Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good Advice #1: Introducing Spanking

I've written a number of tutorial articles. You can find them using the drop down box in the right column. The purpose of these posts is to share what I've learned about spanking and assist readers who are just getting started.

I enjoy writing these articles, and my mail and comments suggest that many visitors enjoy reading them. However, there are a few important topics about which I feel ill-prepared to write. The intent of this new Good Advice series is to help bridge that gap by linking excellent articles in other blogs.

In this inaugural Good Advice post, I direct your kind attention to a tutorial written by Michael from the Bare Bottom Spanking Blog. Michael provides four simple rules that will assist a gentlemen in convincing his female partner to try erotic spanking:
  1. Be creative and have a plan

  2. Be ginger

  3. Hand spankings in the beginning

  4. Be confident (NOT cocky), considerate, and communicative

I really like how Michael achieves a delicate balance that holds her interest without scaring her away. The sensitivity he describes is precisely what is needed to calm a partner's fears and build her trust.

I hope you'll check it out!


Constance said...

Hint number 2 - Be ginger??? Bonnie, I've tried that recently, so I'm going to go with the assumption that that was DEFINITELY a typo!

Anonymous said...

LOL... yes, I do hope he meant "BE ginger" and not "USE ginger."

Seriously... I like how this man writes. I will definitely have to read more.

And he's a looker, too! -- Erica

Paul said...

Bonnie, an excellent article, I'd be happy to recommend it to any newbie spanker.
Warm hugs,

Anon VII said...

I read the article myself a day or two ago, and I agree that it's excellent. I believe it was Michael who made the point that one should avoid trying to copy what he or she sees in the videos. That's another of countless examples of how life's not like the movies - a reality that too many ignore, often to their detriment.

"I really like how Michael achieves a delicate balance that holds her interest without scaring her away."

Hear, hear! To state it otherwise, one can be in charge without being an overbearing boor, and one can be forceful without being brutal.

Anon VII

Caryagal said...

Cool Bonnie! I like your new good advice idea! :-) Boy, being away for just a few days and I'm so far behind in reading!! I think I'm addicted too!


Bonnie said...

Constance - When I read that line, my first thought was, "I always envisioned myself as more of a Mary Ann."

Seriously, I think Michael's point is an excellent one, and I'm sure he would save any vegetation for much later in the process.

Erica - That fact is definitely not lost one me! :D

Paul - Thanks. I liked the article as well. It speaks to some topics that I haven't really covered from a perspective I can't offer.

Anon VII - That's a good point too. Real women, especially novices, seldom respond like the actresses in videos. There are some outstanding and realistic spanking videos, but many seem to be little more than a re-enactment of some man's fantasy. There's nothing wrong with the latter, so long as the viewer recognizes it for what it is.

Carye - Thanks. I have a couple of other excellent article links I'll be posting soon.

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