker, may you have a glowingly happy birthday.

My guess is that it may be uncomfortable sitting down to eat your cake.

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Have a great trip.


Many happy returnes and don't forget one for luck :-)


Caylee said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

You know, I'm 24 and James is 26, and I hope with all my heart that we'll have the kind of relationship you and Randy do when we get to your beautiful years. You're such an inspiration to us, and I hope you have an amazing birthday because of it!

Have a great trip!
All our love,
Caylee and James

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
Love your Blog

New Beginnings said...

Happy, happy birthday Bonnie! And don't worry you will love your thirties!!!


mthc said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie! You and Randy enjoy your trip. Don't do anything we wouldn't but do everything we would..and then some!

Jujubees said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie!! I certainly won't speculate about your age, but it appears you are not too old for a good hard spanking!! So in my book that still makes you fairly young! Have a great time!

Tim said...

Senior schmenior. Your life is hotter than a whole class of high school seniors combined!

Lilithschosen said...

Happy Birthday!

Serpent's Embrace said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

david said...

Happy Birthday and may your weekend be filled with romance.

padme amidala said...

You are a fellow libra. :) My birthday is coming up soon and a bit of a big one for me too.
Happy birthday bonnie! Have a wonderful weekend!
padme amidala

hermione said...

Many happy returns, Bonnie! I would like to officially welcome you intto the 'Next Half of your Life' club. Those of us who have been members for a few years can assure you that it doesn't hurt a bit! Or have probably forgotten if it did hurt.

Which brings me to the small matter of initiation. Our sergeant-at-arms will be contacting you regarding the necessary outfit, implements and position you will assume.

A big birthday hug from

jim said...

Many happy returns (OTK)!

Anonymous said...

Have a very Happy Birthday !!!

Caryagal said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Robin said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie. May all your wishes come true.

Purple Angel said...

Hi Bonnie,
Hey Happy Birthday, that is wonderful. As you know from the Yahoo group I am a birthday lover. Not sure which big one this is for you but I am 56 and my take on it is this, yes I have to age but I do not have to get old, nor do I intend to. Have a wonderful birthday
Purple Angel

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