Sunday, June 17, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 17

This week, we paid tribute to spanko fathers. Here are your thoughtful words.

Paul: The happiness of parenthood was denied us unfortunately. However we never missed an opportunity to play. I remember one year Mel hired a Tudor costume. It was great fun, but it took longer to undress her than it did to spank her. So she got spanked and loved in installments that entire Sunday. She was sitting sensitive into Monday. That was one of our better Father's Days.

Anon: My man is not a father of humans, but is definitely an involved parent for his dog and cat and for mine! Today, he is also celebrating his 1000th day without smoking!

Sooo, he and I have declared this day to be his day! What that means is that we do what he wants when he wants and I bend over whenever he says to! His preference today is a big wooden spoon that he refers to the Canadian spoon!

My poor bottom is already stinging, but I am due for much more! I did not think I could handle 1000 whacks, but we seem to be approaching 100 already!

I love Sunday Brunch! We are about to open a bottle of Champagne and make some French toast! I would love to hide the Canadian spoon in the meantime, but I would suffer big time if I did.

Jean Marie: My lover and I don't have kids, but I wanted to celebrate a memorable Father's Day with him nonetheless. He usually sleeps in on Sunday mornings. I took advantage of that time to put my hair in a French braid. I wear ponytails often, and wanted something to suggest youthfulness that was different (I don't like pigtails). I put on a pair of underwear that have pastel butterflies printed all over them, ones that my lover had commented upon previously as looking like a little girl’s panties. And I put on a short pinafore dress/smock. I folded a piece of blank notebook paper, and was standing at our bedside with a cup of coffee and this paper when he awoke (I did a lot of loud throat-clearing to achieve this).

"Happy Father's Day!" I said, handing him the coffee. "And I'm sorry that your special day has to be blemished by this, but my school report card came in the mail..."

He caught on that he was in the middle of one of my scenarios, and played along (because they always work to his advantage). "I also should tell you that I lied to you for months about how well I was doing this term in Geometry..." I said as he opened the paper.

"Oh, this isn't good at all," he improvised. He put the coffee cup down after another sip. He crumpled the paper in anger. I was put in my place, in my favorite position in the whole wide world, over his knee. As he raised the back of my dress, he lectured me about my lack of diligence in school, compounded by lies. He pulled my butterfly panties down, filling my tummy with a flock of butterflies in flight.

"Oh, must it be on my bared butt?" I whimpered.

"This will have to be a sound spanking, young lady, yes." It was. But it started slowly, with moderate spanks, just like I love it, and built into a crescendo, as my backside was thoroughly warmed.

Our scene ended there, because I did some decidedly unchildlike things to his erection, and he did some unfatherly things to my aroused sex right after.

Bonnie: We’re empty nesters and our daughter is far away. As a result, Randy and I held a very private celebration.

I woke him in a manner that any husband would appreciate. I snuggled in beside his slumbering form. I rubbed his back with light, circular strokes. This motion elicited a deep, sleepy groan. I knew I was on the right track. In time, my hand moved toward his magic wand. Up and down the shaft I stroked as it swelled like a blossom in the morning sunlight.

He offered no resistance as I encouraged him to roll onto his back. Once there, I knelt and took his manhood into my mouth amid his growls of delight. Working a little magic of my own, I wedged his appendage against the roof of my mouth as I caressed the sensitive underside with my tongue. It didn’t take much of this play before I felt the muscles of his thighs tighten. His pelvis thrust forward and locked as his love burst forth.

When I looked up, I saw a broad smile that said it all. My man was one happy father.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our special Father’s Day edition of the spanko brunch. I hope you will join us again next week when we will consider another fun question.

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