Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Now

Ouch! I have a nice, soft cushion on my computer chair, but it isn’t helping at the moment. Less than thirty minutes ago, Randy spanked me over his lap right here in this chair. My bottom really hurts.

When he arrived home, I was up here in the computer room answering some e-mail. He poked his head around the corner and said, “Are you sitting in front of that computer again?”

For whatever reason, I just had to tease him. “Well, there isn’t much room behind it!”

Now slightly annoyed, my man repeated his inquiry with a perceptibly sharper tone.

I didn’t understand why he would ask that question. The answer was perfectly obvious.

Then I uttered the fateful words. “So what are you going to do about it?” I meant it to be funny, and perhaps it was, but it was also precisely the wrong thing to say if I had any desire to avoid a first class bun warming.

Randy left the room, only to return a few moments later carrying the dogleg brush. I swallowed hard when I saw what he was holding. This was sure to be serious. He told me to get up. When I did, he sat in my chair and quickly pulled me down across his lap.

Many spanking photos depict the spanker seated in a straight, armless chair while his spankee is over his lap balanced on her fingers and toes. What they don’t show is how uncomfortable and precarious this position can be.

As soon as the brush impacted against the seat of my canvas shorts for the first time, my level of discomfort rose considerably. Randy usually spanks on the bare. But on those rare occasions when he leaves my target covered, he feels the need to compensate for the extra padding by holding nothing back. My shorts and underwear offered minimal protection against the deluge of heavy swats that now rained down upon my poor bottom.

Randy spanked hard and fast, wielding the fierce punishment brush with a skill gained through years of experience. The onslaught was so intense that I could barely catch my breath, let alone yell. Over and over, he aimed squarely for those two spots where I sit down.

The whole thing probably lasted no more than a few minutes. It happened so quickly that the pain is only now starting to fully register. When he lifted me up and set me back on my feet, I was speechless. He told me that he had a couple of errands to run and that he would return to finish with me later. He kissed me and then he was gone.

So here I am, sitting quite gingerly, and feeling totally spanked. Rubbing doesn’t seem to do much good. Ow! When I look up, I notice that Randy conveniently left the brush sitting on top of my monitor. Its purpose, no doubt, is to serve as a reminder. For the next several hours, however, I believe I will have all the reminders I need.

I can’t wait to find out what it means to “finish with me…”

Postscript (5/31 Quarter to Morning): When Randy returned home, he demonstrated how sweet he can be. He had me lie on the bed, and then gently kissed and carressed my sore spots. Before he was done, he had visited several other locales that weren't sore at all. We made love beneath the covers and it was very satisfying.

My bottom still hurts this morning, but it's a hurt I love. There's simply nothing better than a theraputic spanking to lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. Today will be a good day!

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New Beginnings said...

Wow Bonnie, are you planning to still be on the computer when he returns? You are right pure OTK is not a very comfortable position! Still and all it sounds like a lovely afternoon. But I hope the next part involves more gentle touches.


BB said...

I totally understand how uncomfortable that can be. OTK on the bed is so much better. Although that brush looks pretty scary in and of itself. But hopefully you got to have a little "fun" when he got home from those errands. :)

Grizzly Bear said...

I agree over the knee is very difficult on bothe the spankee and spanker. My preference is to have my girl get on her hands and knees to sapnk her. It gives me easy access, while simultaneously giving wanderhands something to do besides covering her bum.

I also like that it forces her to get into a position for her own punishment.

Paul said...

Bonnie, so a little bit of bratting goes a long way, however happy that it ended so well.
Mel really loved the after-burn, made her feel so loved.
A most immediate story, the best kind, thanks Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie,

How good to hear that your naughty bottom as been dealt with in a suitable manner! I imagine it is rare for you to be spanked over clothes...likewise for Mrs.A...but occasionally when the spanking is spontaneous or time is short the wife's covered bum goes over my knee for a salutary smack-bottom.

Hope sitting remains difficult for some time


Southern Angel said...

Hi Bonnie
It sounds like you took a pretty good spanking but you took it well. That brush does look evil. All brushes are evil!

I am glad you are able to enjoy the after effects of the spanking and had some sexy aftercare. 0:-)

dwcmike said...

Hi Bonnie: You describe your spanking so well, it's as though we were there watching, and imagining ourself in whichever role we choose. When left to my own imagination, I would gladly be Randy. Lynn, however, prefers that role for any spankings that occur.
Glad the aftercare was so wonderful, and that both the spanking and aftercare remain with you the next day.
bottoms up

emeraldeyes said...

Wow Bonnie, loved your smart mouth comments (very funny)! But I do feel sorry for your bottom, I have never really found otk comfortable. Not sure why, but I do prefer bending over something (especially the couch)...

Big hugs
Em x

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl Bonnie, keep up the smart-arse remarks for our sake!



Bonnie said...

PK - For the record, I was not on the computer when he returned, though I very well could have been. I rushed through this post in hopes of finishing it before he finished with me. This was one of those times when my journalism training was handy.

I agree that OTK in a chair is vastly overrated. It had been a long time since we had even attempted it, and now I remember why. A bed or couch works much better.

Regarding the "finishing," it was as I described in my postscript, very sweet and most welcome.

BB - I agree about positions. Getting a sore bottom from a spanking is expected. Acquiring aches and pains elsewhere is not.

That brush is a real scorcher. This is why Randy likes it so much. It never fails to get a reaction from me.

Griz - It's no wonder gg loves you so much!

Paul - You know, I don't think of myself as someone who brats. If I want a spanking, I know I can simply ask for it.

I admit that I inadvertently invoked one of the all-time great brat lines. But I really thought it was just playful banter.

Obviously, I knew that a spanking was a possibility and I wasn't opposed to the idea. But the swiftness and forcefulness of Randy's response was a bit of a surprise.

Ari - Thanks. Randy wants me bare for a spanking most of the time. The exceptions are when he's in a hurry or when I've dressed for the occasion.

As for comfort in sitting, alas, my reminder has mostly faded away.

Angel - The brush is definitely an implement for serious spankings. Randy occasionally calls it his "attention-getter," and it is most certainly that. It strikes with a burning impact and leaves behind a throbbing residual ache. If you ever want to feel as though you've been thoroughly spanked, this is the toy.

The aftercare was excellent. I especially love that Randy took the time to do things right. It would be easy to rush through to the lovemaking, but he didn't.

Mike - Thanks. At the time I wrote this post, the memories were quite fresh.

Em - I agree. The bed or couch work much better without sacrificing any of the intimacy we love so much.

Fortunately, the whole thing was over so quickly that I wasn't in that uncomfortable position for very long. For a delicious, long, slow spanking, OTK would not have worked at all.

OPB - As I mentioned to Paul, I have no reason to brat. Randy will gladly spank whenever the need arises. This sequence of events was unusual for us, but certainly not unwanted.

Anonymous said...

I will admit to being relatively new to this type of play, but I've found the best postition for me is bent over the edge of the bed with my hips just at the edge and legs extended. It gives full access, full support for my body, but better swing angle for my honey.

Bonnie, thanks for posting all this in a way that shows it's all in loving bedroom fun, and not some freak perversion.

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