Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keyword Chaos Reinvigorated

Yes, it's time again for another exciting round of Keyword Chaos. This is the feature where we examine some of the search words that readers use to find this blog.
  • whipped my psyche - Ow, you bruised my aura

  • 50s housewife BDSM - Hanging up the laundry will never be quite the same

  • a good old fashioned spanking for your wife - You’d be better off to find a good old fashioned wife for your spanking!

  • Bonnie Randy blog - He doesn’t get equal billing until he starts pull his weight around this blog

  • cookbook spanking - Take two fresh buttocks and warm until pink…

  • I love my thick hips and my round rump plump thick bubble butted large bottom - Perhaps I shouldn't complain about how hard it is to buy pants that fit

  • introducing domestic discipline - Go with a simple handshake to start

  • real wife spanking - It’s a whole lot more fun than spanking an artificial wife

  • 3/4" oak paddle - Eeek!

  • how long a spanking? - As long as it takes

  • how many spankings? - See above

  • most erotic submissive nozzle - It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • my husband brushes my nipples Massachusetts - My husband paddles my bottom Colorado

  • not on my bare bottom - Oh, like you didn’t see that coming…

  • plug party - Is this perhaps an event for canines? Or has the Tupperware set turned kinky?

  • professional submissive - One wouldn’t want to fool around with an amateur

  • should wives be - Yes, let us be

  • the sound of spanking - My favorite musical

  • bad girls sore rears - OK, that figures

  • bare bottom Bonnie - Also known as Randy's bongo drums

  • bare butt spanking games online to play - Online? I have to believe you lose something over the wires

  • blog smarts Bonnie - Sometimes blog outsmarts Bonnie

  • Bonnie’s bottom blog rocks - I’m not sure which they mean, but thanks either way

  • brush me with a spanker - No, tickle me with a feather

  • bubble butt festival - I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to find another grand marshal

  • funny girdle story - Believe it of not, I’m actually working on a funny girdle story

  • geting spanked - Spanking is fine, but no geting for me please

  • girlfriend good hiding bottom - No matter how well I hide my bottom, Randy always finds it

  • good reasons to leave her - Don’t you dare mention this blog!

  • hairbrush in my ass - A hairbrush can be a very painful implement, especially if you don't have a clue how to use it!

  • how do I make my butt more bubbly? - Have you tried chugging liquid soap?

  • how do I surprise my man in bed? - A bucket of cold water usually does the trick

  • how many women get spanked? - More than we realize

  • magic spanking rituals - Watch me pull a paddle out of my hat!

  • master panty - One thong to rule them all

  • MBS for my wedding - How romantic! We’re all going to a wedding!

  • my tube spanking - You know that will make hair grow on your palms…

  • pantiless blogs - Sorry, this blog has panties

  • plaid skirt, fishnets, bend over - OK, let’s get the costumes straight – the fishnet hose go with the miniskirt and the white knee socks go with the plaid pleated school skirt

  • plunge rectum bowels depth - This sounds like a spelunking expedition

  • reasons for loving a girlfriend - Look into her eyes and into your own heart. You won’t find your reasons on the internet

  • rubbing lotion into girls butts - I believe a simple “hello” might work better as an introduction

  • seventies spankings - Have a nice flay!

  • spank my booty - By KC and the Sunshine Band

  • spank that fat ass your mine - Not until your spelling improves!

  • spanked bottoms over sexy slips and panties - Actually, the panties and the slips go over those spanked bottoms

  • spanking by a huge hand - Yes, Mr. Giant, I promise to eat my vegetables

  • spanking implement that hurts most - It’s always the one in his hand right now!


Anonymous said...

(doing spit-take with my water) Have a nice flay???


I so love this feature, Bonnie -- thank you! -- Erica

Frank Spanko said...

My Dearest Bonnie -

I really must take exception to your remark about "real wife spanking."

I've been spanking my imaginary wife for many years and I find it simply fantastic.


Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks for the chuckle. At my age sleeping that heavy would indeed be a dream. *G*
Warm hugs,

New Beginnings said...

What fun to read as I have to go back to work today! You have started my day with a big smile!


SelfSpanker said...

"One thong to rule them all"

Laugh out loud funny. How do you do it? Never mind. Just don't stop.

hermione said...

magic spanking rituals - what HAVE those Slytherins been up to?
I love keyword chaos!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks for a great laugh! I'm not at all tired anylonger... ehrm, which I should be... note to self; do not read blog before bedtime...


/ Sarah

Bonnie said...

Erica - Thanks! I'm glad to be able to share all this silly fun.

Frank - Good point. I hadn't considered that possibility...

Paul - You're welcome.

PK - I'm glad to help as I can. I hope everything went well at school.

Self - The truth is that Randy helps me come up with some of the responses. "One thong" was his idea.

Hermione - I wondered what those noises were coming from the dungeon.

Sarah - Whatever the hour, I'm grateful that you do read MBS.

Dr. Ken said...

"The sound of spanking -- my favorite musical"

Gives a whole new meaning to "the hills are alive", doesn't it?

Dr. Ken

hermione said...

Bonnie, you are mistress of the double entendre.

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