Sunday, July 15, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #78

Welcome back, my friends, to our weekly spanko brunch. Today, we invite you to apply your vivid imagination. This being summer, it's the traditional season for all sorts of fairs and festivals. I suggest that we should hold a spanking festival.

If you had the opportunity to help plan a summer spanking festival, what sorts of events, entertainment, and activities might you include? How might it look, sound, feel, taste, and smell?

I encourage you to post your favorite spanking festival ideas. The more exotic and clever they are, the more fun our brunch will be.

If you would like to contribute to our discussion, please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail message, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their input, I will publish a summary.


Paige Tyler said...

Fun question! There would be lots of spanking-related activities, of course, like games, demonstrations of spanking implements and techniques, informative lectures about spanking implements and techniques for both beginners and experienced alike, vendors selling everything from implements to books, and even spanking performances!

Paige (Tigger)

Spankoe said...

how about a spank-or-tank where the spanker can spank the victim & drop them in a tank of water? cool the spank by a dunk in the tank. If not practical it sure sounds fun for a hot summer spanko-faire day.
Meybe cutout figures (similar to the muscle man and beach babe where you stick your head through the hole to appear as the latter) except the cut-out part would be the butt for spankee's to poke their butt through to receive random paddlings and have pictures taken while receiving said paddlings from the spankers who want to play.
How about a spanko-go-round with spankees butt-up so the spankers can swat cheeks on the fly as the calliope goes round and round.
Instead of the mallet and bell strong man game it could be a big rubber butt and oak paddle to see who packs the mightiest wallop on the spank-0-meter.
I like the idea of vendors and lectures and stuff too, but there could be some fun goofy stuff too.

Paul said...

Bonnie, apart from all the fun of the fair, plus kinky films and vender's selling everything from clothing to implements.
How about a spanko-thon, volunteers only of course. How about a medieval touch, a spanko tournament, the spankee mounted on wooden horses bare butt up, their knights mounted on real horses, the winner to be the one who completed the course fastest having given the required strokes to each presented butt.
And lets not forget private withdrawing rooms so that each spankee can receive the aftercare that they need.
What a blast Bonnie. *G*
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great topic for my first post with you, Bonnie.

Wasn't there a scene like this in the movie, Exit to Eden?

I guess, like at Disneyland where you see the Disney characters, I think it would be fun to see some spankable or spanking characters such as Paris Hilton, Madonna, Maureen O'Hara, and Luci Arnaz, and for the guys, John Wayne, Robert Horton and Elvis.

The booths, well, you should have a schoolroom, a family parlour, a prison strapping room, and a few bucolic outdoor scenes for over-the-log or tressed-up-on-a-tree limb scenes.

Souvenirs, well, remember all those spanking paddles of our youth with the silly sayings and embarassing pictures?

Thanks for the fantasy,

Brad D.

spanking~amber said...

Oh what fun ! Where to begin...Instead of a kissing booth-a spanking booth(so many tickets earn so many swats of course.) Remember the cartoon portraits ? Personal ones in your favorite spanking position would be a great spanking fair souvenirs as well. Or the old vintage western saloon photo's-of course done in the spanking pose. The cake walk could be replaced with a "Paddle walk." Contests & auctions for spanking implements. The sounds of smacks, squeals & giggles could be heard for miles.As for the smell..besides the yummy smell of your traditional festival/fair foods, I would think there would also be the pleasant aroma of wood and leather in the air. The list could go on forever :)

Abby said...

Oh my goodness! Back in my Renaissance Faire days (of which I had, perhaps, three total), I used to have a fantasy about a booth that sold straps and canes, with spanking benches out front. Spanking wasn't the theme of the faire, but the booth was for naughty wenches whose companion, be it friend, lover, or frustrated faire-goer, could purchase an implement and then make use of it then and there. In the fantasy, I worked as the assistant, with my long skirt up over my head most of the time. For your spanking fair, I think there ought to be counting games. I'm thinking of one in which the player/victim submits to an unannounced number of strokes of a chosen implement, then at the end has to guess how many he/she received. I would lose every time! But I'd have fun trying.

Bonnie said...

Here are some random ideas:

- Spanking Court – Where miscreants are dispensed our special brand of justice

- The Hot Seat Café – This spanking-themed food service tent features barbecued rump roast, hot crossed buns, and fanny fries. (Sorry no pizza this year – someone keeps stealing the pizza paddle)

- Paddlerama – The fast action live spanking game show event where couples compete to answer rapid fire questions about general spanking knowledge. Winners swat, losers squat!

- The Bottom Line – TBL is a place for learning, sharing, and understanding. Newbies and veteran spankos alike will pick up useful tips and enhance their skills.

- Double sno-cones in an elongated cone designed so two ice mounds sit side by side (available in cherry only).

- Belts of Doom – An entertaining musical stage performance, featuring an exclusive preview of six catchy songs from the upcoming off-Broadway musical “Swish, Swat, Wow!”

- Swats of Love – This is a spanking booth where spankers pay to swat willing volunteers. All proceeds benefit the Hollywood Home for Retired Spanking Models.

- The Arcade – No longer home to mere video games, our arcade features two state-of-the-art virtual reality spanking simulators! Spankers can actually feel as though they are paddling or caning any one of dozens of virtual spankees, complete with realistic responses!

- The Mall – The vendor mall at the spanking festival is the ideal spot to test and purchase every imaginable spanking-related item. What ever the need, from brushes to benches, costumes to canes, props to paddles, restraints to rulers, our mall has it all! Best of all, the craftspeople and spanking experts will be on hand to describe and demonstrate.

Now I really want to go...

Scout said...

I envision one of those "bring history to life" places. Artisans in both Leatherland and Woodworld use traditional tools and methods to craft their wares, which naturally are for demo and sale, too. Actors in period costume stage vignettes to show how the implements were put to use (here's the chastened young bride who ran up accounts at the dressmaker's, etc.). The food court has a "Spanking Dieter's" section that serves both salads (those who've been freshly spanked) and French fries (those who want to be). The sounds are glorious thwacks and attendees make good use of the generous number of benches set about.

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