Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In With the New: Ouch That Stings Edition!

I love spankings, spanking blogs, and spanking bloggers. When generous bloggers share their exciting intimate experiences, it reminds me all over again why I feel this way. I am delighted that others have discovered, as we have, the many joys of consensual spanking.

Happily, there are lots of wonderful spanking blogs. It is my pleasure today to direct your attention to a group of eight young blogs that I hope you will explore and enjoy. When you visit, I encourage you to not only read, but also to offer some support in the form of comments. It's difficult to start a blog. In the beginning, it feels as though you're writing for no one. A few positive words at the right moment can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

Check these out!

Domestic Discipline Dreams
Radha Sutra
Serving Him
Spanked Hortic
Spankful Delight
Spanking Journey
The Witch's Bed
Vanessa Cane

(If I've missed anyone, please tell me)

To these new bloggers, I bid you welcome. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive.

Here are some suggestions I assembled as a guide to enhancing your blog. While it's certainly not the final word, you may find some useful tips.

My Blogging Smarts
More Blogging Smarts
My Blogging Smarts Again
My Blogging Smarts: Balance

I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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Purple Angel said...

Thank you Bonnie for mentioning my blog, I am honored. I think yours is one of the finest blogs I have read. I truly enjoy all of them but yours is special.

I also wanted to tell you that your comment on the why of spanking is right on target. It does provide so many rich and wonderful aspects to my life that I would not have otherwise.

Purple Angel

Carolyn said...

Hi Bonnie!

Thanks for the link, we are so honored :-) It's true what you say that it's like writing for yourself (or no one at all) at first, but each comment and link is just so heartwarming. Marcus and I actually spend many hours of the day thinking of what our next blog entry should be, so it feels great to be affirmed :-) So thanks again.

And hi Purple Angel! I linked up to your blog because I saw it here at Bonnie's. Keep it up!


Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks, some of thes these are very nice.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

it's amazing how many talented writers there are out in cyberspace. Thanks for the new recommendations, Bonnie.

Terri said...

THANKS for linking to me Bonnie! I'm really new at this and appreciate the acknowledgement :)

And you're right about comments. It's great to come on and find comments on my blog.

*Witch* said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bonnie. You just absolutely rock. I was stunned when I got up and checked my stats this morning. It was a great start of a wonderful day. My trip to the waterpark was a blast. I am so sunburned, I look like I've been spanked from head to toe. LOL Have a great night.

Grizzly Bear said...

Thanks for the new reads, they look pretty good.

prefecdt said...

Thanks for the mention. I will be checking out your advice on blogging, I really need it.


Bonnie said...

Purple - You're very welcome. Our community is stronger thanks in part to your continuing efforts.

Thank you for your kind words. As always, it is the people who make this undertaking worthwhile.

Carolyn - Hi! I mention the solitude inherent in starting a blog because it's an experience for which many beginning bloggers are ill prepared. With work and time, many blogs build a core readership who will support a wide variety of participatory activities. But until that happens, there can be some lonely stretches. My hope is that readers will accept my offer and offer some encouragement.

Paul - You're welcome!

Hermione - I too am a bit surprised by the sheer volume of well written spanking material in blogs. This is one case where more truly is better.

Terri - I am delighted to be of assistance.

Witch - You are very welcome. I'm glad to be able to give a boost to my friends.

I look forward to reading your account of the water park.

Griz - You're welcome!

Prefecdt - You are most welcome!

Vanessa Cane said...

I was winding down for the day, & feeling very sleepy...then I saw my name on your blog!! Wide awake now (lol). Wow, I'm so thrilled that you enjoy what I'm writing. I'm very new to blogging & such, so it's been a slow start, but I am inspired by many things, including what you write about your love of spanking.

I was spanked for the first time only 4 months ago, but immediately it become an important part of my life. I knew right away it was what I've been missing in life & love. It's a wonderful thing that you share with others, thank you. Vanessa Cane

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