Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Spanko Mind

I always find it interesting how the mind of a spanko can instantly transform an entirely vanilla situation into a scenario dripping with kinky goodness. Let me give you an example. Randy and I were dining recently at a very pleasant theme restaurant. The room was bright and airy with high ceilings and plenty of windows. But the ceiling fans immediately drew my attention. To my admittedly spanking-obsessed eyes, they looked like whirling wooden paddles overhead.

So, did I stop with that brief and slightly amusing glimmer of awareness? Of course not. I considered what sort of rig would be required to adapt those spinning implements for a more appropriate duty. Each paddle shaft would have to include some sort of spring so that the paddle had a little give after it struck the target. Otherwise, the spanking would be over after the first swat.

I would orient the fan such that the drive shaft was parallel the ground. This alignment would allow the path of the blades to be vertical. They would spin such that the end of each paddle would strike the bent over spankee with a slightly upward stroke. The paddles themselves would have to be turned so they hit squarely. They could also each be oriented to swing in a slightly different plane in order to provide full coverage. This could work...

"What are thinking about, Bon?" Randy's words broke my concentration.

"Um, nothing I guess." Apparently, he recognized that faraway look. I wasn't prepared at that particular moment to recount all the details of my mechano-spankical vision over salad. He'd just decide it was a good excuse for another spanking. Perhaps it was, but my mind was still clinging to my amazing bottom warming contraption.

Our conversion resumed. We discussed happenings in the world, family news, and the weather. It was a clear day, but quite windy outside. I might even call it a spanking breeze. Eureka! It would be especially cool to have a windmill drive my spanking machine using belts! We could have the greenest reddening anywhere!

By this time, Randy must have surely thought I had lost my marbles. He eventually gave up and simply enjoyed his dinner. After we returned home, I shared my idea. He was amused, and he did spank me, albeit in the conventional manner.

I still think it might work.


SelfSpanker said...

I can identify. Since I have given myself permission to be a spanco, I see the world in a whole new light. I cannot pass through the housewares section of the store without perusing the shelves for spanking implements. Home Depot is a fantasyland.

By the way, let's assume that you have a fully functioning fan spanking machine. Can you suggest a possible scenario for its use?

Very Best

Caryagal said...

Love it!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who imagines stuff like this! My husband thinks I'm slightly nuts! Of course, he is too!



Bonnie said...

Self - Yes, I have a particular affinity for the kitchen section.

As for scenarios, I think the possibilities are almost endless. For starters, it could be a "ride" at the spanking festival!

In my mind, I picture an old sawmill. My dear husband is dressed in a black coat and cowboy hat (with a handlebar mustache like Snidely Whiplash). He pulls a large lever set into the floor to engage the mechanism. Of course, then I'd want my real husband to happen along a few minutes later and save me!

Carye - No, as it turns out, there are quite a few of us spankos loose in a world of endlessly pervertable objects. Let the games begin!

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