Saturday, June 09, 2007

Top Ten: More Magic Words

Tim over at Spanking Central posted a top ten list of otherwise innocent words and phrases that scream SPANKING to those of us so attuned. I think his list is excellent. In fact, I offer this second group of ten to augment it.
  1. When a sportscaster says team A spanked team B, I picture baseball players in the locker room rubbing their strike zones!

  2. Speaking of baseball, who can't appreciate the "Sultan of Swat?"

  3. Any sort of "corrective measures" or "punitive damages"

  4. An initiation ritual of any kind

  5. "My seat was very uncomfortable."

  6. "A turn-around specialist is working with the board of education."

  7. "Excuse me, I'm late for my tanning session."

  8. Rump roast

  9. On the "hot seat"

  10. "Feel the burn..."


Paul said...

Bonnie, yes there are lots of expressions that make us spanko's grin. The thing is look around, you'd be surprised at the people also grinning, not proof positive, I've never had the nerve to ask. *G*
Warm hugs,

Tim said...


Bonnie said...

Paul - There are indeed. I often think that myself.

Tim - Thanks for the inspiration!

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