Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poll: A Spanko Census

Which Best Describes You?

Straight male spanker
Gay male spanker
Bi male spanker
Straight male switch
Gay male switch
Bi male switch
Straight male spankee
Gay male spankee
Bi male spankee
Straight female spanker
Lesbian female spanker
Bi female spanker
Straight female switch
Lesbian female switch
Bi female switch
Straight female spankee
Lesbian female spankee
Bi female spankee


Dave said...

Hi Bonnie,

I think may want to add 'spankosexual' to your survey -- which one of your commenters on your previous post discussing the word 'spanko' came up with that apparently new word: spankosexual.

I really dig that description.

Blog on,
"Spankosexual Straight Spanker Enthusiast ." :-)

Marcus said...

I liked this poll better than most. It really hit a large variety, and used the "best describes" descriptor.

At the moment, of the pollers, you have about a 60% male readership. My suspicions are that matches real life readership.

What a show you have Bonnie.

Bonnie said...

Dave - The only problem with listing "spankosexual" as an option is that on this blog, it would receive 100% of the votes and we would learn nothing new. :D

Marcus - Hi! It's good to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed the poll. The 60/40 male to female split is consistent with past polls. Interestingly, commenters run about the opposite.

Kim Alder said...

Sorry I couldn't get close to identifing with any of the alternatives. I'm a T-girl and that wasn't even close to anything!
Would have liked to take poll...

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